Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dance Queens Christmas Gifts Hunt!

Hejsa Everyone,

Many of of like Christmas and many of us likes gifts!! 
So I got the idea, to give away a gift!

When decided what gift it should be, I got another idea (I'm filled with

What if I just ask the members, if they might be interested to give a gift as well?

So here is what I figured out...

Are you interested to give a gift to the DQ Members?
Then read this....!

*If you want to be a "Dance Queens Santa" then write me a message (Zhaza Zerbino)

*I will send you a gift-box, with the info you need!
*You fill the box with your gift and all the info you would like to give (LM, Note, Poster)

*I need a picture of the gift.

*I will put up the pictures and put a number on it, so the members can see, what gift they hunt for!

*I will ask you to hide the gift on one of the floors we have at the Center.  (more info about that, when you join to give a gift)

I wish everyone a great Christmas time!!

....¸.•´Lets Dance!!
... (
/ \ ♥♥♥

ZZ ;o)