Monday, December 10, 2018

Yo - Firestorm Users! Feel the funk with zeee-drop and move animations and inventory fast!

OK, confession time.  I've been binge watching Rock of Ages and have this darn jingle stuck in my head:   "z guyeezz - double the e, double the z, double the flavor", neon clothing and headbands included.  If you grew up in the 80's, you just have to see this movie.

Now that I've gotten my cheesy spins and bad rap out of the way, this post introduces the very hip Firestorm feature "zdrop".

So what is zdrop?  zdrop is a special command you type into local chat which copies the contents from an inventory folder to a prim - rezzed or worn.  Why is this so very dope?  How many times have you wanted to load a large number of animations into a dance HUD?  If you do it manually, you can only move about 25 at a time and the HUD has to be rezzed on the ground.  What about those times you just wanted to add 3 animations and didn't want to take off your HUD?

With zdrop - you can move hundreds of animations at one time AND you can wear the HUD or rez it on the ground.  I'm still in awe every time I use this feature which has saved countless hours and headaches.

So, how does it work?

  1. Under your inventory folder in your inventory window, you create a new folder - maybe something like "Sugarplum animations".  This is important, it has to be a main folder.
  2. Copy and paste all the animations you want to copy to your dance HUD into the Sugarplum animations folder.
  3. Wear your HUD or rez it to the ground.
  4. The command needs the UUID, the unique identifier code for the HUD.  To find this, right click on your HUD, select Edit, and under the General tab click on the Copy Keys button.
  5. Close the edit window.
Now you're ready to make it happen!

In local chat, type the following:

zdrop on <hit ctrl-z here to paste the hud UUID> <name of the animation folder to copy>

Example:  zdrop on 47b9148d-77e9-6b9c-e11b-30386f1cdc80 Sugarplum Anims

That's it!  You can now walk away, grab a bite to eat, or even keep working on other things while the animations are copied to your HUD.

If you need to stop the process before it finishes, type this in local chat: zdrop

Let's go through this step by step, shall we?

  1. Rez you HUD to the ground (recommended) or attach it.  (see note below)
  2. In your inventory, create a folder for the animations to be copied.  Make sure it is created under the main Inventory folder  (not within another folder).  Copy your animations into this new folder.
  3. Right click on your HUD, select edit, and on the General tab click on the Copy Keys button.  Close the Edit Window.
  4. In local chat, type this:   zdrop on <hit ctrl-v to paste the UUID key> <type name of folder>
  5. Now wait for the animations to finish copying.

STEP 1:  What a wonderful day to hug a tree!  Oh, and see my animation HUD on the ground?  You can also do this when wearing your HUD, but for large numbers of animations, I recommend rezzing it.

STEP 2:  This is my folder of animations to copy to the HUD, directly under the main Inventory folder.
(Plus a peek at the madness that is my inventory...)

STEP 3:  To copy the unique key identifier for the HUD I rezzed on the floor, I right clicked on the HUD, selected Edit, and pressed the Copy Keys button.

STEP 4  Ready to copy!  zdrop is the command, then the word "on", then press ctrl-v to paste the HUD key, and type in the name of the inventory folder to copy - must be exact. :)
Example:  zdrop on 47b9148d-77e9-6b9c-e11b-30386f1cdc80 Sugarplum Anims

STEP 5:  zdrop is doing its work!  Coffee break!
All Done!  "Completed transfer from "Sugarplum Anims to blah blah blah"!  Woot!

This applies for any type of inventory item you want to copy.  Useful for cleaning up your inventory and a great way to easily back up your dances - HUDs, rezzer, movers, notecards, etc..  Copy them to a prim rezzed in-world and feel safer knowing you have a second copy of your dance in case of inventory failure or accidental deletion.

Note: If you will be copying a large number of animations to your HUD or are in a high lag area, I would recommend rezzing your HUD on the ground instead of wearing it.  I did receive a "in-world object creation failure" while wearing my HUD and zdropping about 12 animations, but was in a very high lag environment.  This error just means it wasn't able to copy one of the animations, in this case  because of the lag.

Any other ways zdrop can make your SL easier?  Share your ideas in comments!

Enjoy zdropping!

Eva Harley

Monarchs Presents - The Spirits of Christmas

Monarchs Presents

The Spirits of Christmas

The Ghost of Christmas has lost his way. Decades of increasing anticipations for Christmas celebrations have left him worn down, angry and depressed. He has turned bitter - lashing out until finally he snapped and took away Christmas…

Now the Lady of Ice and The Spirit of the Child must band together and recover the holiday before it’s lost completely...

  • 14th @ 8pm
  • 15th @ noon & 9pm
  • 16th @ 1pm
  • 21st @ 9pm
  • 22nd @ 3pm

Please join us for a unique and magical Christmas dance spectacular, featuring a sim-wide presentation with magnificent builds by Royal Shippe, an original Christmas story by Diiar Vader-Shippe, and unique acts choreographed by Royal Shippe, Diiar Vader-Shippe, Babypea Von Phoenix, Filomena Quinnell, and Jilley Roo!

Your sleigh!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Very Misfit Christmas 2018

Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents:

A Very Misfit Christmas 2018 
     ~  Our full production / magic filled holiday theater dance show!

Throughout December ~  8 performance dates!

6 at our home theater &  2  at The Dickens Project 2018 - LEA7 Region

Seats are limited at each show so please arrive early to guarantee yours!

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information

Dates for Misfit Forest Theater
  • Monday    Dec  10th    7 pm SL
  • Wed          Dec   12th   7 pm SL
  • Friday       Dec  14th     6 pm SL
  • Sat            Dec 15th      10 AM SL
  • Monday    Dec 17th      6 pm SL
  • Wed          Dec 19th       7 pm SL

Misfit Forest Theater

Your Sleigh to Misfit Forest!


2 performances at The Dickens Project 2018   -  LEA7
  • Friday Dec 21st       7 pm SL Showtime
  • Saturday  Dec 22nd    11 AM SL Showtime

Friday, December 7, 2018

Oasis Dancers, Christmas Show

Oasis Dancers, Christmas Show
December 9th, 12 pm SLT noon (21:00 Uhr) at Port Olni

Gorean Sim but everyone is welcome. Show will be OOC Event outside the city.
No special dress code required.

Come see the show.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

DX Christmas Teasers Holiday Road Show

- DX Christmas Teasers Holiday Road Show - 
- Saturday 12/8 @ 6p slt.

As we countdown to our final performance of the year, we hit the road for the Grand Opening of the Warren Music Hall & Theater this weekend! - We are very happy to help celebrate their opening, and we're bringing "Christmas Teasers," hand-picked dances that are proven to get your toe tapping to the holiday beat!  Santa brought an extra little elf this year with the performing debut of Alivia Edenflower, so come welcome her to the stage!  Make us your date destination this weekend for holiday fun!  Hosted by Aryanna Draken.

Come see the show!