Monday, September 29, 2014

The Sable Club Dancers

The Sable Club is looking to establish its own dance troupe to provide customers with a burlesque performance in the European time zone.  You do not have to live in a European time zone to apply (just to perform) There are only four places available, to start.  The dance troupe will develop and grow and there may be more spots available in the future, but for now, space is limited.

We provide a high end venue and overall feel to all of our shows, warm, friendly, no-nonsense management with a "no drama" policy, but warm, fun and creative for us artistic types :)   Team players are important.

Dancing in Second Life is not just a hobby but a genuine skill.  In order to hone this skill, dancers will need to provide their own equipment such as the following:
* Quality appearance
* Dance animations
* Dance HUD (we recommend Spot On Choreography Design System      Version 1.17 and Spot On Performance Director Version 2.0.  As a team,      these two HUDS perfect the dance performance in SL.  Please view the      website to see how these HUDs work (If you don't already know).  There are also video samples on Youtube that      show how the HUD works.
* Set design
* Provide music in MP3 format to our Emcee
* Scene rezzer (so you can rez your set on stage)

Because we only have four positions, we will be asking for dancers to audition on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 12PM SLT.  Please have a set designed, costumed and choreographed for your performance.  You CAN use a previously created routine as your audition if you have one, and yes, even a Gorean routine is ok.  Gorean dancers are always welcome as "Gor Girls" can have some of the best training around, however, no preferencel treatment will be given, and everyone will have an equal opportunity.

This is a very serious endeavor, so we are starting small and will grow gradually, that said, we have the opportunity to select the very best for our show, with or without experience.  Attributes that may ensure your spot will be love of dance in SL, and commitment.

If you are interested in performing at The Sable Club, please contact Ashleen Levee or Florence Nexen for an application.