Thursday, June 3, 2021

Debauche This Weekend


Debauche dance at Pride Friday 4th June at 1.30pm slt

Debauche are delighted to be dancing  for Pride at JuVa - Entertainment Junity Theatre
Having been asked to open a weeks long celebration in this magnicifent theatre which will be a first time dancing here for Debauche

 Come one, come all to witness the excitement as Debauche dances a full selection of wonderful routines.

 Debauche celebrating Pride with sexiness, touch of the risque and naughtiness but always with Class

Friday 4th June at 1.30pm slt, at the JuVa - The Place for Entertainment Janity Theatre


Saturday 5th June, 1pm slt VIlle De Coeur

Debauche are so pleased to visit  the most beautiful theatre at beautiful VIlle de Coeur. We always look forward to coming to this wonderful theatre,our longest running engagement. The people are all so friendly, so welcoming, so very enthusiastic and that makes it's a great show for us all.

Come along and feel it for yourself as Debauche dance and give you full on West End and Broadway to Second Life,

New Routines as Well !!

Ville de Coeur, Saturday 5th June, 1pm slt, Ville de Coeur


Sunday 6th June  at 1pm slt , Debauche at New Babylon

Debauche are so pleased and honoured to be performing at this prestigious venue. Always a firm favourite and these shows here just seem to get better and grow bigger

 Please come and join in the celebrations as Debauche go all out to thrill and amaze you. Debauche will be dancing firm favourites in their typical sexy, risque, maybe bit naughty but always Classy style.

1pm slt 6th June at the famous New Babylon