Monday, March 18, 2019

Desire Artists

Desire Artists (Paramount troupe)
March 22nd & 29th @ 7:30pm slt

Starting at 7:30pm slt, March 22nd & 29th. the Desire Arts Dancers bring you a performance of more skin... little less costume, more heavy breathing. An "after hours" show for you to enjoy.

As an "Arts" theater (and gallery) Desire Arts is a venue perfectly suited for SL Performers wishing to express themselves through live performances, through Dance, Art Exhibits, Performance Art as well as Dramatic Presentations.

Also, Presentations of a controversial nature (including those involving sex, politics and/or religion) will be presented separately from the Dance Program.

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RIPA: Grease LIVE!

RIPA: Grease LIVE!
Premier Performance: Thu, Mar 21 @ 2:00 PM SLT
Performance: Fri, Mar 22 @ 2:00 PM SLT
Performance: Thu, Mar 28 @ 2:00 PM SLT
Performance: Fri, Mar 29 @ 2:00 PM SLT
Performance: Thu, Apr 11 @ 2:00 PM SLT
Performance: Fri, Apr 12 @ 2:00 PM SLT
Performance: Thu, Apr 18 @ 2:00 PM SLT
Performance: Fri, Apr 19 @ 2:00 PM SLT

Have you got chills? Are they multiplying? The River Island Theatre proudly present their drive-in theatre performance

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Show & Lounge cossette'

Show & Lounge cossette'
Show date/ time: 2019.3.25 (Mon) 7:00 PDT (23:00 Japan time)

Here we are cossette' is all about excellent harmony of music, stage and dance.
Please come down to the show and enjoy our expressive performance on stage!

Yougao Destiny / Guest from Entertainment Club IMAGE
Clau Dagger
Starlet Mumfuzz
Yopi Yoshikawa
Kazusa Yoshikawa

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Saturday, March 16, 2019


.: inMotion :. @home
16.03.2019                   01:00 pm SL Time / 09:00pm CET

Theatre is on a beach. Come as you are.

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IMAGE open this Sunday

♥March 17th
♥**♥ CLUB IMAGE ♥**♥
Come and join us! MAR 10 (Sun)
OPEN: 6:30 AM SLT (PDT) / 22:30 JST
START: 7:00 AM SLT (PDT) / 23:00 JST

22:30 開場、23:00 開幕 JST

...... ♥ * Line up for this Sunday*♥.......

1. Setsuna Hirano "In a forest"
2. Diawa Bellic "Chandelier"
3. Yougao Destiny "black cat theory"
4. Nara Bellic "A Witches Song" with Diawa
5. Sakurasakujp "LOCKDOWN"

♣Team Dance♣
Coyume Melody "Mr.Heartache" with Diawa

DJ: HANKU Babii☆.。.:*・゜



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