Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pink Lady Dancers June Variety Show

The Pink Lady Dancers are hosting their June Variety show on 6/22/2013 @ 12:30PM SLT. 

Time slots are 30 minutes from 12:30PM until 4:30PM - slots are still available, so contact Zhaza Zerbino in-world or check out the Pink Lady Dancers blog here.

What's it all about?
You are a dancer or Variety artist who would like to show your performance on stage?
Well, then you are at the right place!!

It can be:

*A solo dance act
*A Dance Group performance
*A live Music/Sing performance
*Some act you would like to show others (can be anything)

It has to be on stage and you have to entertain the audience.

If you are interested or want some more information, feel free to contact Zhaza. 

See you there!