Thursday, May 27, 2021

Dance Queens Word Up2 Challenge Sign Ups

 Show date: JULY 10, 2021 @ 1pm SLT

Calling all Dance Kings and Queens! Do you need new inspiration? Do you like a good challenge? Well we have something just for you! We are hosting a series of dance creation challenges to help inspire you and give you new adventures in dance creation.  We are repeating the first challenge "Word Up". We at Dance Queens have compiled a list of 20 intriguing words. Each choreographer will pick a number 1-20 and be randomly assigned a word. You will Google that word and search Google images for one image derived from your search that inspires you to create a dance.

You will build a dance founded in that image.  Perhaps it will inspire a set, a costume, a song... and you will go from there.  You will have a month to create a dance inspired by that image that represents your word, to knock our pixel socks off! You can enter starting right now!

1 unseen act is the only requirement and the only rule is NO RULES! Take risks and run wild with your ideas! 

Grab your sign up card from the poster with same image in the info center (and contact Web Sass asap) here: