Thursday, January 2, 2014

Galilla Sinatra sent us following;

CASTING CALL - SPOT ON Video - Soul Train Line Dance

Saturday, January 4, 2014 - 2 pm

Spot On Store

The Spot On Choreography Tools team asks for your help in creating a dance video similar to the line dance from the American television show Soul Train.  We will be using our Spot On Group Formation System with 16 positions (custom formations) and may do two or more videos.  It's a lot of fun and we hope people can come and help us make these videos!

If we have more than enough people, we of course will need to select those we feel best fit the scene.

Here's what we need:

    - Both men and women with 1970's clothes and hair - preferably mesh and please keep flexis to a minimum.  Take a look at Soul Train videos of the line dance to get an idea.
       YouTube Video
    - Please keep scripts to a very minimum - you will be dancing on Galilla's HUD entirely on one song but on other songs, you will       need to play a dance from your inventory while going down the center (see video).  Please have current MOCAP dances ready       to play from your inventory.  Medium to fast beats.

    - No crashtastics!  This will involve a lot of people so we can't wait for people who crash a lot, sorry.
    - Please do not change skin colors for this.  Be who you are normally please (just dressed in 70's)
    - Be able to spare about an hour to be with us.
We thank you for your help and look forward to Saturday.  It should be a lot of fun!

Spot on Team

NOTE:  Steph Catseye of [DeVicious] has some late 60's and early 70's mesh clothes for sale and has graciously offered to sell to anyone in Dance Queens or Spot On Groups who are trying out for the videos the PEACE mesh dress with 30 color options (and Materials options) for a special price.  You will need to contact Steph or Galilla and we'll get you set up.  You can see the dress on her Facebook page at

LM to DeVicious Mainstore

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