Monday, May 22, 2023

Guerilla Burlesque


OUTPOST 2242.5 featuring Guerilla Burlesque at The Metaharpers Immersive Theater in May

Idle Rogue Productions presents "Outpost 2242.5" at the Metaharpers Immersive Theater on Friday May 26 at 10 pm and Saturday May 27 at 1pm.
The beloved sci-fi themed production, under the direction of Blaze DeVivre and now in it's fifth year, once again explores the outer reaches of dance entertainment and performance with the charm and warmth of the Guerilla Burlesque team as your guides.
It's fun and it's exciting and we present it at the Metaharpers Immersive Theater so you get the cutting edge of what is possible in entertainment in SL.

 Special instructions/dress code:
Doors open early to allow you to get set to watch the show in a stable environment. You are welcome to dress in theme but we ask you to be mindful of your impact on the region and minimise your use of huds, lights and high complexity items.