Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Guerilla Burlesque presents Strip Like A Pirate

Friday September 16 at 8pm
Saturday September 17 at 8pm

Guerilla Burlesque presents Strip Like A Pirate - Two Shows This Weekend!

Guerilla Burlesque are performing twice at the Metaharper Immersive Theater this weekend, Friday 8pm and Saturday 8pm, presenting Strip Like A Pirate. It's a burlesque romp of wild tails and bounteous booty directed by Brandee Snoodle and featuring your favourite sirens of the strip.

Dress in theme or come as you are for a fine night's carousing in Guerilla Cove. Doors open at 7pm to allow you to engage with the Metaharper experience for a truly immersive adventure

Special instructions:
The Metaharper Immersive Community Theater & Stageworks is a region experience, integrating the innovative guided camera system, which allows us to take you into the heart of the entertainment.
Please accept the invitation as you enter the venue at ground level, and walk through the stone circle to be transported to the event.