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Fusion Dance Crew celebrates four years together having performed over 20 shows and 95 routines;... wheeee quite an accomplishment!  We're back again with our newest production, WORLD DANCE TOUR.

After rehearsing our new show for months, Fusion Dance Crew returns to The Fusion Performing Arts Center stage on Saturday, August 2 @ 2PM SLT with our latest show: WORLD DANCE TOUR. Fusion Dance Crew will take you around the world with seven dance routines from countries such as Ireland, Spain, Africa, Mexico, Japan, and America. Come see Riverdance, Spanish Passion, African Rhythm, Ballet Folklorico, Madam Butterfly, NBA (American Basketball finals) with our finale routine, Around the World Happiness to that popular happy song:)) 

For you dance aficionados who appreciate the varied dance styles feast your eyes are some awesome krumping and popping in the NBA routine along with fabulous dancing in the other six routines .

You don't want to miss another fun and exciting Fusion Dance Crew show!  Hope to see you there!


Walk of Fame

Another star is "born"!

A&M MOCAP Maniacs did earn their star last wednesday!

Have a look at the Dance Queens INFO Center
(TP to "Gallery")


D-Team Ensemble with a Stevie Wonder tribute 25 July 8pm SLT!!

A 2-hour Stevie-fest!!!

La Oro Unleashed 26 July at 5PM SLT


Worth to read

Barbara Collazo sent us this tip:

Abranimations has a new list of animations that includes the hunt dances.

Click here for the link --> 


Kittens & Tigers

The Kittens N Tigers are proud to announce BURLESQUE

BURLESQUE -------this is play/musical based on the movie burlesque, Please come and share with us 45 mins of great entertainment that will keep you amused all the way through.

DATE -------SUNDAY 20th JULY
T1ME ------2.30 PM SLT


Elysium Amphitheatre - Prop Me Up!!

Ever wonder what a prop can inspire?
This month's workshop in dance creation was to select an item from Better Gnomes and Cauldrons, then create a dance inspired by that prop.  Come and see a show featuring dances fully inspired by props!
At the Jewel in the Sky, Elysium Amphitheatre, an adventure in creativity!!
Saturday, July 19th at 3pm SLT


Another Walk of Fame star!!

Today Diawa Bellic had a great show at the Dance Queens INFO Center... another star is born!!

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