Friday, June 7, 2019

Mynx Dance Company

Mynx Dance Company 
Saturday June 8th @ 1PM

This month the Mynx Dance Company pays tribute to Legendary Choreographers. We will take you on an adventure with inspiration from some incredibly talented artist that created magic both on stage and screen with classics from days gone by to new artists of today.

At Mynx our shows are performed to celebrate the world of dance and bring attention to different causes that are close to our hearts. This months performance is for RFL and we will appreciate any contributions you wish to make toward that important cause.

Our own choreographers choices includes: Mikhail Fokin, Gene Kelly, Derek Hough, Bob Fosse, Debbie Allen, Mia Michaels and Alexei Ratmansky.

Line Up:

1. Taema & Kyser "Fire Bird"
    Dancers: Taema & Kyser
2. Kyser "Singin' in the Rain."
3. Antonio "Pushing On."
   Dancers: Antonio, Hailie, Kyser & Taema
4. Nadi "Fun House"
   Dancers: Jorgio, Kyser, Nadi & Taema
5.. Kelly "Fame."
   Dancers: Antonio, Hailie, Kelly, Kyser & Jo
6. Haillie "Dusk Till Dawn."
   Dancers: Antonio & Hailie
7. Taema "Whipped Cream."
   Dancers: Beebs, Gabi, Jo, Kama, Kelly, Kyser, Nadi, Taema & Zena

Come see the show

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