Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dance Xcetera


- Saturday 2/27 - Midday Matinee 12p SLT
- Saturday 2/27 @ 7p SLT 
- Sunday 2/28 @ 5p SLT

- Dance Xcetera:  After Hours - Adult Performance

Our first show of the year is always our favorite, because it's the After Hours performance.  This is an opportunity for our directors to bring out whatever makes them feel sexy - a song, set design, costuming; these all can contribute to a night of some very sensual dancing with costumes we'd never wear for our regular performances!  If you don't like skimpy costumes and explicit lyrical music you may want to stay home for this one.  

Make us your date destination this weekend and call the sitter, we promise you'll be glad you did!  Hosted by Aryanna Draken.  See you at the show!