Sunday, May 3, 2015

A&M MOCAP Maniacs Seeking Choreographers

A&M MOCAP Maniacs is the dance troupe that supports A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop, the creators of some of the finest dance animations on the grid.  We are seeking experienced, reliable choreographers to perform in our monthly Home Shows.  Rehearsals are the first Saturday of each month at 9pm SLT.  Home Shows are the second Saturday of each month at 9pm SLT.  If you would like to join our troupe as a choreographer, please contact SexyS Quintessa with an expression of interest.  Or, copy/paste the below to a NC, fill it out, and drop it to SexyS Quintessa.  Thank you!

A&M MOCAP Maniacs is a dance troupe that performs throughout the grid promoting A&M MOCAP dances.   Currently, we perform once a month at Home.  The show is every second Saturday of the month at 9pm.  All show rehearsals are the week before same day and same time.   We will have other opportunities to perform in dance shows as they come up.  We also go to clubs using A&M dances, we are required to do that at least 1 hour a week.   Dancers must have a dance hud (for example....HUDDLES, BARRE, or Spot On) and to be able to do sequenced dances and be willing to let it be published.  You must also be AGE verified.   It is important that the troupe work as a team, so YOU MUST be a team player.  

To Apply
   1.  Add your name to the top of this notecard
   2.  Fill out the portion below
   3.  Send Notecard to SexyS Quintessa
1.    What is your SL User name?  (no display names please)

2.    Do you own any A&M Dance Animations? (yes or no answer please)

3.    Are you a team player?
4.    Are you Age verified?

5.    Do you have a dance hud?  Which one do you have if you do?

6.    Do you have a movement system, such as Spot-on, Szi formation hud, DB Dance System?

7.    Do you have experience in performance dance shows in SL?    If so please list details.  List previous employers in this section as well.

8.    Do you have a problem giving out your dance sequences?

9.   Can you build?

10.   Do you like to go to clubs and dance?

11.   Can you commit to 1 hour a week to go dance in clubs using A&M dances?

12.   What makes you a great candidate for the A&M MOCAP Maniacs?

13.   Please list....Days and SL times you are available

14.   Are you available on the following days of the month.??  please answer yes or no
       2nd week of the month on Saturdays 9pm/rehersals 1st week of month on Sat 9pm
15.   Anything you'd like add??  heres the spot to put that info.