Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Misfit Dance & Performance Art


Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents for the 6th year!

 The MiSfiT Halloween Spooktacular 2022
                 ~  a Showcase of sPoOkY Theater Dance 

Such a SUPER FUN Show ~ Don't miss it!

7 Performance Dates in October
Various  times & locations 

Wed   Oct 12    5PM Showtime   -  Misfit Dance Theater
Wed   Oct 19    5PM Showtime   -  Misfit Dance Theater
Fri      Oct 21    5PM Showtime   -  SLEA - location to be determined
Sat     Oct 22   1PM Showtime   -   Misfit Dance Theater
Wed   Oct 26    5PM Showtime   -   Misfit Dance Theater
Fri      Oct 28    5PM Showtime   -   Burn2  - location to be determined
Mon   Oct 31    5PM Showtime        Misfit Dance Theater

  Show PlayBill
Tardy for the Party
Trick or TREEt
Frank's Night Job
The Spider's Heart
Crazy Train
Rockin' Goblins

PLUS - Stick around after each show for our UberWickedFun Group Dancing!   30 minutes of Halloween Tunes with Props, Effects and *muahahahaha* GroOooOOop Dancing!

Come experience our Misfit Dance Cam HUD -  where you  wear a little HUD button  and WE - control what you see!   It's like a video LIVE on stage

Teleport Link to the Misfit Dance Theater at Muse Isle

SLURL    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Muse%20Isle/172/209/1508