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Free or Low-Cost Dances

Free or Low-Cost Dances
There is a box of animations free in the Info Center under the video screen.

Some of the MOCAP dance makers offer free or low cost dances. Usually they are no copy, so you have to go to their store and find them. Here is the current list:


*Crackers II*

Both dances are located at the landing point and are $1L each. Also members get free dances occasionally.

Monthly animation specials and holiday free dances.

At the main landing point you will find the Akaesha free REACT HUD. Wear the HUD and click the Dances button on the upper right. Take off the HUD and rezz it on the ground. Edit the HUD on the ground and select Edit linked parts. Click on the lower center of the HUD where it has dances. Inside are a lot of animations and some are pretty good. You can slide these from the rezzed HUD to your inventory. There are over 30 dances here as well as stands, sits and walks.

There is one free dance from the Ben series near the entrance.

At the Customer Service desk there is a free HipHop dance.

These dances are located on the walkway to the new dance area.

There in Spirit
There is an animation stopper at the landing point.


In addition to the MOCAP Dance Makers, here are some other free dance and animation sources that may be useful:

This is a HUD or two HUDs made by Bright Animations. There are some poses inside that you might like.

2. Tuty's Creations - There are free anims here or online at
These five items have a bunch of dances. Some are  lousy , but others are okay. Just open the wearable hud and take the anims.

3. Baiastice - There are several free poses here including a couple of cute ones.

4. Kabuki Creations - There are free anims here or one is at - 1 reading while lying animation

5. -  18 static poses (no transfer)

6. - 1 sitting pose

7. - This HUD contains mostly static poses

8. -  1 crucifixion pose

9. - 8 mermaid animated poses (no transfer)

10. - 3 bouncing animations that may be useful

11. - 1 static stand

12. - 2 static stands

13. -  1 static lying pose

14. - 18 male animated stands, 10 sits, 2 turns, 4 walks and more

15. - 4 static poses that can be used as ending dances

16. - 5 static poses for juggling

17. group skating with 1 skating anim

18. - 1 wash hands anim

19. - 1 freebie slow dance ... non-MOCAP and 2 lousy dances. The hand kiss is nice.

20. - 1 static couples kiss pose

21. - 1 static model pose

22. - 1 hovering animation

23. - 5 animated stands, 2 sits and a walk

24. - 5 animated stands, 2 sits and a walk

25. - 1 bad kick anim

26. - 1 cute couples air dance. The female part can be used individually.

27 . - 16 anims for stanidng to sitting, but they are pretty stiff

28. - 1 sit pose

29. - 3 female stands and 2 sits

30. - A cute static couples pose

31. - 1 static pose

32. - 2 stands, 3 sits and flying anims

33. - 3 male stands and 2 sits

34. - 3 static poses

35. - 1 not very good robot anim


37. - a free mikumiku dance

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