Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Sirens Call - A Beginning for the New Dancer, Post 2 - Observation, Learning Style, and Inspiration

A new series, sharing my own beliefs, methods, and suggestions for the new dancer.  As with anything I say or teach - QUESTION EVERYTHING!  There are many different approaches and methods to dance.  From all you learn, all you experience, strive to create your own methods, ideas, and knowledge.  Unique and your own.

Disclaimer:  The author of this article wishes to point out, in case it was not already embarrassingly, ridiculously obvious, that the opinions expressed belong solely to the author and they do not represent in any way those of Dance Queens, Dance Queens members, any affiliations, friends, non-friends, the guy in the 3rd row, or management.  If you must...EvaHarley bio

Woot!  You're back - wasn't sure you'd make it!  It can be so tempting...the excitement of jumping into dance immediately, the anticipation of glory and accolades - golden lindens being showered down from above as you are carried by four burly....(oh wait, that was my dream last night...where were we?)

Yes!  Foundation!  In our previous post HERE, I introduced choreography in SL and a bit of the flow as you learn to create your own.

You may find during this series that for me, dance in SL is a form of expression, it is art, it is a method of sharing a piece of yourself with others.  Whether a dance performance is inspiring, tear jerking, sexy, powerful, or funny, so many choreographers pour their heart and soul into what they create.  Passionate.

Each choreographer you talk to will have a different answer - what is the "best" tool, what is choreography, how to create a dance.  Never forget, this is YOUR adventure.  Dance in SL is what YOU choose to make of it, whether you choose to perform for a single venue, tour around the grid, or create just for yourself.  This series is but one resource of many available to you.

A dance performance is made up of many different pieces - the music, the choreography, the set, the costumes, the dancers, the movement across the stage, the effects, and more.  To me, an amazing performance is one that you can lose yourself in, where for that moment in time nothing else exists.  It is a choreographer's goal to bring together these individual pieces into an experience, where the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.  The dance doesn't have to be an epic production with 30 dancers to be memorable.  Once again there is no set formula or rules in what makes a great performance.

So, what next?  Observe, observe, observe.

Dance Queens is an excellent resource for finding a variety of dance venues and shows.  You can also use SL search for dance theatres, and possibly SL events.  If any readers have additional recommendations, please feel free to add them in the comments!

Visit at least 2-3 shows per week if you can, different venues, different choreographers.  What kind of music/dance inspires you?  Each venue has its own "vibe".  Do you prefer big themed productions?  Variety shows?  More intimate theatres or full stages?  Picture yourself performing - what do you see?  This will help guide you on your dance journey.  Observe the sets, the costumes, the choreography, the music choices.  Do not judge, just as we shouldn't judge art in a museum.  Observe.  What makes a dance you see special for you?  What is the flow?  What is the message or feeling you get?  From your observations you will begin to learn what speaks to you most, and slowly you will begin to observe the choreography transitions, the color schemes, how effects help enhance the performance, and more.

Dance can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it honestly.  The tools you use, the number of dancers, it's all your choice.  Before you dive down the rabbit hole, consider what your learning style is.  There are guides and manuals, blogs, workshops, youtube videos, and sometimes you can even find a mentor.  Some prefer to learn on their own trial and error - some prefer interaction with others.  Know your learning style, and remember - slow and steady.  As you watch performances, you most likely will want to know how they are created.  This is where knowing your learning style will soon come into play.

WAIT!  I have one rule - yes rule!  As you watch other performances, whether as someone new to dance, choreography, or one that has been creating for some time - do not ever compare yourself to others!  It is so easy to let doubt creep in, become overwhelmed, to admit defeat before you start.  We all have our own unique talents.  Dance is about self expression, not about being "the best".  In my opinion, there can't be a 'best' because there is so much variety in the dance world.  Everything is always changing and evolving, new theatres spring up, new tools and resources, new choreographers.

Observe dance in SL as you would any other artform - appreciate it, enjoy it, and know that perhaps you too have art in your soul to express in whatever method you enjoy most.  Everyone begins at the beginning, and everyone continues to learn and grow if they so choose.

Next post:
Post 3 - Choosing music and what is choreography.  Post 4 we'll be introducing animations and animation HUDs.

Two Debauche Shows This Weekend!

Debauche return to the lovely theater at Shadow Lands. Our 4th  visit at this stunningly and beautifully built venue, we are so looking forward to seeing the lovely people there once again.

We have a few new surprises lined up for this show as well as few of the Debauche classics.

Come share with us. You would be so welcome.

Debauche, a little naughty, a lot sexy and ALWAYS CLASSY!

Saturday 21st  July 1.00 pm SLT

Come be classy with us!

Sunday 22nd July at 1pm slt, Debauche dance at House of Jana

We once again visit The House of Jana. Such a beautiful theater to dance in and such a firm favourite for both the dancers and audience.     Always a lively, fun crowd at  The House of Jana and we are really looking forward to sharing the time with you there.

Come up and see know you want to

Sunday 22nd July at 1.00 PM SLT, House of Jana

Yay! Come see us perform for you!

Guerilla Burlesque: Burly Show

Guerilla Burlesque presents our very “BURLY” burlesque show!

You are invited to join us Friday July 20th at 10 pm for a special night of burly burlesque!! We have handpicked beautiful, delicious, sexy divas to perform in our newly-built intimate burly theater! This gorgeous build was the brainchild of Meegan Danitz, who will direct and be dancing in this production! An extraordinary show that will leave you hot under the collar and take your breath away! 

Each delicate dancer owning her own beauty and sensuality explored on stage, pulling us into her world. This is a special treat show folks the performances are first class and guaranteed you will be star struck! 

Seating opens at 9 pm for the 10 pm show opening!

Invite your friends! Let's wile away the hours and spend a flirtatious night together!

Harleyquin Workshops - July 21st through July 23rd

Harleyquin Workshops
July 21st - 23rd
Presented by Eva Harley

All are welcome and no registration is required – just come!  Workshops are in voice, so you do need to make sure you can hear voice.  If you prefer not to participate – feel free to come listen!  Listening chairs and class notes provided.

Please arrive early to prepare and slap on your workshop HUD!  So that we can focus, I do close the sim when the workshop starts and usually can’t respond to IMs.

Harleyquin Workshop Central:   SLURL


  • Workshops are being broken down into smaller topics, allowing more time for practice and activities during these generally one hour sessions.
  • Select activities will have two additional levels available for those ready for a bit more challenge:  "heat it up" and "the frying pan"
  • For select workshops there will be a half hour "warm-up" session for anyone wanting to review/refresh their skills before the workshop begins.
  • All workshop attendees will be provided links to the tutor notes, now available on the web.  This allows additional images, examples, resources, and updates.  Tutor notes will always include additional tips not covered during the workshop.
  • All Spot On Tools series of workshops are being restarted in the new format.  
Please click on the "View Details" link for more info and requirements to participate.

Saturday, July 21st

NEW 2018:  Choreography Designer – Introduction & the Basics

The Spot On Choreography Designer system is a tool to move, rotate, lift, or lower avatars or objects from one point to the next - referred to as waypoints.  Use your stage more effectively by moving your dancers, change the appearance of animations by turning your dancers in a different direction, use this system to move props or even an entire stage during your performance.


NEW 2018:  Performance Director –  The Basics, What is the Performance Director?

An introduction to what the Performance Director can do and how it brings together the power of timed sequences, movers, and more.  This class will focus on exploring the HUD, the structure of the Performance Director Routine notecard, and different aspects of how this tool can be used as the conductor of your performance.


Monday, July 23rd

NEW 2018: Spot On Smooth Dancer – Introduction and Putting Your HUD to Work

Geared for anyone new to the Smooth Dancer Animation HUD or still familiarizing themselves.  We will be focused on loading the HUD, playing animations, inviting others to dance and how to remove dancers (including yourself).  We will also cover what to do when your dancers aren't dancing.  This is the first step before moving on to recording your own sequences.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

*NEW* In Motion

New dance troupe In Motion, eager to entertain you!
Please join us July 24th 2108 at 12 Pm SLT in our home theater!

No dress code.