Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Imagine Theatre


December 18th @ 1pm SLT

DFS & GEL Park are sooo very pleased to present the first seasonal DFS Community Showcase!

This first show will focus on choreographed dance and will take place at the Imagine Theater at GEL Park December 18th, 2021, @ 1PM SLT.

Featuring the Dance Talent of:

Ariel Arrowmint, Ides (Kajira Idesma), Luina (AmiraDeminaResident Resident), Ice (isoly Resident), Ray Lobo (Nevar Lobo), Kitten (corroded Battery), Eva Harley (EvaHarley Resident) and Flootje (Floreo Resident)


Special instructions/dress code if one:
Jolly Casual!