Sunday, July 15, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Name That Butt!

I haven't posted much other than show posts, and I don't really know where to start again.

How about a feature called Name That Butt?

Club Image Pre-show photos

Put your guesses in the comments.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Winds of the Sahara - August

Winds of the Sahara 
August 5th at 5pm SLT
August 12th at 5pm SLT
August 19th at 5pm SLT (Theme Show)
August 26th at 5pm SLT

Each Sunday we have a shiny, new show at Winds of the Sahara.  Our dances range from burlesque to performance art and you are sure to be amazed at all of the wonder that sets, costumes and music can create.
We'll put sparkles in your eyes and leave sequins on your shirt collars. 

August 20th Only~Winds Theme Show 5pm SLT
We'll put sparkles in your eyes and leave sequins on your shirt collars as Broadway Comes To Winds!
For One Night Only, LIVE at Winds of the Sahara, we will bring you the sights and sounds of BROADWAY!

Join us for the magic!

The Atlantis Variety Hour July Encore

"The Atlantis Variety Hour July Encore"
 July 19th, 2018 @ 5pm slt.

So nice, we're doing it twice!

We are pleased to present an encore of June's "Atlantis Variety Hour"!
 Variety is the spice of life and variety shows are one of the oldest forms of showbiz razzle dazzle.
Atlantis Grand Theatre is pleased to present  their monthly entertainment, offering something for everyone. Each month we feature a revolving door of creators and dancers showcasing their favorites.

Hope to see you there !

Come see the show!

*NEW* July Raffle at Dance Queens

There's a new raffle at Dance Queens!
This month the prize is a 1000L gift card to Fallen Gods, where you can find skins, outfits, props and much more to assist with your acts.
The entry fee is a mere 25L and all proceeds go to support Dance Queens!
We appreciate your support and wish everyone good luck! 
One entry per member. Raffle ends July 31st at midnight SLT.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Guerilla Burlesque


Friday July 13th at 10 pm!

It maybe Friday the 13th but it is still Friday and a reason to dance! Thirteen is just a number and its only bad luck if you choose it to be! We like the number 7 because we have 7 amazing dancers ready to perform for you this Friday night!

We present performances using beautifully designed sets, particle effects and clever combinations of poses and dances to create a very intimate dance expression.  We are dancing in the Pits and seating is limited!

See you there!
Doors open at 9 pm for the 10 pm show!
Your Limo!