Welcome to DANCE QUEENS!

Welcome to DANCE QUEENS!

Dance Queens is for sharing information about dancing in Second Life. If you love dancing in any form, this group is for you. We share information such as dance makers, dance times, dance shows, dance technical issues ... anything to do with SL dance. Many of the leading dancers in SL are in the group. DANCE QUEENS doesn't regularly perform, rather we support all those who dance from ballet to burlesque to club to Geisha to Latin ... all dance.

Joining the DANCE QUEENS Group

Joining the DANCE QUEENS Group is free. We have many male members as well as female. The group tag is Dance Queen or Dance King. You can join by opening the group in SL. Please drop a manager an IM if you would prefer a Dance King tag.

This Blog - sldancequeens.blogspot.com

This blog is the group's website. Here you can find almost all of the information that the Group provides including:
  • DANCE QUEENS Info - Look in the upper right for the list of topics. These are kept up-to-date and provide information in detail about dancing.
  • Dance Events/Shows - On the upper left is the DANCE QUEENS CALENDAR.  This shows scheduled shows with dates and times.  If you click the show you can get more information about it.  It is a courtesy to check the calendar before scheduling your own show, and try to pick a day/time where a show is not already booked.  To have your dance show listed on this calendar, please drop a note card with all information into the submission box at the DANCE QUEENS Info Center.  Include your troupe name, show date and time, a SLURL -and- a landmark.   We will copy/paste your announcement as you have typed it up.  Include a texture as well for the blog post; a promotional poster or your troupe's logo, for example.  Note cards must be received at least 48 hours before your event to be included on the calendar and to go out with the daily notices.
  • Blog - Anyone can write information about dancing. To contribute, send your info to Web Sass and she will publish it.

Daily Notices

Almost every day a notice is sent to DANCE QUEENS members updating what is going on in dance. This information is taken from events listed on the DANCE QUEENS CALENDAR.  The notices are generally limited to one per day. This website will always have the latest information. Sending of notices is limited so you do not get spam or non-dance information.

Contact Persons

Send your info / notes / questions to Managers:
Amethyst Starostin
Fukuju Amaterasu
Web Sass

Group IMs

Any member can send a group IM.  These go to all group members who are online.  This is a good way to ask questions to get help or to announce a show that is about to start.  We restrict group spamming of events that are not dance related.   Also, please limit your show announcements to one per show, preferably within the hour before your show so as not to spam group members.  Please also note, announcements are limited to dance shows.  Please do not announce parties, DJ events, etc.  Once again, this is to respectfully keep group members from being spammed.

Your Role

You can just be a silent member or you can contribute. DANCE QUEENS is completely about having SL fun with dancing and we each do that in our own way. If you want to be active or have ideas, contact Web Sass, who will point you to the correct person.

Thanks for joining  :-)