Friday, November 20, 2020



Last Regular show of 2020, 21st November at 1pm slt, The Trophy Room

Please come and join Debauche as we visit one of our favourite venues. The Trophy Room is the location and we are so looking forward to dancing here

Come to what will be the last "Regular" show of 2020. Debauche will be dancing firm favourites, from the loving romantic to pure magical dancing and then the adventurous Epics routines. Debauche have it all

Sexy, Little bit naughty but always extremely Classy, that's Debauche

 After party also, please come formal wear but low scripts as possible
 Saturday 21st November at 1pm slt Debauche visit the Trophy Room


Sunday 22nd November @ 1pm slt, Pink Floyd Revamped

Think you have seen everything in Second Life? If so think again!!

 Debauche are so pleased to dedicate a show to one of the very best Rock groups the world has ever known

 Including the well acclaimed whole Echoes routines, mixed in with firm favourite classics to the music of Pink Floyd

  No Pink Floyd fan will want to miss or indeed, no true dance fan. Music and dance at its very BEST!!!

 Pink Floyd Revamped Sunday 22nd November, 1pm slt at our Home Theatre opposite Miss S store