Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fusion Dance Crew

Fusion Dance Crew presents its latest production: AGE OF AQUARIUS at The Fusion Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 20 @ 2PM SLT.

This show presents a chapter of the American Baby Boomers (born between 1947 - 1967) story told through dance and the great music of the 1960's.

Our 6 dance routines are being performed at a facsimile of the Fillmore Auditorium, a well known concert hall in San Francisco, California that hosted many American and British recording artists back in the 60's. As is our signature style, the song lyrics, particularly for this show, convey messages about this historical time in American history.

It was a psychedelic, rocking, good time!

We hope you CAN DIG IT as this is going to be a FAR OUT show with a lot of RIGHT ON, GROOVY and COOL moments.