Friday, January 27, 2012

Raymations Offers Pole Dances

Raymations Offers Pole Dances 120127

Owain Raymaker announced the followoing today in the Raymations Group


Nikita Pole Dance 1 and 2 Now Out
Fri, Jan 27 2012 1:55:51 PM PST

Hi all
Nikita Pole Dance 1 and 2 motion capture animations are now available as Full Perm and No Copy versions.

I have also re-releaed Brazilian Zouk 1 and 2 as No Copy versions.


WANT-AD: Rag Dollz Needs Dancers/Groups

WANT-AD: Rag Dollz Needs Dancers/Groups 120127

Laz Dresler sent this to us ...


Dear Dance Queens,

Many of you are already customers of Rag Dollz already some i hope will learn about our new Sim and Shops.  We have just moved to Rag Dollz Island and are planning an event  for  the weekend of February 4th and 5th.

We are hoping some of your groups would like to perform that weekend . We welcome all types of dancers  as long as you do not dance nude.  Dancing at this event will expose your group to  new opportunities  in  because we have over 8500 members.

In kinda  each dancer will receive a 500L gift card from Rag Dollz plus tips. If you know our shop you know this will allow you to purchase two new outifts and  more.

I hope some of you will consider making the Grand Opening weekend special for all of us.

Please Contact Laz Dresler to put you on our schedule. Dancers will have one hour to set up your items on our stage. Please keep props to a minimum and scripts as well.

Thank you for your time.
Rag Dollz

A Simple, Sexy Modifying Anim

A Simple, Sexy Modifying Anim 120126

I was having some fun playing with modifying animations, which are animations that change how another dance or animation looks. I've talked about this before in terms of dance priorities, the joints of your avatar and how to make simple animations using Qavimator or BVHacker. But today I wasn't too concerned about the how to, I just wanted to have fun.

Two days ago, I was classifying more couples dances with Psyche Lunasea and we began to talk about the cultural aspects of dancing. We both agreed that dancing is very cultural and one of the nice things about SL is that we can explore a wide range of different dancing styles. So, I had on my mind how dancing expresses feelings.

In my culture dancing is very sexual and sensual. That got me thinking about how I could modify existing dances to make them different and maybe even sexier. So I thought about what type of body language conveys added sensuality ... well, hands behind the head. I Googled "hands behind the head" and didn't find much to support my feeling that this adds to the sensuality, but that didn't stop me. Hey, my guess is that most guys like to see breasts in a clearer view.

Anyway, this led to me creating a really simple modifying animation in Qavimator. It's not high quality, but it works. You can get it in the Modifying Animations inside the DANCE QUEENS Free Stuff Box in Dance Central. I call it "hands behind head."

If you click on it, you will see it only moves the hands to behind the head and leaves them there. Its a not too exciting non-looped move when used alone. BUT, start a nice dance that you like, then start  "hands behind head" and WOW. HAHAHAHA. The dance looks very different.

"hands behind head" has only the shoulder, arms and forearms set as priority 4. All other joints are essentially a priority 0. Most dances are priority 4, so as long as you are using a second HUD or just activating the dance outside your normal HUD, and starting your dance first, it works. If you dance sequences, when the next dance in the sequence starts, the modifying anim appears to stop. Really the modifying anim is running in the background and is not visible until you stop your regular dance. Play with it a bit and you will see how to use it. Again:

1. Start a dance with your main HUD
2. Start "hands behind head" with second HUD or just by itself, but not in your main HUD

The modifying anim also works with stands. Stands are usually priority 3 so the modifying anim stays visible when you switch to a different stand.

Have fun with it you sexy creatures.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Set Building Tips from Diawa

Set Building Tip from Diawa 120116

Diawa Bellic sent us these tips that may help your set building ...


Anyone using this Phoenix version (1.6.0:1600) may experience prims going invisible as I have, can fix this problem using this keyboard command:


This was told to me by a member of the Phoenix support group. They also mentioned I should keep my draw view down to 128m or less.


Using textures -



Henmations Dance Pack Sale

Henmations Dance Pack Sale 120126

Hendrik Schreoder announced the following in the Henmations Group today ...


Thu, Jan 26 2012 7:54:57 AM PST

Enjoy our new designed Mainstore... save money with the new Promo Deals... 30% off for several Products... Bellydance HUD, Rock HUD, House HUD etc.... check out the HUD and Packs section for the discount labels now!

DanceMaster Pro Updated

DanceMaster Pro Updated 120126

Bryndyn Burton announced in the DanceMaster Group today the following message ...


DanceMaster Pro vP2.7 update now available
Thu, Jan 26 2012 7:31:37 AM PST

This is the update for the DanceMaster Pro many of you have been waiting for! It includes several major new features:
1) Ability to shift performers within a single formation, also with smooth transitions
2) Ability to rez/derez objects from formation positions
3) Ability to easily rotate an entire performance to face a different direction

More details are in the attached release notes. Come to the update kiosk in the DanceMaster main store to get your free Pro update today!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marry The Night Grand Opening

Marry The Night Grand Opening 120125

tyriani is opening a new Burlesque Theater and sent us this information ...


Marry The Night Grand Opening
Saturday, Jan 28th @ 10pm slt

Our Website

Showtimes are:
Mon 12pm and 7pm sl, Wed 7pm, Fri 12pm,  Sat 10pm  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Invitation to Workshop on Set Design in SL

Invitation to Workshop on Set Design in SL 120124

At 9 am on Saturday 28 January Leko Littlebird will give a class on Set Design in SL. The class will be at the Forbes Auditorium in SL and will last 60 to 90 minutes. Leko sent a nice invitation to us for this class which is in the Wednesday Daily Notice and included below ...


About Leko Littlebird and the Workshop

Leko Littlebird is one of those strange Second Life characters that does in SL exactly what he does in RL.  In both worlds he works in dance and theatre as a scenic designer and as a stage photographer of some notoriety.  While astonished by the raw creativity on display every day in Second Life by those who design for dance and theatre events, he wanted to share some of the traditions and techniques employed by real-life theatre artists that would be of great value to those designing or producing in Second Life.  Second Life and Real Life need not be so far apart. Each can inform and inspire the other.

As a fun bonus, Mr. Littlebird will begin his presentation by sharing images of RL dance companies he has worked with whose dance is typified by some of the magical elements one might think are only available to SL dancers (like flight)!

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and those more advanced as designers or builders in SL or those just interested in dance and theatre production in SL.
Location:  The Auditorium of Forbes Theatre on the SL campus of James Madison University (JMU)

More About Leko Littlebird:  Leko Littlebird is just past the newby stage in SL being but 14 months old in SL age, but his decades as a stage designer has allowed him to leap quite far ahead in SL experience.  As a RL stage designer, his work has taken him to such locations as: Russia, Italy, Israel, Prague, Canada, and the US to display his work as a designer. In the US he designs primarily Off-Broadway and in Regional Theatre.   As a stage photographer his work has been published as well all over the world and has been featured in such US publications as Dance Magazine, The New York Times, American Theatre Magazine, Playbill and in countless other books and Magazines.  In Second Life of late he has served as Resident Scenic Designer and Photographer for Ballet Pixelle working alongside it's other talented designers, dancers, and choreographer, Inarra Saarinen

DANCE QUEENS Blog Analysis

DANCE QUEENS Blog Analysis 120124

Now that almost all the DANCE QUEENS information is on this blog, I thought you might be interested in how the blog is being used. As the owner of the blog I get access to Google Analytics, which is a tool for analyzing websites. Do not worry, I cannot see individual people on the blog and cannot identify what you are looking at individually. The data is summary data only, but it is kind of interesting.

Let me share with you last week's data (15 - 21 January 2012), which is fairly typical week of blog activity. Here is some summary data:

474 Visits
275 Unique Visitors
1,190 Page views
2.51 Pages/Visit
00:03:36 Avg. Time on Site
This means that 275 different people visited the blog during the week. In total the 275 people came 474 times. That means that some people are returning during the week. The 275 people looked at 1190 pages during the week. WOW, I like that. This all means that many people in the SL dance community are using the blog and view it as a source of information on a continuing basis.
There are about 335 members in DANCE QUEENS now and about 75 have not logged on in some time. Although non-SL and non-DANCE QUEENS people find the blog, most of the traffic seems to be people in DANCE QUEENS. This makes me feel good that it is useful for you.
Another statistic that I can get is where the visitors are located. Here is last week's locations listed in order. The name of the country, the number of visits, the pages per visit and the time on the site.
United States2303.090:04:30
United Kingdom371.760:01:37
(not set)110:00:00
Although some of the data looks strange (like 0 time on the blog), it does tell a lot. About half of the 474 visits come from the USA. Another 25% come from Japan. English-speaking countries are the next three largest. I am surprised by the geographical diversity of the people who look at the blog. My own visits are not counted since I can turn off the counter for myself. I visit the blog a lot in creating the content.
People find the blog in one of three ways:
1. Directly entering a URL in their browser - For example, if you have DANCE QUEENS set as a favorite, this is a direct entry.
2. Search - If you use a search engine like Google or Bing and find DANCE QUEENS in this way, this is a search entry
3. Referral - If there is a link on another site that takes you to DANCE QUEENS, this is a referral.

Of the 474 visits, 181 were by direct entry (38%). Thank you for putting DANCE QUEENS in your favorites. Search gave 65 entries (14%). Last week's search terms from Google were:

(not provided) 17
henamtions dance hud 6
dance queens 4
+myanimation second life 3
dance queens website second life 3
how to change the intan default waiting dance 2 2 2
"my slow dance 03" "second life" 1
a pink group variety show 1

Referrals gave 221 visits (47%). Here are the referring sites: 78 55 42 26 3 3 3 2 2 2 is an SL fashion website run  by someone I don't know. I am guessing that we were mentioned on that site. is a Japanese language SL dance site run by my friend and DANCE QUEENS member Psyche Lunasea. SLuniverse is a community site for SL and must have mentioned DANCE QUEENS. Virtualburlesque is the site run by my friends and DANCE QUEENS members Slappy Doobie and Ellie Criss.

In March I will again survey DANCE QUEENS members about dancing including this blog. At that time I will have more information to share with you.


Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dazzlers Inc. Showcase - Ballet to Burlesque!

The Dazzlers Inc. Showcase - Ballet to Burlesque! 120123

Tatiana Kurri of the Dazzlers sent us this invitation ...



The Dazzlers Inc. Showcase - Ballet to Burlesque!
Date: Sunday, January 29, 2012
Time: 2 pm SLT
Location:  The Pyramid Theatre, Park Avenue/161/95/705

We invite you to experience an extravaganza of 13 exciting dance performances you will not soon forget - from ballet to urban to burlesque. Come and let the Dazzlers dancers enchant and entice you with their magic at the beautiful Pyramid Theatre. Inspired by fantastic music, dressed in fabulous finery and surrounded by colorfully custom designed sets, the Dazzlers intend to express their art with heart at this special event, and they want to share it with you!  

Melonie Romano
Neena Botanical
Pyper Dollinger
salina Decosta
Tatiana Kurri
Tinka Bondar
Vivienne Darcy
Windsong Charming

B!ASTA - Bomboloni Freschi
Cat's Cradle - Charmie Latte
Dirty Princess-Skyler Lebed
Faster Pussycat- Honey Bender-Auer
KKD-Kimber Kassner
Leezu! - Leezu Baxter
Liv Designs
Nyte 'N' Day - Nyte Caligari
ViviDesigns - Vivienne Darcy
ZIBWARE-Zib Scaggs

For Additional Information Contact Show Coordinators: Pyper Dollinger & Tatiana Kurri

Dazzlers Inc. is a team of  dancers, and spokesmodels in the virtual world of Second Life, combined with the beautiful models of SL Illustrated and Timeless Model Agency.  They appear and perform at charity events as well as paid performances and appearances, and modeling events throughout SL.  Each member of Dazzlers Inc. is carefully chosen not only for their avatar’s appearance, but for the personality behind the avatar.  Dazzlers dancers are ladies and gentlemen in every sense of the word, displaying grace and style in everything they do. Their poise and intelligence carry them well beyond being merely performers, making this team the perfect choice for any event where you want the best and classiest professionals to add a touch of exciting glamour and beauty.

Dazzlers CEO and Owner, Pyper Dollinger, has had over 25 years RL dance experience as well as being a Professional Cheerleader and she wanted to incorporate it into her Second Life.  She believes the most amazing thing about performing in a virtual world is that it allows everyone the chance to grow in their creativity.  Whether it's a person with a disability or someone who just didn't get the opportunity to dance in RL, here they can reach deep inside and share their love of music and art through the medium of the virtual world.

CEO: Pyper Dollinger
# # #

Robstock Music and Arts Festival

Robstock Music and Arts Festival  120123

VikkiLynn Caproni sent us this invitation ...


5th Annual Robstock Music and Arts Festival and Fundraiser for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders/MSF.

This  year's event will be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday March 16, 17, and 18 ~ tentatively from 10 am until 10 p.m. slt each day.

Roll Over Beethovens, 3RD Rock Grid, and we here at Toby's are  looking forward  to hosting Robstock again this year.  First because it is a fundraiser for a very worthy and humanitarian cause ~ Doctors Without Borders / MSF ~ and #2 because it's always a fun weekend of fantastic entertainment.

This will be the 2nd year where we will be streaming in two worlds!  Here in Second LIfe at Toby's STAGE, and in 3rd Rock Grid.  This year's event will have the addition of live video to be shown in both worlds.  So, whether the performance is in SL or 3rd Rock Grid .. the visitors can hear AND see the performance!

We hope you will consider being on our schedule and donating your time and talent to promote donations to this worthy cause.

If you would be able to donate your time, please contact VikkiLynn Caproni to check the schedule.   If you know of any other entertainers who might consider donating their time, please pass this along to them.   Thank YOU.

VikkiLynn Caproni
Committee for Robstock, 2012

Musical Instruments and Dancing

Musical Instruments and Dancing 120123

Back in 2007 when I started dancing in SL, I used to go to a club called Toby's Juke Joint Blues. About once a week a guy named Disco Fride would come in and play the guitar to the radio music. He would hop on the little stage and play away. After seeing this a couple of times, one night I hopped on the stage with him and danced to the music he played. We had a great time with him playing and me dancing and did it weekly after that.

In 2008 Riddle and I formed our own club called Not Too Hot. We used to invite both DJs and live performers to play on the small stage. One of the innovations we made was to put dancers with some of the live performers. MadMax Huet, who still performs in SL, agreed for us to put dancers with him while he played. We called the group the Maxines. I had my own line of clothing at the time and the Maxines dressed in one of the outfits. Here are Max and the Maxines in their first show.

You may recognize Dance Queens members Iliandra Allen, Cilla Teebrook and Leela Forder.

This was great fun too. I wish I had recorded Max that day. The show was half rocking blues and half laughing. The Maxines were a hit.

One day I decided to buy my own guitar. I shopped around and chose to get one from Ministry of Motion (MoM), because MoM had the only MOCAP guitar moves in SL. The MoM guitars are copy which means that you can remove the animations from it without damaging the use of the guitar. Of course, I did this and put the anims in my dance HUD.

This was also so much fun. I would wear my red and black rocker hair, a wild outfit and go to clubs and play and dance. Sometimes, I would play super guitar riffs to the recorded music and sometimes I would dance away. Nothing like doing break dancing with a guitar.

I learned that I could use two HUDs when dancing with the guitar. One was my main HUD with all of my dances and dance sequences. The other was either the guitar HUD from MoM or a second dance HUD with the guitar anims. It takes a little practice to use two HUDs this way, but you quickly learn to make very smooth transitions from dancing to guitar playing to dancing. Since most of the dances I use are priority 4 dances and the guitar anims are also priority 4 (see here for an explanation of priorities), switching from dancing with the guitar to playing the guitar is easily done by dancing using my main HUD and clicking the guitar anim on the second HUD. Both animations are affecting your avatar but the last one started is the one that takes priority. Further, I learned that, after I switched from dancing with the main HUD to guitar playing with the second HUD, I could click the stop button once on the first HUD and it would stop only the dance that was still active although I could not see it. The guitar anim on the second HUD did not stop unless I clicked the stop button twice. That made it possible for me to use waiting anims (stands) that are usually priority 3 in either HUD. WOW, soon I was a guitar dancing star.

A couple of weeks ago I bought the Dancer's Violin by Voodoo on SL Marketplace. This is a violin and it takes dancing and musical instruments one step further. This violin gives you the options to play the violin, not play the violin (ready position) or dance a dance and play the violin. You even have a limited capability to add your own dances. WOW! This is a great use of what I call modifying animations (see here for info on modifying animations) that affect only one part of your avatar while leaving the rest unaffected. This violin lets you dance your dance while playing. In essence you are using two anims at once: the dance and the modifying anim.

I searched around for other musical instruments that have anims that show you playing. I looked at guitars, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, clarinets, maracas and tambourines. I didn't find any more instrument playing anims that are made to control only part of the avatar.

You can make simple modifying anims with Qavimator or BVHacker that control just a few parts of your avatar, if you want to make your own. I am hoping that perhaps some of the MOCAP dance makers will think about making modifying anims for musical instruments and open up this area more for us to use.