Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Amazon Dancers Present The Michael Jackson Show

Thursday 13th august 2020 at 5pm slt

Amazon Dancers

Hello dear audience, good evening.
The Amazon Dancers have the great pleasure to present to you the Michael Jackson show.
This show will be in tribute to Michael Jackson.
Since his death at the age of 50 years in June 2009, his fans have kept his legacy alive.
In addition to having a peculiar and very tuned voice, he stood out for his naturalness when dancing and for his creativity in terms of new and spectacular dance steps.
He was considered revolutionary at his time for the mixture of rhythms and musical styles such as pop and rock and he was called "the king of pop"

The show lasts for 60 min in 5 acts.

1 act - pyt / blame  
2 act - can you feel
3 act - smooth criminal
4 act - beat it
5 act - Thriller

Dancers:  Mcpol, Neiva, Ryimena, Analoon, Analaura, Bomxx, Lysa, Vida, Dani, Reinah, Tarsila, Elizabeth, Esperantisto,  Monterigi, Vortex, Venetia, Daisy

Choreography, music and voice: mcpol
Sceneries: Neiva and Bomxx
Costume Design: Neiva and mcpol
Ligthing: Bomxx
Stage Manager: Esperantisto
Dressing room: Reinah

Thank you to all of the Amazon Dancers group  Without them this show would not be possible.
For best visualization I´m asking you all  to please switch off Tags, Aos and scripts. Thank you so much for coming and enjoy the show!

Dress Code is Semi formal/Casual

For the best viewing experience we ask you all to turn off Name Tags in Preferences and also turn off or remove your Ao's and scripts to help reduce lag. Thank you.