Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Moonshadow Theater


Oct 25th @ 5 pm SLT

For one evening, the goblins will be out and taking over the stage at the MoonShadow Theater with the promise of a hauntingly good time for all. We promise you an evening of sexy zombies, witches and creatures that will electrify your senses, keeping you transfixed and wanting more. Come scare up a spooktacular time with us as we bring ghoulishly fun sets and choreography to the MoonShadow stage.

When you are there, please join our subscribo. No space needed, we won't spam you and you will get one reminder/notice about the upcoming show! Kiosks are located at the entrances or on the front of the stage. Look for the MoonShadow logo signs. 

Special instructions/dress code if one:
Possible nudity in some sets.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Atlantis Theater

❥SHOW DATE - 24TH October  @ 4PM


3. Special instructions/dress code if one:
smart / formal


Oasis Dancers


 October, 23rd - 12 pm SLT (21:00 MEZ)

Oasis Dancers
     10th Anniversary Darkwood Castle

 This Friday we dance for the 10th Anniversary of Darkwood Castle (BDSM Roleplay). Our stage is located at a platform in the sky. Please expect adult content and behavior of visitors. Like always we put together a super program to entertain you as best as we can. We look forward to welcome you at Darkwood Castle.

Desire Artists


October 24th & 31st at 7:30pm slt

Desire Artists

Spirits of the Night, Desire's Halloween Show! October 24th & 31st, starting at 7:30pm slt, the Desire Arts Dancers bring you a scarey performance of more skin and less costume. Come in costume and join the festivities. The heavy breathing coming from the audience will be more like moans and screams in the "after hours" show. 

As an "Arts" theater (and gallery) Desire Arts is a venue perfectly suited for SL Performers wishing to express themselves through live performances, through Dance, Art Exhibits, Performance Art as well as Dramatic Presentations.

The Monarchs Present Imagicnation

  Join us as ♔ The Monarchs ♔ take you back to yesteryear, to a world where your imagination intertwines with magical splendor! A time when Princesses ruled the land, when pirates owned the seas, when heroes came to the rescue and love could even tame the beast in us all.

 Let the Monarchs dance you through this magical world, the world we call 'Imagicnation'!

Show Dates:

Friday, October 23rd at 9pm SLT

Saturday, October 24th at 1pm SLT

Saturday, October 24th at 5pm SLT

Sunday, October 25th at 1pm SLT

Saturday, October 31st at 11am SLT

Sunday, November 1st at 11am SLT

Sunday, November 1st at 3pm SLT


The MiSfiT Halloween Spooktacular 2020

 Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents for the 4th year!

Four Big Performances in October ! See it once -- See it all 4 times!  Mark your calendar, set your watches and get ready for some SERIOUS spooky fun Misfit Dance style!

 The MiSfiT Halloween Spooktacular 2020
                 ~  a Showcase of sPoOkY Theater Dance Art

Special show -  4 performances in October!

*PreShow music & fun starts 30 minutes before each Showtime -  Seating is limited - please arrive early to guarantee yours!

Wed          Oct 21      Showtime   5 pm SL  Preshow starts at 4:30 PM

Thurs        Oct 22      Showtime   5 pm SL  Preshow starts at 4:30 PM

Wed          Oct 28      Showtime   5 pm SL  Preshow starts at 4:30 PM

Thurs        Oct 29       Showtime   5 pm SL  Preshow starts at 4:30 PM

Show PlayBill
Tardy for the Party
Trick or TREEt
Frank's Night Job
The Spider's Heart
Crazy Train
Rockin' Goblins

PLUS - Stick around after each show for our UberWickedFun Group Dancing!   30 minutes of Halloween Tunes with Props, Effects and *muahahahaha* Grooooooooop Dancing!

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information

Your Ride to The Theater:

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Noir Neverland


6pm - 7pm Thursdays SLT


Noir Neverland

Our Darlings and Lost Boys are here to wiggle and jiggle and have fun! Noir NeverLand where we NEVER grow up and are always JUST a lil naughty! Come enjoy burlesque presented in so many artful ways!

Special instructions/dress code if one: The only dress code is what's comfy for YOU, but please keep that script count down!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Pure Imagination Theater Presents Grease


October 17 5pm SLT
October 23 5pm SLT
October 24 5pm SLT

Pure Imagination Theater Presents

The Players:

Ella Woods
Emily Rebekah Serenity Aduviri
Adrian Tomsen Charleston
Javi Pastorelli
Gina Rose
JustinElias Anatra
Kathee Gibbs
Brice Meda
Bridget Beresford
Joanne Steel
Eliza Mint


Theater opens at 4:30pm

Your Ride To The Show!