Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Spot-On Choreography Mover Tip!

Did you know.....

You can put your Spot-On Mover (default - purple circle/black arrow) in your set's Rezzer- Box?!?!?! :O

*Tools you will need:
-completed set (all parts MUST be mod!)
-Rez-Box w/ Rez-Tracker script (any will do, but here is a reliable freebie that I use)
 -HoverText Script (any will do, but here is an example from MP) 
 -Spot-On Mover Circles  (please ensure the Movement Card with your designed Spot on Choreography are within each Mover Circle

1) Position your set in the way you wish it to rez from the Rezzer-Box & place the NEW Rez-Box either behind the set, above, sides or below...depending the location of your venues backstage area

2) Align your Spot on Mover Circles for the start position.

Tip: If your start position is located (backstage) behind the set, You can make these "Cylinder" Circles to place immediately below your Spot on Mover Circles.     

Here is how you make the circles:
-Rez a cylinder prim (change permissions to mod/copy)
- edit the prim to these parameters & choose the color you want them to be:
   Right Click the Prim --> Edit --> Object --> Size <0.5, 0.5, 0.0275> --> Rotation <0, 0, 0>

3) Select the ready cylinder...hit the SHIFT key...and drag the arrow in the direction you want to copy to make cylinders for all your posers

4) Select parts of your set piece by piece and add the Rez-Tracker script to those linked (if linked it automatically goes to the root prim, you do not have to add to each piece) & any unlinked parts of your set (individually), including each Spot on Mover Circle.

5) Take each item individually into your inventory. 
Tip: If you lose track of an item...Hit the "Recent" tab on your Inventory window to find them.

 6) Drag each item into your Rezzer-Box. When all are added, Touch the Rezzer-Box a menu will pop-up, choose Rez.  Ensure all items have rezzed back into its original location. *see instructions for troubleshooting*

Tip: Touch the Rez-Box again, & select the Stealth button right after rezzing to make the TRACKING and white lines disappear.

  7)Test one of your mover pads to ensure they work. :)  \o/

8)  Touch the Rez-Box again, & select the De-Rez button when you are done.

9) Right click to Take the Rez-Box into your Inventory. It is now ready to be positioned at your venue.
a)If you are allowed to Restore to Last at your venue, Pre-Position it a day or two before the show....then hit Restore to Last to rez it before you take the stage.

b)If you cannot Restore to Last at your venue, copy the coordinates (note only the Position & Rotation) to a notecard and paste each into their box when you are preparing to take the stage.

10) \o\  DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!!  /o/

Marissa <3