Tuesday, February 18, 2014



Meeting opened at 2.05pm

The meeting was chaired by KH in voice, and responses were in voice and text.


Apologies - None
Present - More than 20 of the Membership of DQ Group


* DQ Development

- ZZ reported that currently the group was mainly using the info center, blog and the website to pass information about events and items of interest to the dance community.

- The management group had  been fairly inactive recently, and it was suggested that if you had committed to a position of Owner or Manager, and were now unable to remain active in any effective capacity, that you stand down from the position.

- Following this meeting today it is anticipated that more people will play an active role in various aspects of Dance Queens.

* Networking.
Good networking is "communicating",  "knowing " , "participating ", and "supporting" .

Best ways to network is to stay in touch. Read notices, watch the blog, visit the website regularly, talk to each other, ask questions, send information and attend meetings and social events organized within the Performing Community.


*Proposed Sub Committees for;

- EVENTS - Annual, seasonal and all social events
- EDUCATION - Classes, Workshops, Clinics, Tutor training, Tutor register, Mentoring
- INFO CENTER HUB PROMOTION - Making better use of the Informations Center and all its facilities.
- DANCE GROUP LEADERS - List of Dance Troupe of Group Leaders willing to attend and report at meetings.

It was proposed that DQ set up Sub Committee Managers. for the above areas initially.
If anyone  would like to suggest other areas to be considered, please send on a ncd before Friday 21st Feb.

SCMs will select their sub committees from names put forward, if not enough people are interested in helping, then they will source them from their own core of reliable and interested circle.

There should be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 on a sub committee including the manager. (This does not apply to the Dance Group Leaders Committee).

Anyone  with interest or a specific skill in any of the above areas, who would like to be considered, needs to send their profile and suitability for the position  by Friday 21st Feb.

If you would like to nominate someone for a position, please do so on a notecard by Friday 21st Feb.

Once selections have been made, the SCMs will meet, then their sub committees will be called together to create Action Plans for each area.

* Events

It was proposed that we do one major Annual Event, and  4 seasonal smaller events throughout the year.
It was suggested that we offer social events and parties to assist in networking.
There were some good ideas brought forward for Events, and these will be discussed by the selected Committee in due course.
Many liked the Awards Event but agreed it needs to be looked at differently if it were repeated.
Many liked the Dance Queens Festival, and would like to see this revived, with some aspects changed to make the event smoother and less lagful for performers.
It was suggested that we run a Dance camp, and also doing a Flashmob.
These ideas will all be discussed by the Events Committee.

* Education
It was proposed that we start a DQ register of approved Tutors in Performing Arts.
Anyone needing a class, workshop or clinic, could then approach the Education Manager, who will consult the register of appointed tutors, to ensure they receive a quality delivery of the subject.
It is hoped that a variety of Performing Arts Modules can be offered, at different competency levels.
If you would like to register yourself as a tutor for any specific modules related to  Performance and Dance, please submit your profile, qualification, experience and skills, along with your lesson plans, clearly stating actions and objectives, and assessment details for each module you intend to teach.
If you would like to attend SL Tutor Training (teaching the teachers) this can also be available for those without RL teaching qualification or experience.
Classes already being  run through Dance Queens also need to follow the same procedures as laid out above. This will ensure that continual quality service is being delivered through Dance Queens.

* DQ Info Center
It was discussed how we could get more use of the DQ Info Center, and facilities the hub was offering.
Some people were unaware of what was currently offered at the Center.
It was stated that facilities included, the Info Center itself, plus classrooms, meeting rooms, stages and social/party area. These are all open for  Members to reserve for their needs.

* Dance Group Leaders
All Dance Group Leaders who would like to be involved, and have a place on this Sub Committee Group. should send their details on a notecard - Name and Dance Group/Troupe by Friday 21st Feb.
This group will give  everyone an opportunity to discuss all aspects they wish to share  about their groups, their shows dates and times, which may enable more conducive viewing times for all, and  will meet regularly to update everyone equally on developments in all areas of dance, and its technological advancements in Second Life.




Discussion concluded with some general observations;
* Meetings and discussion was much needed and welcomed by all.
* Communication needed to be addressed and improved.
* Management  duties and positions needed to be identified clearly to the membership.
* Membership were confused regarding information channels.
* By attendance it was clear that DQ Members WANT it to work.
* Many offered support and practical help regarding sims for shows etc.
* As a team, membership showed respect for Dance Queens and would like to see some great things revived whilst welcoming new ideas and ways forward.

Minutes and direction for the next steps would be available within a few days of the meeting. KH
Sub Committee Managers would be appointed and announced by Sunday 23rd Feb. DQ Senior Management.
New SCMs to meet at time to be arranged w/c 24th Feb.
Schedules established for meetings for all committees by w/c 3rd March. ( Notice)
Members Meetings will be scheduled quarterly. ( Notice )