Monday, April 22, 2013

Dance Sequences from the A&M MoCap Maniacs Dance Troupe

Hi Dance Kings & Queens,
The A&M MoCap Maniacs dance troupe are geared up & ready to perform for you at their monthly Home Show entitled "HERO'S" Saturday April 27th at 9pm SLT.

*SexyS Quintessa* (A&M MoCap Maniacs Artistic Director) has generously offered to share the groups monthly Home Show sequences with the group, plus you
get an exclusive sneak peek!

Below are pics & dance sequences that will be performed at the upcoming show:

*Choreographer Jag - Warrior Military Set 
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Jag36, SexyS, Lilangels, Azabella, Marcus
*Guitar Hero|39.0|
*King of Street|40.0|

*Choreographer Marissa  - XMEN Disaster Set
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Marissa (Storm), DJ Gunner (Wolverine), Baby (Rogue), Chewie (Phoenix/Jean Grey)
# This dance can only be performed with the Barre V3.03 Group Hud
# Gunner (Wolverine ) mover 1 - Group 1
#  Mar (Storm) mover 2 - Group 2 & 3
# Baby (Rogue) mover 4 - Group 1& 5
# Chew (Jean Grey) mover 3- Group 2 & 4

[NAME]XMEN|[GB:1]|hero_stance|[GB:3]|*mer 7|[GB:4]|*mer g3|[GB:5]|stand2|[GG]|15|[N]
*Atlas Shrugged|28.75|
[NAME]XMEN1|[GB:1]|*Cosmic Nova|[GB:2]|* Free Spirit|[GG]|26|[N]
* Heaven and Earth|26.2|
* Perplexity|28.75|
*Spin Cycle |28.75|
*[NAME]XMEN2|[GB:1]|Reign o'er Me|[GB:2]|* Temptation|[GG]|28.75|[N]
*Bicycle Race |28.75|
*Rum and Fire |28.75|
[NAME]XMEN3|[GB:1]|*Victor/Victoria|[GB:2]|*Winding Down|[GG]|28.75|[N]
*Like a Rocket|28.75|
*Dream Weaver|20|
[NAME]Final Pose|[GB:1]|H1-2|[GB:3]|planefly|[GB:4]|jhov1|[GB:5]|Kaku2|[GG]|20|[N]

*Choreographer Tinka Bondar  - Holding Out For A Hero
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Tinka & Max

*Floor Way
*Sweet Sugarplum 
*Crushed Velvet
 *Open Book

*Atlas Shrugged


 *Choreographer Beach - Rainbow Butterfly
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Beach (atrebor.zenovka) &  Devra

*02_TribalFusion - A|64.5
*02_TribalFusion - B|64.5
*Free Spirit|64.5
#Total time 4:18

You can purchase ALL dances for the sequences @ A&M Mocap Danceworks Mainstore:

***If you or your registered dance troupe wish to share dance sequences w/the DQ group, please IM: MarissaCloud for an application. All qualified sequences will be posted on the blog***