Thursday, March 18, 2021



Saturday 20th March, 1pm slt VIlle De Coeur

Debauche are so pleased to visit  the most beautiful theatre at beautiful VIlle de Coeur. We always look forward to coming to this wonderful theatre,our longest running engagement. The people are all so friendly, so welcoming, so very enthusiastic and that makes it's a great show for us all.

Come along and feel it for yourself as Debauche dance and give you full on West End and Broadway to Second Life

Ville de Coeur, Saturday 20th March, 1pm slt


Sunday 21st March at 1pm slt @ Maui Falls 

Debauche are thrilled to be returning to this amazing sim, the home of naughtiness, fun and a sense of community second to none. It is also the home of Debauchery furniture so isn't that just perfect for Debauche? We think so.

This promises to be a great show, and also great news as the Second Life Playdolls are joining us again also. Really will be sensational and  a new routine as well

See you there on Sunday 21st March, 1pm SLT


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