Saturday, March 8, 2014

Once upon a Time

Aelva sent following;


                                                  ~*~The Night Theater Presents~*~
                                                          -*- Once upon a Time -*-

A fun "tongue in cheek"dance-show with an unexpected twist or 2. 
Starring the stunning Dream Dancers in 7 new dancenumbers.
We are also proud to announce the debut of Martty Gehter as a choreographer in a number filled with sassy furryness.

Do come join us at one of the following showdates:

Friday 14th March at Noon slt.

Saturday 15th March at midnight slt.

Wednesday 19th March at 11 am slt

Thursday 20th MArch at 11 am slt

Im Aelva Resident for a proper invite or grab the Landmark below.

Let us Entertain you!