Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spirit Light Dance Company - Dimensions

 Spirit Light Dance Company Presents

                       ~ DIMENSIONS ~
12 noon slt
April 23rd & 30th
May 7th & 21st

Have you heard it said that in every myth there is a kernel of truth? Are Fairies Real? Do Light Beings exist? Is there really a Siren of the sea?

What if there is truth in the statement that we are all multi-dimensional beings, existing in simultaneous worlds of overlapping frequencies of light. What if the very physical place where you stand at this moment has many layers of reality unseen to you as you are trapped in the vibration of you own physical density. Have you not dreamed and later seen the reality of that dream come true? Was the dream any less real than the replay of that event or place in your physical reality?

                                                                Fantasy? or Reality?

Explore the adventure of this original enchanting Neo-classical show created in cooperation with six talented SLDC choreographers. We promise to excite and enrapture you while the Fairy Godmother leads you through .....

                                                                  Free admission
                                                        Balcony seats can be reserved
                                                   Please read sign in the theater lobby
 We expect a full audience so plan on getting to the theater early to assure that you get a seat.

                                                            We dance for laughter,
                                                            We dance for tears,
                                                            We dance for madness,
                                                            We dance for fears,
                                                            We dance for hopes,
                                                            We dance for screams,
                                                            We are the dancers,
                                                            We create the dreams.
                                                             ~ Albert Einstein ~