Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Guerilla Burlesque's September Show Dates!

⊱⊰★⊱⊰☆⊱GUERILLA BURLESQUE ⊰☆⊱⊰★⊱⊰★

We are back this week with two great shows on Friday night but there are just 6 shows remaining on the schedule for this month!
We hope you get a chance to come see us at the Ariellum Theater at our regular Revue times in September and also make the trip with us in October to Burn2!

Performance dates for September are:
Sept 9th - 7 pm and midnight
Sept 23rd - 7 pm and midnight
Sept 30th - 7 pm and midnight
at the Ariellum Theater on Idle Rogue!

Make those plans for Friday night and dont forget to bring your friends!

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