Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mily Sandalwood sent us following;

*Winter Dance annoucement 


                      --                                  --
                   --        VOLTAI VIKTEL      --
                   --       WINTER DANCE    --
                      --                                  --
The city of Voltai Viktel announces a Winter dance competition.
Held for all Gorean dancers who like the challenge of performing a Gorean dance with a winter theme and showing their skills.

The city will reward the best performance with prizes;

 1st place:  2.000 lindens

 2nd place: 1.250 lindens
 3rd place:     750 lindens

If you are interested, contact:  Gunner von Phoenix (masterperry Resident)

Return the form below filled in to him in NC before January 8.

Date of the event: Februari 8th 

Time of the event: 1pm slt

Read more and find the application right HERE!