Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some Thoughts....

Hey everyone..

Well.. I write "everyone", but i know only a hand full of our DQ Members, read the blog.
That is sad... coz I think we could have much more input, if more people did read.
And that would also make the blog more interesting!!

So climb in your pencil, and start writing!!!
Send us your INFO, interesting stories, ideas... or what else could be interesting, to post on a Dance Queens Blog.

I have been on SL for 8 years.. (OMG)
And I have seen lots of things change.
Most things in a better way. We use les prims, to make things look good, dances and animations got better with the years and creative people made great stuff for us to use.
Clothes are much better then 8 years ago.. we got nicer feet, hands, bodies, hair.. etc etc.

While some things changed, other things stayed the same.
Like... we still need eachother, to make things work.
We can not do things all by ourselves.
Here I think about Events.

We need eachother to make our events work.
We need eachother to form a group... to help eachother with the practical stuff...
We need eachother, to make an audience, coz, what is a show, without audience??
But we also need the shows.

I know at most of you are very busy, to make their shows at their own wonderful venues.
And of course that's great!
What I though miss is... at dancers/groups meet up to show what they can at other events.
Dance Queens advertises often, to get dancers/groups, to earn their star on the "walk of fame"
We have the space (ca 300 prims to use for your stage)
Maybe its not enough for all of you... but we could be creative and make it fit?
At the end, its all about having a great time together and be a good dance community.

We have our weekly "Meet & Greet" every Wednesday 2-4 pm and also there, it would be great if we had shorter shows on stage, during the Meet & Greet".
Maybe just one song.. or two.

The Kittens have their monthly Variety Show, every first Friday of the month, starting at 2.30pm, where they invite to do a 15 min show.
I have been there most of the times and it's a lovely venue with nice people, willing to help you when needed. But its every time again a struggle, to get people on stage for those 15 minutes.
I know at time-zones are a killing one.
But I'm sure it's for many, possible, to make a 10-15 min dance show.

And maybe other venues also would like to have guest performers.
I would love to advertise for that.

We all love dance... Everyone on their own way.
We all do a great job and we all do it, to entertain others.
We all need eachother, one or the other way ;o)

Lets support eachother, in what we do.
We are after all a Community!!

Knuzzer ZZ ♥
(Zhaza Zerbino)