Saturday, March 11, 2017

Club Zero - Dancers Wanted

Club Zero: An Underground Industrial Club set in Old Chicago


Performance Artists-  The Who, What, & Why.

Performance Artists (Types)
1. Fire Dancers
2. Burlesque Dancers
3. Cirque Troupe
4. Gypsy Caravan
5. Bellydancers

Experience which cannot be stressed  enough.  We are looking for experienced performers.  Must have at least been performing on the grid 1-2 years. 

Open Mindedness:
As Club Zero is open minded and we also would like the Performance Artist to be likewise.  We are looking for performers that can adapt their performances to sync with our DJ's and the music.  We don't want to lose the music we are looking to enhance the musical experience.

Who To Contact any of the following people:
Sugar Falta Club Zero Owner
Hazard Fizzle Club Zero Head DJ
Alexa Knox-  (Alexa Gant)   PR TEAM MANAGER
Neylinn (Belleen Morte)  PR TEAM MEMBER

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