Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Second Life Experience

Second Life Experience is now in Beta.

What is an experience?

In Second Life terminology, an experience is a set of avatar interactions created by one or more scripted objects.  With an experience key, creators can build their experiences so that a user only needs to grant avatar permissions once for the entire experience rather than separately for each scripted object within it. 

 These permissions allow the experience to animate your avatar, attach items to your avatar, track your camera, control your camera, teleport your avatar, and alter your movement controls.

So I think the purpose of this feature is to remove or greatly reduce what can be a slew of 'annoying menu popups' that continue to request permission for this-and-that in 'combat sims' and sims that rely on a lot of permission granting to control your avatar for immersive role-play.

How will it affect the dance community? 

Well granting the ability to animate comes to mind. It might make, say, testing out dances at Abranimations faster and easier. No constant need to ask and grant permission for each new dance you want to try.

 I know I will be most likely apply it to products that I script to help minimize needless avatar intrusion.

Watch the video: Second Life Experience Video 

For more information see the link below.

There are also a well-stocked set of new lsl scripting instructions to facilitate "experience".

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