Monday, July 7, 2014

Walk of Fame


Dance Queens got itself a "Walk of Fame" & a "Wall of Fame".
Yeps... you can be a star!! Or better said,... you can EARN a star!!

How does this work?

*You are a "dance" performer.
*You will have a show that will be at least 30 minutes.
*You can dance solo or with a group.
*You perform at the Dance Queen Center.

How to book a time?

Send a message to to Zhaza Zerbino.
I will asap send you some answer back (if you didn't hear from me within 24 hours, then please send again)

We will announce your show in the group and on the blog.

After the show, we would like to take a picture of the performer(s) and that picture will come on our "Wall of Fame"
Beside that, you will get a star on out "Walk of Fame" with the name of the performer/group and the date.

Hope to see you there!!!

Knuzzer ZZ ;o)

Dance Queens INFO Center
(Take the TP to the "Gallery")