Monday, June 24, 2019

Laughing Hearts Grand Opening

Laughing Hearts
Sat, June 29th 9pm SLT

~ Laughing Hearts Theater, Home of Laughing Hearts Dance Troupe, Grand Opening 9pm Laughing Hearts Theater, Home of Laughing Hearts Dance Troupe, Grand Opening. Some of SL's most talented creators of dance routines have created for you some amazing acts. Please join us at Laughing Hearts Theater for some of SL's most remarkable talent

Special instructions/dress code if one: casual

Come see the show

Breezes Dancers Looking for Dancers


Thank you for your interest in joining Breezes Dancers!

Here is some information about us and what we expect from our dancers.

If you think you meet our criteria and would like to apply to join us please fill in the application form and return it to Venetia Cazalet (Breezes Dancers Manager)

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you.



A human adult avatar with a nice classic body shape, skin and hair. NO MESH BODIES FOR PERFORMANCE DANCING. When dancing wearing scripted items is not allowed. eg jewellery, smiles, huds and ao's

Must have a good understanding of English and be able to follow instructions

Must have a good knowledge of SL basic skills - important is saving outfits so you can change clothes with one click between acts.

Must be available to attend rehearsals and dance in shows between 11.30am slt to 3pm slt on any day of the week.

Must be committed and reliable and alert when dancing as sometimes you will need to respond to instructions very quickly

Most of all you must enjoy what we do and being part of our fun team.

You will need to join the Breezes Dancers group

Most dance costumes are made by our Director Mcpol Kamachi and provided for an appropriate cost to go towards her purchases of FP outfits, textures and upload costs and sometimes we ask you to buy something inexpensive yourself.

All received payment for shows and tips at shows are used to cover the cost of creating the shows. Animations are expensive and there are many other costs that need to be covered too.


If you are in one of our shows you might not be in every act.

We have to have reliable dancers, dancers we know are going to come to rehearsals and shows. So now we are coming in line with our sister group Amazon Dancers with this new rule.
You need to come to ALL rehearsals unless you let me know in advance that you cannot come. If Dancers start missing rehearsals for no reason they will not be in the shows. Missing seeing a group notice is not a reason, you must check for new notices in the Group window everyday.

Please do not take pics whilst we are rehearsing and performing shows as it makes mcpol's dance hud freeze and we could all crash. Ask a friend to come and take pics instead.

Please request the application form from Web Sass and return it to Venetia Cazalet (Breezes Dancers Manager) if you meet these requirements and agree to the rules and would like to dance with us.

We look forward to meeting you:)


Mcpol Kamachi - Artistic Director and Choreographer (Breezes Dancers and Amazon Dancers)
Venetia Cazalet - Breezes Dancers Manager

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Abranimations Birthday sale...

I know a lot of y'all use Abranimations for your dances and you're probably aware of this already, but they're having a 15th birthday sale with 40% a lot of their dance packs and couples dances at the main store.

Abranimations Sale

Yeah, there goes my mid-year bonus. POOF!

A limo to the sale.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


IMAGE open this Sunday

♥Jun 23

♥**♥ CLUB IMAGE ♥**♥


22:30 開場、23:00 開幕 JST

...... ♥ * Line up for this Sunday*♥.......

1. Sakura"A Butterfly's Dream"
2. Diawa Bellic "silent lucidity "
3. Setsuna Hirano"Rinkai-臨界-"with HANKU
4. Yougao Destiny"或る日-光/One day-Hikaru"with Setsuna & Sakura
5. ♥Special guest♥SarahRho Huntress"CrimsonBlaze"

♣Team Dance♣
・Diawa Bellic"Evacuate"




Come see the show!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Oasis Dancers at SL16B

Oasis Dancers contribution to Second Life`s  16. Birthday !! We are thrilled to perform our new show at this very special and exciting event ! Join us to celebrate with us !  It will be the biggest party ever :)

Sunday, 6/23 , 12:00 pm