Thursday, June 26, 2014

 The Burlesque Bustle

Take your seats please ladies and gents, for one hell of a show!.....

This month's jam packed show is upon us! Crammed full of choreographed goodness with none other than our fantablous girls the LGC Minxettes!!
We are giving them free rein this month so patrons behold the magnificence of the no holds barred Minxette in action!
So come one, come all to the little thing we like to call...   The Burlesque Bustle!

Show starts at 3pm, drinks are on the house! And if our lovely host Spence tries to tie you up when you sit, forgive him... we have run out of his meds! 
And that froth you will see at his mouth IS toothpaste I swear!

The Showhouse is located through the doors to the right of the stage when you go inside our Speakeasy bar, click them to tp to the theater.