Dance Queens INFO Center

DANCE QUEENS - INFO Center September 2017
 A useful place for members to use. It is available to DANCE QUEENS members and parts of it can be scheduled if you need it. (take a look around) If this area becomes useful, I think it will provide a way for DANCE QUEENS members to meet and improve networking. If you have ideas to help make this happen, please tell us. Everything is on a first come-first served basis unless scheduled.
Here is what is at the Dance Queens INFO Center;



Here you find a lot of INFO.

There is a corner where you can have a poster with info and LM of your Dance Group

So you easily can see who is online, or drop the person you want to contact a message or note.

Here you find:
*Link to the Blog
*Join Group board
*Performances at the Dance Queens (info)
*Classes and Demo's (info)

To support this center ;o)

Here you find the upcoming events/schedule

Here you can rent a board (25 L a week) to announce all you like. The only rule we have is, at it has to be related to this group.
For example;
*Dancers, hosts, DJ's wanted.
*Announcement of your dance relative product you sell.
With your payment you support the DQ group.

These will take you to several areas around the parcel.

* The Class Room
If you are interested having a Class or Demo, contact a manager.

* The Social Spot, is a room that can be used for many occasions. 

* The Stage, Here you find a ready stage. (book a date if you would like to use our place)
There will be seats for the audience available as well.

* The Gallery. I built this gallery for anyone who would like to have a (dance related) picture up. Drop your picture(s) in a note card to Web Sass or IM for an email address.

*The Dance Park
This area is to hang out and dance, teach a class, host an event, have a DJ and get together.

*The Pavillion
An area to dance, meditate, picnic, photo opportunity. 

*The Skyboxes
A room to unpack things, change, sort outfits for shows. This is for members only and limited for privacy.

  We really hope this INFO Center will be a useful place for all members of the DQ group.