Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DB Dance System Update

DB Dance System Update 120313

Zhaza Zerbino sent this update information for the DBDance System ...


Hey there.  (please read all of this note)

For some time ago you bought the DB Dance System.
We have a new update ready for you if you like.

What to do;
*Send your "old" system return with a note card in it so we know who send it to us. (send it to Dannyboy Brenham)
We will send you the same number or "cubes" back in no copy.

*As we also can offer the DB Dance System in copyable version, it's also possible to change your system to a copyable one.
The copyable System costs 2500 L , but if you exchange with your "old" system you (of course) only pay the difference from old System to Copyable.

For the copyable version (no transfer) will of course be the same as for the no copy version, if there is a new update, we will let you know!!


As we are very interested in "how to make our dance shows a great event" , we are trying out things, find new things and try to make it all less complicated.
Until now we did sell the DB Dance System and the DB Group Dance. We also have Single Dance balls and Couple Dance balls. (visit our store)
Very soon we will bring out our DB Dance HUD.
This will be one HUD with 4 "group dance" possibilities in it.
That means that you with one HUD can do what you normally would do with 4. Make different groups dance different dances in sync, as i will call the most "easy to use" HUD there is.

will soon make a demo video for that (I will give a group message when i did) so it will be more clear.

Well...just keep an eye on the info notes, coz i will of course give a notice when there is something new ;o)


We also created a new group for our DB Products.

If you want to get our info about updates, new release or video's , then please join.
♫♪ The Dance Barn ♪♫

(copy and paste in open chat)


Danny & ZZ ;o))
(Dannyboy Brenham & Zhaza Zerbino)



I made some DEMO videos and hope they will be helpful for you.
If there is something i can help you with, just say...
You can also ask for a inworld DEMO (and try out yourself)

Demo DB Dance System  (Demo 1)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOPoD0BiG08
Demo DB Dance System  (Demo 2)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY7uBhl4xhk&feature=mfu_in_order&playnext=1&videos=GuAV0d83gYY
Pink Lady Dancers (DEMO Group Dance)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2ZSFu5p0mc&feature=channel

DB Dance System;
No copy system;
1 master, 4 slaves, hud  1500 L
1 master, 8 slaves, hud  1750 L
4 extra slaves 400 L

No transfer system but copyable 2500 L
DB Group Dance
1-ball version 300 L
2-ball version 500 L
4-ball version 850 L

DB Single dance ball
400 L
DB Couple dance ball
1500 L


Any Questions about the DB Dance System or DB Group Dance, contact;
*Dannyboy Brenham
*Zhaza Zerbino