Monday, March 12, 2012

Q&A Illegal Dances

Q&A Illegal Dances 120312

A group of questions were asked on the comments on the most recent Illegal Dances post. Here is the comment:

"As far I read you stop creating Dances and share informations about dances. So I have some questions. 1st Do you trust linden and if you trust her , what is this post ? 2nd If they are stolen or not why you do not left to Linden to solve it? 3nd What make you a Police officer to im to this ppl and talk with this behavour. I believe that you loose it , in somewhere that you loose it and first that linden must have is to penalty you , behavour like this must be forbidden in sl. I am telling this because to put talks without their permission and tell that you threaten ppl it makes you dangerous as a behavour"

The above comment raises valid questions on the role of DANCE QUEENS and my role as the founder of DANCE QUEENS in dealing with illegal dances. First, let me explain what the issue is with illegal dances.

Illegal dances are animations that are copied without permission and then offered for sale inworld or through SL marketplace. The person(s) who copies the dances receives payment for intellectual property that they do not own and the creator of the dances receives nothing. Further, the purchasers of the dances are at risk. If the creator of the dances files a report with Linden Lab (LL) and LL closes down the illegal dances, the illegal animations are replaced with Replacement Anims. This has two very negative impacts on the people who have purchased the illegal dances: 1. the money spent on the dances is lost, 2. the dances may be in the person's HUD and cause choreography or shows that have been made to stop working properly.

Most dance creators respond quickly when illegal dances are found. Unfortunately, some do not. The current Linden policy on intellectual property requires that the owner file the report.This puts anyone who buys dances expecting them to be legal at risk of losing their money and messing up their dance HUD.

I do not think the person who made the comment in any way supports illegal dances. Rather I see this as a question of how we should deal with the issue.

I have taken an aggressive stance on trying to eliminate illegal dances. I have done this for two reasons. First, I have previously had replacement dances put in my HUD and had to deal with the surprise of it and had to find all the replacement dances. Since I personally have suffered from illegal dances, the fact that they exist is upsetting to me. Second, the closest group that represents the buyers of dances is DANCE QUEENS. As leader of DANCE QUEENS I feel a responsibility to help make dancing fun and better. Illegal dances do the opposite.

I believe the Linden policy on intellectual property is flawed. We in the dance community are the ones who suffer. I accept the criticism of the methods I have used to stop illegal dances. I am open to ideas from DANCE QUEENS members on how to deal with illegal dances. Please add your ideas or thoughts as comments to this note.

Dancing is for fun. I hate having to deal with these issues, but it is a part of SL.