Saturday, August 3, 2019

SURVEY: Rehearsals

Hi there. This is R.

Got a quick question... how much rehearsal do those of y'all in dance troupe do?

What kind of things do you look for in a rehearsal?

What's the biggest thing you've caught in a rehearsal that you're glad to have had a chance to rehearse for?

Leave your responses in the comments.


PS: Yes, I know that rehearsals are often "silly" time for me, and they're the source of The Debauche Follies Flickr album, but I do take outfit preparation and mover location seriously. (That gives me more time to be a loony.)

Debauche Rehearsal

Mmmm chicken!


  1. yup, I can confirm she is a loony, and I am of course the straight girl, ok maybe not

  2. Paramount does a rehearsal the Wednesday before a show. We catch things that don't work right, like numbers on spots don't match in the dance hud, check if everyone has their costume purchased, make sure we are all available for the show. We make sure we have everyone's music sent, and the correct one is sent. Simple things, but we've caught a few sometimes! :)

  3. We do night before a show and often its helpful to find some rez issues or mover things. It lets backup dancers know where they will find their movers and check costumes. Overall a good idea to have rehearsal in my opinion anyway.