Thursday, March 16, 2023



Debauche  at Teulu Saturday 18th March at 1pm slt

Please join Debauche  in what will simply be a truly magnificent show.

 Debauche are so proud to once again dance on  stage, dancing at Teulu  home of Teulu Breedables our sponsors , simply what dreams are made of
 Come and join us as Debauche  will place a big smile upon your faces, dancing to superb tracks in amazing dance routines

Debauche show at Teulu Breedables, Saturday 18th March at 1pm slt


Sunday 19th March at 1pm slt @ Maui Falls with the Playdolls

Debauche are thrilled to be returning to this amazing sim, the home of naughtiness, fun and a sense of community second to none. It is also the home of Debauchery furniture so isn't that just perfect for Debauche? We think so. 

This promises to be a great show  and also great news as the Second Life Playdoll's will join us also once again. 
Always look forward to dancing at this amazing venue

See you there on Sunday 19th March at 1pm slt