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Dances Featured in Dance Queen Sequences. Click the label to pull up the sequences featuring these dances. (Updated 020310)

Dance Makers

Updated Feb. 4, 2010 - Special thanks to Jaida Bayn for culling the list and identifying closed or moved creators. I've left the creators on the list and marked them as closed or moved in case anyone is looking for an animation.


HUDDLES Update Area - I have grown up with the Huddles EZ Animator Delux and I think it is great for managing dances. There are other HUDS, but I only know the Abranimations HUDs and they don't compare.



Intan Eksonics - Intan makes the group dance rezzer.


This is the current list of dance and pose animation makers in SL:

Mainstore Sins Anim - No dances here only animated poses. You might find a few you want, but save this for the end of your looking

Cupids poses and animations - If this were three years ago, you would love this place. But it's now. There are a few of the old favorites here, but put this place at the end of your shopping list.

3FX Club Equipment, Dancepoles - This store has some very nice individual and couples dances. They also have good dance poles although expensive.

A&M MOCAP Animation Warehouse - This is a new dance maker that does all MOCAP dances that are good quality. They have monthly group gifts that they don't sell so you have to join the group to get them -- and you only get one per avi.

Abranimations - I love this store. It's huge with lots of weird stuff. The dances are generally older and not great, but the all-important SULTRY DOWN BODY is in the Sexy Dance HUD. Individual, pole and couples dances. Lately Abranaimations has added some MoCap dances.

Akaesha Main Store - This dance store has some unique dances but they don't use motion capture (MOCAP) technology, so look archaic. Individual dances only and not worth a visit.

AKEYO Mainstore - There are not many dances at Akeyo, but they are well made. Individual dances only.

CLOSED Amaggee Dance Animations - This store has only old, poorly made dances. Avoid it.

CLOSED ANA_Mations Main Store - This is mainly a static pose maker with some animated poses and ballet dances that are not MOCAP. Unless you like static poses, skip it.

Animation Warehouse - If you have never been to Animation Warehouse, go. It's a lot of fun.

Animations HUMAN MOTION Animations Store - This location has poorly made dances that are poorly looped. Many are freebies that they package and sell. There are also quite a number of animated poses that might be useful.

Animazoo - Animazoo has a lot of dances. The older dances are jerky, but the newer ones are much better. Individual dances only.

ANOmations Mavericks Main Store - ANOmations'dances are old and not up to today's standards. You might find something you like but don't go here first. Individual dances only.

AV Puli Animations - This creator has just started to use motion capture. The dances are okay but still a little jerky. There is one free anim near the landing point. Individual dances only.

Bits and Bobs Animations - This is the home of some of the most popular couples dances in SL.

BORN Uber Store - The is one dance anim here, skyBORN_fly2, which compliments the freebie fly1 and fly3.

Captain's Creations - If you are in dire need of a bad can can dance, shop here. Otherwise, skip this place.

Carmen's Animation Dance Shop - Carmens makes couples dances only like waltzes. Unfortunately, they are not made with motion capture and are not good quality.

Chavos - You have to look in search for this store since the owner doesn't allow landmarks. Some Gorean animations here, but if your are not into that save the trip.

COUPLE DANCES, POSE AND SEX BALL, Elegant (169, 92, 24) - There are couples dances here but they are not motion capture and not worth a visit.

-----CRAXIMATIONS----- - Not very exciting dances can be found here and they are poorly made. Avoid this place.

Cupid's Poses and Animations - This place makes poorly made couples dances that are not worth the time to look at. The individual dances are old or freebie dances.

Copa Designs
- This is also known as Copa Designs. Individual and poles dances that are not worth a visit.

Raymaker Dance - Another purveyor of bad dances. Avoid it.

DANCE CREATION STUDIO - This is the home of poorly made dances. Avoid it.

Djezebel animation - There are a few pretty old dances here. You might find one to add to your collection, but save this for the end of your search. Individual dances only.

DMC - DarkMoon Creations - DMC is a reseller of dances and they also make loaded Intan dance systems. The prices for dances are below the creators' prices and I don't know why that is ... very strange.

*ERF Furniture Club - This is a seller of old outdated individual dances and lousy dance poles. The couples dances appear to be made from linking avaiable individual dances. Not worth a visit for dances, but there are some animated poses that might be interesting.

Extreme Animations - Extreme makes MOCAP dances and animated poses. The quality is good and it is worth a visit. I particularly like their selection of animated poses ... fun. Individual dances only.

CLOSED FREEBIE WAREHOUSE 5,000+ Totally - If you want a large number of free and poorly made dances, this is the place for you. I don't use poorly made dances ... they are never sexy.

CLOSED Gorean Animations - If you like to mix animated poses into your dances and you are into Gorean, this is a useful place to visit.

Henmations - Henmations has a lot of dances. The dances are well made. There are male and female dances as well as couples dances. Definitely worth a trip.

HJAO - HJAO is a seller of older bad dances. There are some interesting animated poses, so you might want to vist.

CLOSED iANIMATION - Another seller of poorly made older dances. The dances are expensive too. Avoid this place.

Inaka Shop - This is the home of the Happy Walk, which is a fun group dance cleverly done. If you buy it, you can also remove the dances from the copyable box. Some of these are useful in making dance sequences.

Karate Animation - This store sells Karate animations and poses. The animatuion quality is not good, so shop here only if you are desperate. There are a couple of okay Japanese individual folk dances.

Le Cadre - Sensual Designs - Mostly Le Cadre has outdated dances. Some of the Salsa dances you might like. Individual dances only.

LI Animation Ski and Skate - There are quite a few poorly made dances here. It is not worth a stop unless you are really hard up for a ballet dance, then maybe. Individual and couples dances.

LostDog Designs - There are Dance poles here but the dances are not too well crafted. The poles are cheap so if you are on a tight budget consider them. There are individual dances here too, but they are a generation old so save them for the end of your shopping. (Lost Dog moved and they have a sim now.

Lotsa Balls- Bad dances poorly made are here. Avoid them.

M&P Shop: Sweet and sexy animations - M&P has both individual and couples dances. They are not the technology leader so save them for the lower end of your shopping list.

MEDHUE ANIMATIONS - Medhue's dance animations are pretty much out-of-date, but the store is still interesting. Individual dances only.

CLOSED Metaversal Arts - There are some couples dances here. Yuck is the best description I can give them. Avoid this place

Mimikri hot couture - Mimikri makes static poses only.

Ministry of Motion - Ministry has quite a few dances and they are motion capture. They are worth a look. Individual dances with a few couples dances.

MoOnlight Animations - There are dance packs sold here, but the packs contain dances that are very old and way out of date. For the most part these dances should be avoided. Individual dances only.

OWENIMATIONS - Owenimations' dances are now mostly out-of-date. There are still some good ones, but choose carefully. Individual dances only.

Promenade Animations - This small shop has both recycled old anims and their own, but they are generally not well looped. Save this one for last. Individual dances only. MOVED?

Pussycat Island and Owl and Pussycat Mall - Bad individual dances and bad couples dances are in vogue here. Skip it.

Ravanne's - Ravanne's makes dance poles, dance tables and dance chairs. The animations are okay but not MOCAP. You are better off going elsewhere.

Raymation Designs- Raymation has made it into the MOCAP world and is now offering some MOCAP individual dances. You might check them out, but be careful that the quality is good. The couples dances are not ready for prime time yet.

Raymation Designs - This is a second location with the Glamour Girl anims

Rickymations - The individual dances here are poorly made and not worth spending time on. The pole dance is equally bad. The couples dances are bad too. Hmmm, skip this place.

Risque Animations - These are dances made without motion technology and they are generally bad. You might find one or two cute ones here, but save it for the end of your list. Individual dances only.

RokS Club Equipment - If you were caught in a time warp and missed the improvements in dances in the last few years, RokS might excite you. It didn't excite me at all. Individual dances only.

Run Around Sue - This creator makes dances by putting dances in couples pose balls. Usually they are free dances. You could make better ones yourself. Don't waste your time here.

Sexy Jesse's - You can find popular couples dances and 3-way dances here. Jesse also has some old but still nice individual dances.

Sine Wave Island - The most prolific producer of SL dances is Sine Wave. The quality is good too. Take a lot of money when you go. Individal and couples dances are there as well as the best dance poles.

SEmotion Studio -They make female and male dances. The quality is okay but not great. They seem sometimes a little jerky and occasionally feel too fast, but go take a look. Individual dances only.

Spirit...for everything cheer - This shop specializes in cheerleading including cheering animations; unfortunately, the anims are not very good.

Studio 4d Dance Animations - Studio4D has a lot of dances. Their early dances tended to be somewhat similar, but now they are developing quite a diverse set of dances. Definitely high on the list. Individual dances only.

Sylva's animation factory - There are only two individual dances here worth getting, but these were really sexy in the early days of SL.

Tartan Shop - If you love Celtic dancing and you like pre-MOCAP dances, you might find something here. I didn't.

There in spirit - There are not a lot of dances here but they are good quality and a style of its own. There are some couples dances too. Worth a look.

CLOSED OR MOVED Used Animation Warehouse - This store sells dances at a discount. The owner buys them from AVs departing SL at 1/4 price then sells them at 1/2 price. Some are questioning their legality ... use caution.

Vista and Co Center - Vista is best known for its animated poses, but they also make individual dances. It is worth a visit.

CLOSED OR MOVED Ventilations: Animations and Scr - This is the home of the group dances polanaise, sirtaki and bunny hops. The animations are not great but groups like them especially when drunk.

Zaius Creations - This is where the sexydance series is found. These are old individual dances, but you might find a few to add to your HUD.

Please send changes to Cilla Teebrook, Galilla Sinatra, Jaida Bayn or Cheryl Nitely.

Dance Sequences

Sequence 1
Dance Sequence 002 - Slow & Sexy
Dance Sequence 003 - Medium & Slinky
Dance Sequence 004 - Medium Break Dancing
DANCE SEQUENCE 005 - Medium Tango or Spanish
DANCE SEQUENCE 006 - Fast, some movement
DANCE SEQUENCE 007 - Slow and slinky
DANCE SEQUENCE 009 - Medium & a little Sassy
DANCE SEQUENCE 010 - Fast with movement
DANCE SEQUENCE 011 - Male medium
DANCE SEQUENCE 012 - Fast & Fun
DANCE SEQUENCE 013 - Slow & Evocative
DANCE SEQUENCE 014 - Fast & Wild
DANCE SEQUENCE 015 - Medium Slinky
DANCE SEQUENCE 016 - Medium Sexy
DANCE SEQUENCE 017 - Fast with a little break
Dance Sequence 018 - medium with not much movement...
Dance Sequence 019 - fast and crazy with head ban...
Dance Sequence 020- fast on the bar
Dance Sequence 021 - slow and sexy
Dance Sequence 22 - fast and jumpy
Dance Sequence 23 - Ballet with Cartwheels
Dance Sequence 24 - Medium on the Floor
Dance Sequence 25 - fast and not too obvious
Dance Sequence 026 - Medium and slinky
Dance Sequence 027 - Male medium speed
Dance Sequence 028 - slow and gentle
Dance Sequence 029 - Medium and Oozing Sexy
Dance Sequence 030 - Medium Air Dance
Dance Sequence 031 - Fast and Sassy
Dance Sequence 032 - Slow with Feeling
Dance Sequence 033 - Fast Break Dancing or Hip Hop...
Dance Sequence 034 - Fast for a Partner
Dance Sequence 035 - Drunk Dance
Dance Sequence 036 - Medium Boogie & Rockabilly

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dance Sequence 036 - Medium Boogie & Rockabilly

Dance sequences are useful in your Huddles EZ Animator as a way to dance to a complete song using different dances.


This is a dance to C'est La Vie in the style of the Uma Thurman and John Travolta dance in Pulp Fiction. It works real well for boogies and rockabilly for men and women. It was choreographed by Cheryl Nitely.

(LostDog) Boogie -LostDog
(LostDog) Swinging 60's -LostDog
S4D_Sanba_55A - Studio 4DS4D_Rock_52B - Studio 4D

(LostDog) Boogie|21|S4D_Sanba_55A|28|(LostDog) Swinging 60's|16|(LostDog) Boogie|19|(LostDog) Swinging 60's|16|S4D_Sanba_55A|28|(LostDog) Swinging 60's|16|S4D_Rock_52B

Cut and paste the dance sequence into your notecard in your HUD. The dance will appear as (LostDog) Boogie but will be sequenced.

DANCE SEQUENCE 016 - Medium Sexy

Dance sequences are useful in your Huddles EZ Animator as a way to dance to a complete song using different dances.


This is a medium speed, sexy dance sequence that is for medium-speed songs. This is a seductive sequence with some leg spreading and emphasis on the body. Full attention is on the person in front of you.

f_dance_20 - Henmations
cherry pips - Sine Wave
f_dance_26 - Henmations
f_dance_06- Henmations

f_dance_20|20|f_dance_26|19|f_dance_06|18|cherry pips|20|f_dance_20|20|f_dance_26|19|f_dance_06|18|f_dance_20|20|f_dance_26|19|f_dance_06|18|f_dance_20|20|f_dance_26|19|f_dance_06

Cut and paste the dance sequence into your notecard in your HUD. The dance will appear as f_dance_20 but will be sequenced.

Have fun,

xxxx Nottoo
Dance Queen

DANCE SEQUENCE 009 - Medium & a little Sassy

Dance sequences are useful in your Huddles EZ Animator as a way to dance to a complete song using different dances.


Use with medium speed songs when u want to be a little sassy

play time -Sine Wave
SEmotion_2036_Final - SEmotion
SEmotion_2180_Final - SEmotion

SEmotion_2180_Final|17.5|play time|27.5|SEmotion_2036_Final|18|SEmotion_2180_Final|17.5|play time|27.5|SEmotion_2036_Final|18|SEmotion_2180_Final|17.5|play time|27.5|SEmotion_2036_Final|18|SEmotion_2180_Final|17.5|play time|27.5|SEmotion_2036_Final|18|SEmotion_2180_Final|17.5|play time|27.5|SEmotion_2036_Final

Cut and paste the dance sequence into your notecard in your HUD. The dance will appear as SEmotion_2180_Final but will be sequenced. Blogger inserts spaces into the sequence for formatting. You should not have spaces a dance in your Hud notecard.

Have fun,

xxxx Nottoo
Dance Queen

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Love Dancing

Hi All xxxx

This is Nottoo Wise with the first post to the SL DANCE QUEEN blog.

When I started in SL, I did not know what to expect. I had never played any type of online "game" before. It didn't take long to get me hooked. One of the biggest hooks was dancing. I fell in love with it.

Over my 2 1/2 years in SL I have spent many hours dancing and thinking about dancing. It has given me great pleasure. The idea for the DANCE QUEEN group was to find a way to link with others who felt as I do about dancing. Creating dances with motion capture technology is beyond my capabilities, so I am not a dance maker. But, finding ways to extend the pleasure of dancing seems to have no limits. This blog is for those who love dancing. Anyone can contribute.

Cheryl Nitely is helping me set up the blog and the technical things that will make it useful for you. We want to do a lot of things here. Some of the ideas are to take the information that I send out to DANCE QUEEN members in Daily Notices and place it in an easily accessible location. This includes information about your Huddles HUD, how to choreograph, freebie dances, dance sequences, dance ratings, dance groups, dance equipment and more.

So turn up the music and let's boogie.



Friday, May 15, 2009


Updated 11/25/09 by Nottoo Wise.

(As of 02/04/2010 - We will be starting Dance Ratings up again in the future. If you have any questions or comments about the process, contact, or Gaililla Sinatra.)

SL has over 1000 dances. With so many choices it is hard to know what to add to your collection and what to reject. Dance Ratings offer a way to identify those dances that experienced and dedicated dancers think are the best. The ratings in this list are based on the suitability of the dance for GENERAL USE rather than a special use like tango or country.

We use a scale of 1 to 10 because most people use this type of scale. 1 is low and 10 is high. Three things are considered in rating a dance:
1. technical quality (3 points)
2. utility (3 points)
3. how well the raters like it (4 points)

Ratings are determined by DANCE QUEEN group members in rating sessions. Here are the results so far. We meet about once per month in dance rating sessions.

Dance Rating Source
(LostDog) Boogie 8.0 LostDog Designs
(LostDog) Break 1 6.4 LostDog Designs
(LostDog) Pulp Fiction 5.2 LostDog Designs
(LostDog) Swinging 60's 7.2 LostDog Designs
1 potato 2 7.0 Sine Wave
1. Dance A 5.6 LostDog Designs
5moloko 6.0 Mystic Motion
Abranimations - Breakdance Moves 3 6.7 Abranimations
Abranimations - YMCA 4.0 Abranimations
adonis copy 5.8 Sine Wave
air walk 4.3 Sine Wave
AKEYO_dance-NINA_02 9.3 Akeyo
AKEYO_dance-NINA_02 8.0 Akeyo
AKEYO_dance-NINA_03 8.5 Akeyo
AKEYO_dance-NINA_05 7.7 Akeyo
AKEYO_groove1-NI_02 8.4 Akeyo
Animazoo dance 11 7.9 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 12.0 8.0 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 14.2 5.8 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 19.1 6.1 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 2 6.9 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 24.0 7.6 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 28.0 5.3 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 30.0 4.3 Animazoo
Animazoo dance 31.0 6.6 Animazoo
ants in the pants 8.7 Sine Wave
ao_drunk_fly 3.6 Sine Wave
ao_drunk_stand_1 5.6 Sine Wave
aphrodisiacal 8.2 Sine Wave
Arm Wave Dance 4.4 Mystic Motion
back at ya 6.6 Sine Wave
Back It Up - Abranimations 9.0 Abranimations
bad boys 8.0 3FX
Bada_bing_1 3.6 Moonlight
banana milkshake 7.7 Sine Wave
Belly 2.7 Chavo's
belly dance 1 7.5 Sine Wave
bellydance 4.0 Chavo's
Beyonce 1 (transfer) 5.2 Ministry of Motion
Beyonce 2 (transfer) 6.3 Ministry of Motion
Beyonce Strut (transfer) 8.7 Ministry of Motion
blueberry muffin 9.0 Sine Wave
boo_Standing_1 1.4 Sine Wave
Boogie 6.0 Butcher Cassidy
buckle my shoe 8.2 Sine Wave
caramel 8.0 Longranger Roeth
carnival 8.6 Sine Wave
Catepillar Limbo (transfer) 5.8 Ministry of Motion
Celebrate! (transfer) 8.6 Ministry of Motion
cherry pips 8.4 Sine Wave
chewing gum 8.5 Sine Wave
Club Spain 8.3 Animazoo
d_dance07b 3.7 Animations, Human Motion
dance 10 - Freebie from Animazoo! 4.2 Animazoo
dance 12 4.1 Animazoo
dance 14 5.5 Animazoo
dance 15 6.4 Animazoo
dance 16 5.0 Animazoo
dance 17.0 4.6 Animazoo
dance 2 4.1 Animazoo
Dance 2 Fast 5.8 Mystic Motion
Dance 3 3.9 Animazoo
dance 4 4.3 Animazoo
dance 5 3.7 Animazoo
danish 10.0 Sine Wave
dirtydancing1 5.4 Animations, Human Motion
disco fever 8.0 Sine Wave
dog garn crazy 7.4 Sine Wave
dream-dance 7.0 Noir Cazalet
Dutty Wine - Animazoo dance 40 5.6 Animazoo
Easy Does it (transfer) 8.6 Ministry of Motion
Ecstacy Dance 3.2 ANOmations
el classic 7.3 Sine Wave
Electro Back Up - Abranimations 7.0 Abranimations
erotic dance12b 4.8 Sexy Jesse's
excercising 2.3 ANOmations
ez twist 3.4 Lars Bismark
f_dance_06 9.0 Henmations
f_dance_07 8.8 Henmations
f_dance_08 8.8 Henmations
f_dance_09 9.7 Henmations
f_dance_11 9.8 Henmations
f_dance_120 7.6 Henmations
f_dance_121 4.5 Henmations
f_dance_19 6.8 Henmations
f_dance_76 6.3 Henmations
f_dance_83 6.7 Henmations
fancy footworks 8.2 Sine Wave
fancy free 6.8 Sine Wave
Fast Hip Grind 3.0 Mystic Motion
Feeling it 4.2 Animazoo
feline 8.2 Sine Wave
fida2 3.2 M&P Animations
firefly 8.8 Sine Wave
firestarter 5.6 Sine Wave
Flop Dance 3.7 ANOmations
foamy 8.6 Sine Wave
Foot Shuffle Dance 1.6 ANOmations
formidabilis 7.1 Sine Wave
formidabilis 6.6 Sine Wave
forward-bridge 2.3 Cailyn Miller
Freeflow Dance 4.7 ANOmations
Freestyle Rave 1 - Abranimations 4.3 Abranimations
Freestyle Shake - Abranimations 4.8 Abranimations
Freestyle Sway - Abranimations 6.2 Abranimations
full monty copy 5.0 Sine Wave
Geek Dance 2.3 ANOmations
get on up 6.8 Sine Wave
getdown 5.0 Butcher Cassidy
Getting Hold Of It - Abranimations 4.5 Abranimations
happy clapper copy 4.5 Sine Wave
HeadBang 6.7 Ryltar Xevious
hola 9.2 Sine Wave
isis 9.7 Sine Wave
JAY_Dance1_AKEYO 8.5 Akeyo
JAY_Dance2_AKEYO 7.8 Akeyo
jdance2new 7.0 Sexy Jesse's
Kalua TIS 6.7 There in Spirit
LapDance-1 6.0 Sylva's Animations
latin salsa01 2.4 Promenade Animations
latin salsa02 3.4 Promenade Animations
lava palaver 9.5 Sine Wave
Livin La Vida Loca (transfer) 7.0 Ministry of Motion
m_dance_01 8.0 Henmations
m_dance_02 8.6 Henmations
m_dance_03 5.2 Henmations
m_dance_52 5.3 Henmations
m_dance_55 5.3 Henmations
naughty girl 7.1 Sine Wave
omg 10.0 Sine Wave
pendulem 6.5 Sine Wave
pump the jump 7.8 3FX
russian dance 3.8 BigJohn Jade
S4D_Dance_30 9.0 Studio4D
S4D_Dance_44 7.7 Studio4D
S4D_flamenco_83 9.1 Studio4D
S4D_pop_126 8.8 Studio4D
S4D_Rock_52A 7.6 Studio4D
S4D_Rock_52B 7.0 Studio4D
S4D_Step_199 7.9 Studio4D
SEmotion_03_Final 6.2 SE Motion
SEmotion_04_Final 4.6 SE Motion
SEmotion_1898_Final 8.8 SE Motion
SEmotion_1906_Final 7.7 SE Motion
SEmotion_1906_Final 8.0 SE Motion
SEmotion_45_Final 7.4 SE Motion
SEmotion_46_Final 5.7 SE Motion
Sexy Dip - Abranimations 5.5 Abranimations
shake that ass 9.8 3FX
Shiraz TIS 4.9 There in Spirit
Slinky Sexy Dance 2 1.8 ANOmations
stripper 8.5 Sexy Jesse's
swoon 9.2 Sine Wave
Teaserama 7.8 Animazoo
tornado 8.0 Sine Wave
weloveyou-boy 5.1 Sine Wave
weloveyou-girl 7.2 Sine Wave
winsome_Standing8 2.4 Sine Wave
wired 4.9 Sine Wave
Wrath TIS 8.1 There in Spirit
Yatta 2.4 Midnight City
yeah and 6.9 Sine Wave
yipeeeeeeeee 6.8 Sine Wave
you do voodoo 8.4 Sine Wave
you know it copy 5.5 Sine Wave
You Spin Me Right Round Dance 3.1 ANOmations
Young Jock - dance 25 4.2 Animazoo
zucchini 8.0 Sine Wave




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