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Lady Garden Cabaret - Peter Pan.

A Lady Garden Cabaret show dedicated to the Enchantment theme of November: Peter Pan.

Join the Minxettes in Neverland for two shows this weekend:

Friday the 27th of November at 3 pm slt
Saturday the 28th of November at 1pm slt

Please come early and as laggfree as possible for best viewing experience and let us entertain you.



Kai Wirsing - The Dragon and The Knight

Thank you very much for your interest in The Dragon and The Knight.

The first public performance succeeded to close the curtain and well-received by fabulous audience.

This show is a whole SIM wide, spectacular fantasy performance.

Our 2nd performance will be 5PM SLT, November 22nd. SIM will be open to public from 4PM.
Until 4PM SLT SIM will be closed to public for some preparations so you may not TP in.

The performance is about 35 minutes long, non-stop acts, actions and dance.
Camera for audience is fully controlled by the show.

When you have a seat, please listen to announcements in English.
This program uses subtitle HUD so please get the HUD and wait to start the show. ��

Kai Wirsing


Dear friends and family,

Remember that old 80's slogan, "Where's The Beef"? Well....
Fusion Dance Crew brings the beef when they return to the stage. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, @ 2PM SLT, performing their latest production: EXPRESS YOURSELF! It's back to the 80's the decade that made us or some of us, LIKE TOTALLY!!

Fusion Dance Crew presents six dance routines, It Takes Two, Maneaters, One Night in Bangkok, Drivin, Cabaret Boys, and Conga. Come hear some hip hop, pop, rock/country, and Latin tunes! So come on over, as they said in the 80's, JUST DO IT, as Fusion Dance Crew provides a fun & exciting Saturday show next SATURDAY, Nov. 21 @ 2PM SLT:))


The Fabulous Flapperettes Christmas Show! Mark Your Calendars!

The Fabulous Flapperettes Christmas Show!  Mark Your Calendars!
Featuring Sonatta Morales and The Children of Berline
Sunday, December 6th at 10am SLT
At the fabulous Vintage Retro Theatre


DRUM Performance for Disability Rights

Members of the DRUM group have collaborated to create the unique sounds, drums, and animations that enable us to perform. Our performances are live and are subtly different each time - they are not pre-recorded music. The sounds are created right within Second Life. We then send them out and back in via stream in order to provide you with a lag free experience! We hope you enjoy our performances as much as we enjoy providing them.

Our next performance will be at the end of the IDRAC at Virtual Ability Sojourner auditorium, Saturday Nov 14.  We play at 3:00 PM SLT, or approximately about then.  The whole conference is about disability rights.


Need a Venue at NO CHARGE? Check Out the *NEW* Las Vegas!

The *NEW* Las Vegas is finally OPEN!

We’ve got over a dozen places and ways to show you off to the grid, so stop on by and check us out!
The theatrical stages we have are ready for your dance troupe or show, AT NO CHARGE! This offer is open to ALL forms of Second Life entertainment including but not limited to dance troupes, singers and live music performers, tribute bands, artists, and more.  If you need a venue and have something creative to share with others, contact us! We have always been very generous people, and to keep in the tradition, we want to share our success, and we just want people to enjoy the *NEW* Las Vegas!
One thing we are also doing, is bi-monthly parades that run around the Vegas Strip and they are open to our tenants AND we are opening them up also to the Dance Queens to join in the fun! They are a great way to get the word out about your troupe and performances.
So come on by and check us out, and see which venue you prefer to perform in! I suggest starting at The Rio, just go past the Check-In desk in the lobby, and take the golden elevator to one of our Rio stages, but don’t stop there! We have two full sims to explore and more than a dozen venues!
Let’s share the art of dance!
Clint Quandry
Michelle Mavendorf
BetinaValentin Biler

La Oro Unleashed Third Year Anniversary Show!

La Oro Unleashed Ladies and Gents celebrates three years!  Come out and help us celebrate our birthday, we have been working hard on a spectacular 'best of' show that will include new acts as well as guest performers Phoenix Dance Team, Elysium Cabaret, and the legendary Diana Ross.  We hope you will be there to share it with us!


Paramount Rocks at Paramount Grand Theatre

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount dancers dance for you November 14th & 21st at 7pm slt, in our new show, Paramount Rocks.

Rock 'n' Roll you ask?! Yes! Paramount is kicking up the music this month! Rock is a style of popular music that derives in part from blues and folk music and is marked by a heavily accented beat. From old time rock of the 1950's to 2015, Paramount is bringing it to you!