Thursday, August 15, 2013


Galilla Sinatra sent the following notice:

"Group dances just got a whole lot easier, less time-consuming, and a lot more fun with ENDLESS possibilities! I am so excited about this innovative new dance tool, that my brain is bending with thoughts on the fabulous things I can now do, fast and easy!!" -- Babypea von Phoenix

"I am thoroughly impressed with the Spot On! The hud is clear and simple and easy to use. I love that if you rez out a hud, once the movers are rezzed, anyone else can operate it. The changes in formation are smooth and lag between hud and movers." -- Shadow Tarber

SPOT ON Choreography Tools announces the release of the NEW Spot On Group Formation System! This powerful tool has a "Drop 'n' Go" design for quick and easy use! Your group can be gracefully moving across the stage or dancefloor in the time it takes you to rez a controller!

With 21 pre-loaded formations and many available slots for users to create their own formations, the possibilities for exciting group dance movement are endless. With the same smooth movement and ultra-low lag you've come to enjoy with the Spot On Choreography System, the Group Formation System will perform flawlessly in a crowd and is equally at home on the stage as well as a club dance floor.

With a click of a button on the simple, intuitive HUD, you control the speed, distance, rotations, size and facing of your group. You can even record the actions and play them back later.

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