Tuesday, March 1, 2016

show CLUB Ärty Additional performances!!

Additional performances decision! !
【show CLUB Ärty Monthly Dance Show】 ※Ticket Information updating!

March 07, 2016 (Mon)

show CLUB Ärty Lounge

【Ticket price】

Doors open at 05:30 am SLT
Start: at 06:00 am SLT

① Trillion Years and Overnight Story ★performer Kai Wirsing
② Mikazuki - crescent moon  ★performer LiZu Meldody
③ AYAKASHI  (22 minutes!!!) ★Perfomer Kai Wirsing

Ticket reservation ONLY
Reservation starts March 1st.
If you would like to make reservation, please write down names who would like to attend on notecard and send to Kai Wirsing or LiZu Melody.

25 Seats are available. Reservations will be closed once it's filled. We will send over tickets to who made reservation prior to the show.

All programs for this opening are all Japan themed performances. English subtitles will be there so please no worry.
Also all programs at show CLUB Ärty use scripted camera. We hope we can provide our best shots.
Please do not miss this opening. Come see show CLUB Ärty dance performances.

We are greatly looking forward to see you and your reservations for this show.