Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Amazon Dancers "Voices Brasil"

Amazon Dancers will be performing their show Voices Brasil at Breezes Theatre on Sunday 10th April This is a show of 5 Acts and lasts about 60 minutes.
Choreography and direction mcpol support  by neiva and ari with scenery, props and costumes.
This show will present in every act, Brazilian famous singers and groups who have made very successful here in Brazil and outside Brazil.

There will be a party after the Show for everyone to enjoy some dancing fun.


Title: Amazon Dancers Show Voices Brasil
Where: Caribbbean Breezes Theatre
Date: Sunday 10 April 2016
Time: 1pm slt

Dress: Formal

The Show "VOICES"

An Introduction to the Amazon Dancers new show "Voices"

The dance group under their artistic manageress Mcpol Kamachi pursues the aim to present some of Brazil's culture to Second Life's community..
In 5 acts it will bring some examples of famous brazilian singers and performers and songwriters along with  a mix of brazilian dances.

Act 1:
Fafa de Belem.
Born in Belèm do Pará in 1956, her carreer started in 1976 and lasts until today. She is a Brasiian Singer considered one of the great female singers of Brazilian POP music. With her husky mezzo-soprano voice she covers a wide range of music from tender ballads, to sensual love songs, Potuguese fados all the way up to energetic sambas and lambadas.
In the show we present two of her songs:
Vermelho and Chama Verequete

Act 2
Clara Nunes
Started her Career as a singer in 1960 at the age of 18.Her genre was mainly sambas. So she was called "The queen of Samba" and was regarded as one of the greatest of her generation.. She died at the age of only 40 in 1983.
You will hear in this show:
Contos de Areia and Canto das tres racas.

Act 3
Ney Matogrosso
A male singer and producer, distinguished for his uncommon countertenor voice. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked him as the third greatest Brazilian singer and the 31st greatest Brasilian music artist of all time. His career started in 1971 when he joined the glam rock group Secos & Molhados. After this group split up, he started a successful solo career in Brazil and abroad and became famous for  his extraordinary costumes, make-up, daring movements and singular high-pitched voice. In 1986 he changed his performances and also his repertoire to more traditional Brasilian POP music.
In this act we present three songs of him:
Pavao Misterioso; Bandido Corazon and Nao Existe Pecado

Act 4
Gal Costa and Tim Maia

Gal Costa
Her career as a singer began in 1965 and still goes on. Her music covers a wide range; pop, rock, psychedelic.

Tim Maia
He was a  singer, songwriter and musician.
and covered also a wide range of mucical styles like
soul, funk, disco, bossa nova, rock and jazz.
His life was very inconstant with many ups and downs but it resulted in a great variety of music titles.
His aktive years were from 1956 to 1998 when he died.
In this act the dancers will perform to the songs.
Teco teco by Gal Costa
Uma tarde de domingo by Gal Costa and Tim Maia
Descobridor dos sete mares by Tim Maia.

Act 5
The group "As Freneticas"
A pop group with a refreshing sound
In this act you hear the songs:
Feijao maravilha and Abra suas asas.