Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friday's Elysium "An Evening With Elton John" Special Event

Every Friday at 6pm SLT, Elysium Cabaret takes the stage in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road. This Friday it's all Elton all evening!  An evening with the legendary Sir Elton John!

We strive to present fabulous dance shows that involve an eclectic mix of music, dancers and styles, elaborate staging and costumes.  We don't like limits!  Offering everything from burlesque to hiphop, ballet to swing, country, rock, and all that jazz, we have something for everyone.  At the end of our shows, we invite the audience on stage to dance with us... one way we try to say "THANK YOU" for coming out and sharing music, dance and creativity with us!  Elysium Cabaret, where the imagination is invited to come out and play!  Hope to see you there!

Fantasya ★·.·´`·.·✰.. CABARET ..✰·.·´`·.·★

 Fantasya is pleased to welcome you for a dream with its NEW show :

       ★·.·´`·.·✰..  CABARET  ..✰·.·´`·.·★

Completely remixed ... Come discover or rediscover

  Friday 29 th April 2016 at 12:30 PM SLT
▶▶    This show is limited to 20 persons

Elize Meili and Adeternam will be pleased to add  you on our guests list :-)


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Journey Dance - Passport Participation Invitation

Sunday May 1, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

JOURNEY DANCE leaders bring to you an hour of creation, of full participation, as we welcome YOU on our special set,. to not only see, but to feel each choreographer's own personal interpretation of a piece of music.
Take a moment...invite the magic of music and dance in to soothe you, inspire you, and glow around you, within you and through you. Feel the power and the energy. Join us on stage or relax on comfortable seating in the audience. Don't miss this once a month event!!
This month we bring to you Journey Dance - Passport. A journey that speaks of travel and other lands.
Please arrive early for your viewer to prepare for the experience and to get a dance place! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Guerilla Burlesque Seeks Talent!!!

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks Presents "Seuss-a-licious"

Featuring dances inspired by the stories of Dr. Seuss, Interpreted by: Cordelia Cerise, Jess Lawton, LiLAnGeLs, Queenie Acacia and Zahra Ethaniel

Fantasy Faire 2016
Thursday, April 28, 5pm SLT

All the dance and particle performances will take place in the central stage in Sapphire Mirror Lake

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...

You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!"

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fusion Dance Crew presents: TOMORROWLAND

Fusion Dance Crew tries again after the lag monster did us in two weeks ago to present our spring show at the lovely Fusion Performing Arts Center. Fusion Dance Crew presents: TOMORROWLAND, Saturday, APRIL 30th@ 2PM SLT.

TOMORROWLAND is the 26TH show by Fusion Dance Crew with a science fiction theme and our own quirky eclectic view of the future:)) Come see eight dance routines to music by: Anastacia, Unlimited, Carly Simon, Hunger Games, Isley Brothers, Leona Lewis, Jamiroquai, and Missy Elliott & Pharrell Williams. The Crew is waiting to see you in the audience because we know you will enjoy this show!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


                                                       * SPIRIT LIGHT DANCE COMPANY *
                           As a Spring Celebration gift to the SL Community, the Spirit Light Dance Company
                                                                presents the Neoclassical Ballet.....

                                                                  * THE FOUR ELEMENTS 2016*
                                                                 ~ Sunday, April 24th,  12 NOON SLT ~
                                                                      Soloists for this show are:
                                                                 Earth – Kiran Sporg & Si De Brit
                                                            Fire – Kaleki Topaz & Kele Monday
                                                          Air – Amari Di Ricchezi Thomas & Diamonte Thomas
                                                           Water – Caryl Meredith & Keko Heckroth

                                 Come join us for the lovely spring celebration of fantastic music and dancing.
                                                   Open Seating -- We expect a crowd so please
                                      arrive early and please keep your scripts at 50 or below.

                              " TO WATCH US DANCE , IS TO HEAR OUR HEARTS SPEAK " Hopi Saying

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dance Xcetera - Rock 'N Roll Heaven: A Musician Tribute

This month, Dance Xcetera put together some of their favorite music to honor those musicians who are no longer with us.

The music they left behind is a legacy for our future, a reminder of the great people with tremendous talent - some taken too soon but all leaving imprints on our hearts.

Please join us for this very special performance!

- Saturday, April 23rd
- Sunday April 24th
- Saturday, April 30th
- Sunday, May 1st
All times are 7pm slt

Additional information about our show can be found at:
Dance Xcetera Blog

~ Dance Xcetera Theater ~        

Thursday, April 21, 2016

La Performance - "Midnight"

La Performance - virtual dance


we proudly present:

dance-performance in modern virtual dance

Sunday Apr 24th 2016 - 2.30 pm PST

we perform 9 dances

to music by
Pharrell Williams, P!nk, U2, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Coldplay,
Gloria Gaynor& Barry White, Mina

wish you one hour fun!

Jie Loon & Company

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Daily Performance Events Fantasy Faire 2016

Daily Performance Events Fantasy Faire 2016

Friday 22nd of April

11 am The Night Theater - Dance Performance “Fairytales Told- Stories by H.C. Andersen”
12pm ColeMarie Soliel - Music/FX Performance
5pm The Misfits - Dance Performance
8pm The Monarchs - Dance Performance “Adventures from the Lost Island”

Saturday 23rd of April

11 am The ChangHigh Sisters - Fantasy Fireshow
1pm Shadows Sillouettes - Dance Performance “Born on the Bayou”
5pm The Night Theater - Dance Performance “Fairytales Told- Stories by H.C. Andersen”
8pm Mahal - Dance Performance “Freedom”

Sunday 24th of April

11am Lady Garden Cabaret - Dance Performance “Tell me a Story”
1pm The ChangHigh Sisters - Particle Performance

Monday 25th of April

11am The Night Theater - Dance Performance “Fairytales Told- Stories by H.C. Andersen”
2pm Sky Fire - Particle Performance “Lucid Dreaming”
5pm The Misfits - Dance Performance
8pm The Monarchs - Dance Performance “Adventures from the Lost Island”

Tuesday 26th of April

5pm The Misfits - Dance Performance
8pm The Monarchs - Dance Performance “Adventures from the Lost Island”

Wednesday 27th of April

11am The Night Theater - Dance Performance “Fairytales Told- Stories by H.C. Andersen”
8pm The Monarchs - Dance Performance “Adventures from the Lost Island”

Thursday 28th of April

2pm Sky Fire - Particle Performance “Lucid Dreaming”
5pm TherpsiCorps - Dance Performance
8pm The Monarchs - Dance Performance “Adventures from the Lost Island”

Friday 29th of April

11am The ChangHigh Sisters - Fantasy FireShow
1pm The Night Theater - DancePerformance “Fairytales Told- Stories by H.C. Andersen”
3pm The Avilion MerBallet - MerDance Performance “Avilion MerBallet Showcase!”
5pm The Misfits - Dance Performance
8pm The Monarchs - Dance Performance “Adventures from the Lost Island”

Saturday 30th of April

1pm Shadows Sillouettes - Dance Performance  “Pieces of Eight”
3pm The Night Theater - Dance Performance “Fairytales Told- Stories by H.C. Andersen”
5pm The Misfits - Dance Performance
7pm The Avilion MerBallet - Merdance Performance “The Dreaming Tree”

Sunday 1st of May

11am Lady Garden Cabaret - Dance Performance “Tell me a Story”
12pm ColeMarie Soliel - Music/FX Performance

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Velvet Vixen - Bucket List

The Velvet Vixen

Bucket List

Monday April 25th 6pm SLT

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Elysium Performs at Windlight Spring Fair Today!

Dances created with passion and imagination, little glimpses into the souls of the choreographers, performed with the hopes of touching another… the connecting of the human experience.  We hope you can join us at 1pm SLT, when we will take the stage at Water Haven, in celebration of Windlight Magazine’s Spring Art Show.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


TH E JOURNEY ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS has their "Talk Talk" Group meet again this Thursday 14th April, at 1.30pm slt.

All are welcome, it is a discussion group all about any performance related subject.

There will be people new to dance, some old timers, some experienced, and some just interested to know more and ask questions.

We will have a special guest with us this week!  And someone who we all can relate to in all our performances!

So come along and join us and learn more, voice an opinion, or just enjoy the chat!

We will meet at the Rae Dance Studio at the JAPA Complex, dress in drag : ) or anything you want really !

Contact Klark Harvy for more info, or just arrive and find a seat.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Oasis Dancers Present Bellydances and Fireshow

Oasis Dancers

Saturday, April 9th, 1 pm SLT
City of Ianda at the Isle of Ianda

Bellydances and Fireshow
- Introducion
- Dance: Bacchanale
- Dance: Caravans
- Show of Fire
- Dance: Siamsa
- Dance: Teri Miri

Lilith Lindley, Silvia Swords, Bea Fawcett

A special show presented by the Monarchs for Firestorm, featuring some of the best acts from Royal Shippe, Diiar Vader-Shippe, Myth Raven, and Babypea.  Please join us!  Seating is limited.  SL URL to come closer to the show date!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Amazon Dancers "Voices Brasil"

Amazon Dancers will be performing their show Voices Brasil at Breezes Theatre on Sunday 10th April This is a show of 5 Acts and lasts about 60 minutes.
Choreography and direction mcpol support  by neiva and ari with scenery, props and costumes.
This show will present in every act, Brazilian famous singers and groups who have made very successful here in Brazil and outside Brazil.

There will be a party after the Show for everyone to enjoy some dancing fun.


Title: Amazon Dancers Show Voices Brasil
Where: Caribbbean Breezes Theatre
Date: Sunday 10 April 2016
Time: 1pm slt

Dress: Formal

The Show "VOICES"

An Introduction to the Amazon Dancers new show "Voices"

The dance group under their artistic manageress Mcpol Kamachi pursues the aim to present some of Brazil's culture to Second Life's community..
In 5 acts it will bring some examples of famous brazilian singers and performers and songwriters along with  a mix of brazilian dances.

Act 1:
Fafa de Belem.
Born in Belèm do Pará in 1956, her carreer started in 1976 and lasts until today. She is a Brasiian Singer considered one of the great female singers of Brazilian POP music. With her husky mezzo-soprano voice she covers a wide range of music from tender ballads, to sensual love songs, Potuguese fados all the way up to energetic sambas and lambadas.
In the show we present two of her songs:
Vermelho and Chama Verequete

Act 2
Clara Nunes
Started her Career as a singer in 1960 at the age of 18.Her genre was mainly sambas. So she was called "The queen of Samba" and was regarded as one of the greatest of her generation.. She died at the age of only 40 in 1983.
You will hear in this show:
Contos de Areia and Canto das tres racas.

Act 3
Ney Matogrosso
A male singer and producer, distinguished for his uncommon countertenor voice. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked him as the third greatest Brazilian singer and the 31st greatest Brasilian music artist of all time. His career started in 1971 when he joined the glam rock group Secos & Molhados. After this group split up, he started a successful solo career in Brazil and abroad and became famous for  his extraordinary costumes, make-up, daring movements and singular high-pitched voice. In 1986 he changed his performances and also his repertoire to more traditional Brasilian POP music.
In this act we present three songs of him:
Pavao Misterioso; Bandido Corazon and Nao Existe Pecado

Act 4
Gal Costa and Tim Maia

Gal Costa
Her career as a singer began in 1965 and still goes on. Her music covers a wide range; pop, rock, psychedelic.

Tim Maia
He was a  singer, songwriter and musician.
and covered also a wide range of mucical styles like
soul, funk, disco, bossa nova, rock and jazz.
His life was very inconstant with many ups and downs but it resulted in a great variety of music titles.
His aktive years were from 1956 to 1998 when he died.
In this act the dancers will perform to the songs.
Teco teco by Gal Costa
Uma tarde de domingo by Gal Costa and Tim Maia
Descobridor dos sete mares by Tim Maia.

Act 5
The group "As Freneticas"
A pop group with a refreshing sound
In this act you hear the songs:
Feijao maravilha and Abra suas asas.

Paramount Players Sweet Dreams

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount Players dance for you April 9th, 16th & 23rd at 7pm slt, in our new show, Sweet Dreams.

Whether it be a sweet dream or a terrifying nightmare, the Paramount Players will showcase themselves in a dream sequences this month.

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur usually involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history.


April 12th at 6pm slt
April 22nd & 29th at 8pm slt

The Paramount Players will be doing a monthly "after hours" show. We'll bring you the same performance quality we do at our Saturday shows, maybe a little more skin... little less costume. This show is more performance art. We hope to see you there. Some acts do contain adult content.

What's the diff? You already know what we present at the Paramount; Night Players will have some acts that are similar - but it will also feature acts that are more Avant Grade - acts that stretch our creative wings - - push our boundaries.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fusion Dance Crew Presents "Tomorrowland"

After a nice and long vacation, Fusion Dance Crew returns to the stage this coming Saturday at the lovely Fusion Performing Arts Center . Fusion Dance Crew presents: TOMORROWLAND, Saturday, APRIL 9@ 2PM SLT.

TOMORROWLAND is the 26TH show by Fusion Dance Crew with a science fiction theme and our own quirky eclectic view of the future:)) Come see eight dance routines to music by: Anastacia, Unlimited, Carly Simon, Hunger Games, Isley Brothers, Leona Lewis, Jamiroquai, and Missy Elliott & Pharrell Williams. The Crew is waiting to see you in the audience because we know you will enjoy this show!

Friday, April 1, 2016

ExtravaDanza Embarks on an Exciting Expedition to an Egyptian Exhibition!

PREPARE for One Amazing Adventure… ExtravaDanza Exodus is Ready to Embark!!

Anyone who has been involved with the Second Life Dance Community for a while knows who SexyS Quintessa is.  She is the quintessential SEXYS, dancing queen in both lives, and iconic SL dancer.  SexyS has been dancing in SL since before there really was such a thing as formal SL dance shows.  Being a real life belly dancer, she sought out belly dance clubs in-world.  Finding a club called Little Egypt owned by a man named Terry, she danced as a stripper for a long time.  She then went to dance for that notorious dawg Naiki Muliaina at Blue Moon Cabaret, doing variety shows that included burlesque, cabaret, and comedy.  She bought a Huddles upon advice from a friend and collected dance animations for a year before another friend, Jaida Bayn, found and introduced her to Nottoo Wise and Dance Queens.  "My friend Jaida Bayn found Dance Queens group and was speaking to Notto Wise about the Huddles dance HUD.  So between Dance Queens group and Jaida, we figured out how to do sequences!"  SexyS attributes her dance journey to these key figures early in her Second Life.  "I can go on and on about my dance career, so  I will leave you with this... Blue Moon Cabaret changed my focus on SL for the better.  Thank you to the flea bag, Mags and Jaida!"

About a year and a half ago, The Sexy One started her own dance troupe.  She was at a place in her SL dance career where she was feeling lost and unsure what to do with herself.  I had a LEA sim back then, to do the sim-wide mega-show SuperMetropolis, which was Diawa Bellic's idea.  So I told Ms. Sexy to start her own troupe and do a spectacular sim-wide Christmas show.  What are friends for, if they are not for getting you neck-deep into work.  Well, she did just that!  Reflecting back to that beginning, SexyS said, "So with you holding my hand and Royal Shippe back in SL and ready to build stuff, we were on our way on a sleigh ride!  With Diawa Bellic's idea of a sim wide production, we did our first show.  Christmas ExtravaDanza!  And how our name came to be is, you wrote up an advertisement naming it 'Christmas Extravaganza'.  I thought, 'Ooohhh what about ExtravaDanza!'"  A troupe was born.  One that has gained fame for producing massive, over-the-top mega-shows full of fun, magic, and adventure, led by the whimsical, fastidious, outrageously creative SexyS Quintessa.  Her imagination never disappoints.

Earlier this year, Sexy was granted a LEA sim to do a sim-wide mega-production of Exodus, the story of Moses.  What the heck?  Where did THAT idea come from?!?  "Royal Shippe mentioned one time I should do a Moses act with parting of the sea.  It stuck on me for a while.  We were actually supposed to do this last year, but it was at a time where I wanted to take some time off of SL.  So last year, I felt I should do this sim-wide production of Exodus, and apply for the LEA sim.  If I get it great, I will spend all my time and energy on it.  If not, I'll take another sabbatical.  I’m glad I got the grant because it’s been a dream for years!”

It is a dream that is about to become a reality.  SexyS has been working relentlessly on the sim-wide build, doing most of the work on the main build herself.  If you ever wanted to visit Egypt, now is the time, because it looks astonishing.  It has all the rugged beauty of the desert, the majesty and glory of the pyramids and amazing construction of ancient Egypt, plus all the wonderment of Moses and his marvellous journey.  One does not have to be religious to enjoy this show, as it is not about religion.  Sexy explained it is about, “An amazing journey.  It’s not a religious show at all.  I wanted it to be more about the stories and emotions behind them.  And you will definitely get that.”  It is about people, history, human nature.

To bring this dream to fruition has not been easy.  There have been many challenges along the way, the primary one being the boats.  Yes, the boats!  Hey, there is the river NILE!  And the audience will be sailing down it, from set to set, performance to performance.  Sexy found her biggest challenge with this show was, determining where each set would go in relation to the route of the boats.  Enter one “Yummy” Lat Lovenkraft to save the show!  “I have to say with the help of Yummy and the Artiste HUD, we are getting that done!  We will also have cams.  The biggest complaint about our last sim-wide show was where to look.  So this time, our audience will have a choice to use the cams.”

Thank you Yummy!  And thanks to many others who have contributed to pulling a show of this calibre together.  Any show is a team effort, especially one this monumental.  Sexy said, “Putting on a show, there is no way to do it on your own.  I've had plenty of help.  Myth [Raven] has created our gorgeous poster advertisement, Ame [Amethyst Starostin] will be DJing for us again!!  Fuki [Fukuju Amaterasu] has helped with some terraforming, and held my hand.  You have helped with marketing, acts, and getting me motivated, and support when I need it, and verbiage, LOL.  Yummy [Lat Lovenkraft] helped with the Artiste and the boat route and the cams.  Chandra [Meehan] for taking time out of her busy life to make the outfit for my act.  Royal [Shippe] and Diiar [Vadar-Shippe] for helping out on sim design, landing point, and other stuff.  Diawa [Bellic] for being Diawa, LOL.”  Somehow, I don’t think many hands making for light work applies to this show, because with a show this major, there is no such thing as light work.  But this team is dedicated, everyone working hard to do their part in creating something magnificent, a show that will be remembered for years to come.

The long hours, expense, and exhausting effort is not a bad thing, however!  As the time gets closer for the first big show, the excitement increases.  There is a vibe in the air, one of anticipation and wonderment as the moment arrives when Ms. Quintessa will finally fully realize her long-time dream.  Her favourite part of developing this project?  “I think it’s been watching each set come to life!  I will be even more excited when I get to see it all together!”  She continued, revealing what it is that she finds so appealing about doing these monster-shows.  “I’ve always tried to think outside the box with every act I have done.  I like different.  I like outside the box.  So why not present something different.  No one has done Exodus.”

And it is so true.  SexyS Quintessa has consistently presented the unique, the unusual, the outrageous, delighting audiences for years with some of the most entertaining acts to ever be conferred on the Second Life grid.  She is famous and infamous at the same time, pulling off this double feat with remarkable ease.  When I first entered mainstream dance three and a half years ago, SexyS had been dancing in mainstream for years.  She immediately became one of my idols, and to this day remains a dancer I hold in very high regard.  One thing I know I can count on, when SexyS takes the stage, it is going to be good.  Captivating, enchantment, hilarious, mesmerizing… the woman makes her audience FEEL.  Every time.

ExtravaDanza Exodus opens Friday, April 1st at 9pm SLT.  The show dates and times are as follows, catering to audiences in most time zones at one show or another:
Friday, April 1st at 9pm SLT
Saturday, April 2nd at 1pm SLT
Friday, April 8th at 9pm SLT
Saturday, April 9th at 1pm SLT

And who can you expect to see at the show?  Let’s take a look at the lineup!

1.       Chandra Meehan will be up first with her interpretation of the slaves in bondage.
2.  Sexys Quintessa, with the scene of when the princess finds baby Moses in the river.  Sexy commented on her act that she will be, “Bringing some original ideas to life that I've had set back in my mind for years.  Watch out, we will be wearing an outfit Chandra made specifically for my act!!!!”
3.  Monavie Voight, doing the betrayal of the Pharaoh where Moses gets banished.
4.  BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl will be doing her interpretation of when Moses finds a wife.  Says Sexy with a smile, “She had this act done since last year!  Lol.”
5.  Winnie [Winniefred] will be “Mossette” and the burning bush!!  Sexy exclaims, “This is SL anything is possible!”
6.  Diiar Vader will dance the astonishing ten plagues.  Sexy comments, “I originally wanted to do this one as well, but as time moved on I felt I needed to pass it on to someone.  And I am so glad I did!!”
7.  Babypea will do another act where the queen is upset her son is dead.  Raving at the Pharaoh!
8.  Royal Shippe does the parting of the Red Sea.  Who else could pull this off in Second Life?  Sexy beams, “Talk about a dramatic scene!!!  Oh just you wait!!”
8.  Last but not least, Diawa Bellic with her extreme interpretation of we hen Moses comes down from the mountains, only to find that everyone is going hog-wild.  Debauchery, worshipping a golden idol.  AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS HERE!!!!  Sexy reveals, “This is where you - the audience - will disembark the boat and be a part of our show!!!  So wear your best Egypt slave gear, LOL!”

There are also a whole mob of backup dancers, including Amethyst Starostin, Zachbrig, Gunner von Phoenix, JMB Balogh, Myth Raven, Fukuju Amaterasu, AlessandraAllure, SaviourBreath, Shannon Jassen, Arabella Luminos, DiamonteThomas, Shayna Paine, and Oodlemi Noodle.

Make sure to come early to guarantee a seat, as seating is limited!  To best enjoy this show:
1.       Come with no scripts on.
2.       NO face lights please! 
3.       There are sets that are further away than the normal, so set draw distance to about 128m at least. 
4.       Also, make sure your LOD is set to 4 or higher.  Many of the sets are made of mesh.  
5.       Make sure you choose to use region Windlight settings, as this will change from set to set and is part of the production. 
6.       Please go into Graphics, untick Avatar Impostors, and set the max # of impostor avatars to around 40.
7.       Please turn off nametags, they will only ugly your view.
8.       Wear your favourite Egyptian or slave outfit! 

Please visit the sim between shows, enjoy the build, roleplay, take fabulous pictures, and have fun with this amazing creation!!