Monday, April 30, 2012

May Variety Show

May Variety Show 120430

Zhaza Zerbino sent us this invitation for the May Pink Lady Dancers Variety Show ...


Hejsa everyone ;o))

Now the time is there to book your slot for the next Variety show, some will be hold on Saturday 19th May 2012.


Hey ;o)

This is an Info/Invitation to our Variety Shows.

We will have about 6 to 8 slots from ½ hour each (but of course your show can be shorter or longer as well)

The time will be between 11.30 am - 4.30 pm

Let me explain to all who may be interested what the Variety Show  is all about and may be interested in joining one of the next times we will be holding the Variety  Show.

What's it all about?

You are a dancer or Variety artist who would like to show your performance on stage?
Well, then you are here at the right place!!

It can be;
*A solo dance act
*A Dance Group performance
*A live Music/Sing performance
*Some act you would like to show others (can be anything)

It has to be on stage and you have to entertain the audience.

Are you interested or want some more information, feel free to contact me.

Next dates in 2012 are planned but NOT definite.

19th May (definitive)
14th July
15th September
17th November

**Between the Variety shows, we also arrange other Shows where we invite others to perform...

Keep an eye on the group notes!!

These are some dates you can book. If there are too many groups apply we can split the show and have two shows in that month. (obvious the second show will be the Sunday after)

Please send this note to anyone that you think could be interested.

We have a special Variety show Field where you can "book" your own spot. Prim limit to use is 100 prims and of course I will kindly ask to be gentle with the rough scripts.

I will not pay you for perform here, but of course you can put up your Tip jars and the info you will send out.

(LM to Variety Field)

If you need more info, just ask!

☺Lets Party☺

ZZ ;o))
(Zhaza Zerbino)


If you know anyone who would be interested to be a part of it, then please send this note further!

We have no theme this time, so you can be as creative as you want ;o)))
Knuzzer ZZ ;o))

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Henmations Announces Nightclub Dances

Henmations Announces Nightclub Dances 120429

Hendrik Schroeder made the following announcement in the Henmations Group today ...


Dear Customers,

we are proud to announce the release of many new Dance Animations.

Our new Nightclub Dance Series is out now :)

Please check out the extemly slow and sexy dance motions that has been real life performed
by an professional Burlesque Dancer in our studios.

Enjoy your Weekend and have a nice Dance :)

Hidden Animations

Hidden Animations 120429

As I write this note I am dancing a very cute dance called ~fwaitd. If I asked you to guess the creator of the dance and told you it is a MOCAP maker, I think almost all of you would choose the wrong maker.

~fwaitd is made by A&M. Hahahaha, an asterisk-free dance.

~fwaitd represents what I called a hidden animation. These are animations that are found in unexpected places. This one is the female waiting dance in one of A&M's couples dances. When I took apart the couples dances for my couples dance system (TIS Hybrid or Intan) this animation was also there. It is what the female dances while waiting for the male to hop on the pose ball.

And WOW, it's a cute anim. It now resides in my dance HUD.

I would guess that you have a lot of hidden anims in your inventory right now. Most are probably animated poses not dances, but still some may be useful in dancing.

These animations are not only in couples dances, but in any object in which there is movement or positioning of your avatar. Here are some examples:
  • I have a swing set for kids and it's copyable, Inside I found a sitting anim with swinging legs.
  • I have lots of HUDs for everything from dancing to sex as well as AOs. Inside are anims. I always look at all of them to see if they are useful. 
  • I got a freebie saxophone. Inside is a saxophone-playing animation.
If your Objects inventory is like mine, it is full of seemingly useless stuff. If you want to add some fun to your inventory housecleaning, go through your Objects folder and throw out the useless stuff, BUT check each object for animations. My guess is you have quite a few there.

Happy hunting ...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diesel Works Offers Kneeled Poses

Diesel Works Offers Kneeled Poses 120428

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works sent us this announcement ...


New, KNEELED set of poses from Diesel Works.

Friday, April 27, 2012

IMAB - Communication of Vision to Artists

IMAB - Communication of Vision to Artists 120427

Medora Chevalier sent us this invitation today ...


In August of 2010, Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) announced the release of "Metaverse Art", a four volume set of books are available via print on-demand.  The production of the books was a collaborative effort between; Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess (CARP’s founders) and Nazz Lane (author of Lanes List) with a forward by Dancoyote Antonelli. The four volumes of Metaverse Art brought to light the creative minds of many of Second Life’s notable artists and content creators. These are the cutting edge creators, who are utilizing virtual worlds to extend art into this newest space of human existence, the Metaverse.

In the books introduction, Nazz wrote that; “We believe the results establish a framework for those who may choose to follow, in assessing this nascent foray of humanity into the metaverse as they explore their place in it through the visual, performance and literary arts.”
Two years later,  an idea sparked for Velazquez Bonetto, and the editors of the Metaverse Art volumes have gotten back together and are about to launch into a repeat effort that extends beyond Second Life and in other virtual worlds as well. With that initial framework established, we have agreed to build on it with an initiative entitled, “Intergrid Metaverse Art Biennial”.

It is the goal of the Biennial to present future oriented ideas such as; Techniques, Scripting, Methods etc.  As part of the goal it is our intent to not only exhibit these important trends, but also document them as well. We invite as many as possible of the artists from within these disciplines;

Metaverse Art Expression Form Taxonomy:
Inland sound objects
Collaborative inland sound productions
Soundtrack creation
Live music events
Metaverse snapshot and picture manipulation
Machinima, video kaleidoscope
Online broadcasting
Static virtual space objects, installations
Costume and avatar design
Virtual architecture
Virtual landscape
Avatar animation
Kinetic virtual time-space artworks
Virtual art large scale complex
Cybernetic virtual time-space artworks
Virtual performance
Virtual theatre
Immersive 4d Cinema
Combinations of the different expression forms
On the borderline of the art and science
Mixed environments

Virtual worlds we have contacts and have obtained commitments for SIM include:
Metropolis ( 6 sims CARP Rotwangs Labor, Yoshivara, CARP1 CARP2 CARP3 CARP4)
Inworldz ( 14 sims via Alizarin Goldflake)
Second Life CARP Benvolio, Jourdain

We ask YOU as a creator/artist/builder/musician/writer to step in and show your best work on SL or on another Grid! This is the first time that something as big as an"Intergrid" art event has been organized and we once again open the road for those that may follow us. It is history that we are writing and pioneering what we are doing.

We anticipate that many blogs and magazines will write about the IMAB and many video’s will be made. In RL galleries are interested to see what's possible with some form of crossover events.
We also formed a “Core Team” of organizers/creators/professionals that are willing to answer your questions.

Please Contact any of the Core Team Members below for further information:

We are:
Alizarin Goldflake
Thirza Ember
Marjorie Fargis
Nazz Lane
Velazquez Bonetto
Josina Burgess
Medora Chevalier
Junivers Stockholm
Reslez Steeplechase

HUMANOID - New Release !

HUMANOID - New Release ! 120427

Marcus Adkins sent this note to the HUMANOID Group today ...


Dear Customer,

get ready for Svens awesome shuffle action dancemoves!!

real german engineering dancefloor footwork. ;)

with kind regards!

The DanceMaster store is moving... somewhere!

The DanceMaster store is moving... somewhere! 120427
Bryndyn Burton sent this announcement to the DanceMaster Group today ...


The DanceMaster store is moving... somewhere!

Fri, Apr 27 2012 11:33:36 AM PDT

Unfortunately, and without warning, the sim with the DanceMaster store has been cleared and closed as abandoned land. While I search for a new location for the store, feel free to contact me directly with any DanceMaster needs you may have. Probably safest to drop me a notecard rather than an IM to be sure I don't miss your request.

-- Bryndyn

MaHal Announces New Videos

MaHal Announces New Videos 120427

Psyche Lunasea showed me some of the new videos of her Latin dancing. I love them. Run them full screen.


From the MaHal Latin Dance Party

Florine Writer made the videos and Psyche did the chroreography.

Psyche also showed me tango dancing. Note the background Psyche employs on the second one to accentuate the feeling. She uses water and clouds to make these kind of effects.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love Bites

Love Bites 120425

Thaladar Borgin sent us this invitation ...


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dancers Become Geeks

Dancers Become Geeks 120424

I will let you in on a little secret ... Dancers Become Geeks.

When you start dancing you see the beauty, the sensuality, the fun of dancing. Little do you know you are on a treadmill to Geekdom. It happens in little steps.

Oh, I have to learn about a Dance HUD? Okay, I can do that.

Mmmmm, now I have to find just the right hip hop move.

Hmmm, how do I make a sequence?

What is the loop time?

Did you see those costumes? ... wow, I'd better work on that.

What was that note I read about warming up my HUD?

You mean I have to learn to rezz objects? How do you do that?

Why don't all couples dances start in the same position?

I hate lag and having to learn all about it.

How did he move from point A to point B ... I'd better figure that out.


Sometimes, I think I don't know anything. Dancing is so hard.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuty's Offers Bunny Girl Sexy AO

Tuty's Offers Bunny Girl Sexy AO 120420

Su Voir of Tuty's sent us this offer ...


Dear Friends and customers,

Su Voir and Tuty's introduce everyone's dream girl animation overrider - "Bunny Girl sexy AO". 

This AO will give you immediate change to a sensual and gorgeous looking woman.  You will have to choose this item if you want to be elegantly erotic. 

The AO contains 43 animations (2 huds: priority 3, 4)
- 6 walks
- 10 animated stands
- 5 animated sits
- 4 ground sits
- full fly and swim set, crouch and crouch walk, stand up and typing motion etc.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the store!
Su Voir & Tuty's   

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Built in AO

Built in AO 120418

A comment was made on the first post on Advanced Dancing concerning reducing script usage by using the built-in AO in Firestorm. You can access the Firestorm built-in AO using the "AO" button at the bottom of the firestorm viewer page. To get help setting it up use the help (?) button on the AO. This accesses the following link ( After you have set up the built-in AO, you can stop using the AO associated with your HUD, if it has this feature. On most advanced HUDs with an AO capability, there is an off button, which (I think) turns off the AO scripts and thus reduces your script demands, which helps with lag reduction.

I looked on the most recent SL viewer, but I did not see the same built-in AO feature. I am not too familiar with the SL viewer, so if you know of how to use a built-in AO on the SL viewer add a comment or IM me.



Saturday, April 14, 2012

11 Gifts from Diesel Works

11 Gifts from Diesel Works 120414

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works sent this notice to us ...


11 Gifts from the 2011-2012 period are now available at the store for a LIMITED period for those who didn't grab them.

Gifts Include:

Plus eight more.


2 months ago I announced plans for some racy poses and animations. Never got around to it until recently and here they are. These are ANIMATED, but a static version is also provided in the pack for photography purposes.

( )
( )
( )

These are currently available ONLY at the marketplace.

Thursday, April 12, 2012



Marcus Adkins announced in the HUMANOID Group today the following ...


A special gift from Humanoid.

Get the Dance IGOR 33 for 1 L$ !
Search for the FREE Vendors and get the 1 L$ Dance.

Igor is one of the most famous Dancers in SL.
We are very happy to work with him, get his unreleased piece now !

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The History of SL Dance - Author/Investigator Wanted

The History of SL Dance - Author/Investigator Wanted 120410

One of the ideas that came from the March 2012 DANCE QUEENS Survey is to write a history of SL dance. It is a kind of strange to think of dance history for a group that is dedicated to the fun of dancing, but, then again, maybe it is not so strange.

I love history because it helps me understand why things are the way they are. When I think about my five plus years of dancing in SL I have seen quite a few changes, for example, the introduction of MOCAP dances, the almost total elimination of couples pose balls and the introduction of position change in dance shows. These are inventions and innovations that came from the people of SL and have made dancing so much more fun for us. Sometimes I think about the work that people did on dancing long before I arrived. In the properties of each animation is the name of the creator. Sometimes, I look up the names and I see birth dates of 2005, 2004, even 2003. Wow, these are people who worked on SL animations and dance equipment before I had any idea of SL.

So, I would like to see a history of SL dancing. Such aspects as animations, dance equipment, dance shows, dance groups are all part of it. Investigating the history, interviewing the people involved and making an interesting account of dance in SL is what is needed. I am willing to be involved, but I would much prefer that one or two DANCE QUEENS members who like this idea step forward and take on the work and pleasure of creating the History of SL Dance.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Dancing to Classical Music

Dancing to Classical Music 120409

Tia Heinkel sent us this invitation to dance to classical music ...


On Friday 13th April from 1.00pm  till 5.00pm  SL time we are staging a classical music event with dancing and a 3D surround light show. The music will be well known classical favourites [we have 2 DJ's playing 30 mins each in turn of their favourites] and is planned to be a fun and energising event.

The dancing will range from the fast and furiouis Can Can, through wild leaps to Wagner and the delicate ballet of Swan Lake - and all points in between.

I will lead group dances from my chim but its very informal and I would be delighted if other dancers would like to come along and dance solo or share their dances with others in an equally informal way.

I dont think that there is much classical dancing in SL and this would be a great opportunity for dancers to practice and try their skills. It seems to me that classical dancing is quite different to the usual dance in SL with changes of dance needed in the one piece of music to match it well.

Dress is anything that you would want to wear to a classical concert.

The poster for the event is attached.

The LM is
To give you an idea about the sorts of events we do please take a look at our Flickr site :

New AOs, Dance Table and Freebie at Henmations

New AOs, Dance Table and  Freebie at Henmations 120409

Hendrik Schroeder sent this notice to the Henmations Group today ...



your HENMATIONS Easter Gift is waiting for you next to the landing spot at our Mainstore now!
Come down and get your FREE copy of a nice Couple Ballroom Dance.

We just released several new Female AO Animations, Stands & Walks... sexy as never before!
Note... only the Pink Vendors are loaded with the new AO Animations.


A brand new Dance Table Deluxe arrived, with a new sculpted Prim Design, ideal for Clubs.
Its now loaded with 40 outstanding Tabledance Animations +2 brand new Bonus Dances.
Enjoy your Easter Weekend and have a nice Dance :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Talking About Classifying Dances

Talking About Classifying Dances 120408

Psyche Lunacy and I had an interesting conversation today about classifying dances. A couple of months ago the two of us classified all of the SL couples dances we could find into the DANCE QUEEN Categories and Styles. We have a common understanding of the categories and styles, and this conversation took us beyond that. With Psyche's permission I am putting an edited version of the conversation here. I would love to hear from you with your thoughts about how you classify the "feel" of a dance.


[07:03:22] Nottoo Wise: one of the things u said when we were classifying dances several times in fact was that a dance is a happy dance
[07:03:43] Psyche Lunasea: ;)
[07:03:54] Nottoo Wise: that showed me that u have a classification of dances on the how it makes u feel
[07:03:59] Psyche Lunasea: i like happy dances
[07:04:06] Nottoo Wise: this is something i do also tho i tend to work more on individual dances
[07:04:20] Psyche Lunasea: i also like sexy dances;)
[07:04:21] Nottoo Wise: and think in terms of sexiness
[07:04:24] Nottoo Wise: hahahaha
[07:04:40] Nottoo Wise: but the idea of feel of a dance is important
[07:05:07] Psyche Lunasea: i'm a person of emotion;)
[07:05:12] Nottoo Wise: we have classified them into speed and type/category/style
[07:05:39] Nottoo Wise: i tried to write down how i define the feel and havent come up with a good description but i think for advanced dancers this is important
[07:05:56] Psyche Lunasea: yes it's so difficult
[07:06:16] Nottoo Wise: it helps u know whether a dance fits the music and if two different dances will fit together
[07:06:19] Psyche Lunasea: so i put higher marks for dances with good emotion
[07:06:40] Nottoo Wise: have u ever tried to write down how u do this
[07:07:08] Psyche Lunasea: just writing down notes for each dance not classifying
[07:07:27] Psyche Lunasea: this is a happy dance or something
[07:07:43] Nottoo Wise: i think this is one thing that makes good dancers into great dancers
[07:08:15] Psyche Lunasea: yeah
[07:08:37] Psyche Lunasea: it's difficult to memorize all dances as there are too many anims so i write them down
[07:09:17] Nottoo Wise: r there key words u use to describe the dances
[07:09:34] Psyche Lunasea: sometimes
[07:09:55] Psyche Lunasea: they are not organized, though
[07:10:22] Nottoo Wise: take a look at ur descriptions and see if there r words that u might use
[07:10:33] Nottoo Wise: since i focus on sexiness i have used a division of dances into three basic classes of speed then i subdivide them into soft moderate and hard
[07:11:17] Nottoo Wise: so i have a slow soft
[07:11:28] Nottoo Wise: slow moderate
[07:10:47] Psyche Lunasea: energetic
[07:10:49] Psyche Lunasea: cute, sensual
[07:11:37] Nottoo Wise: soft is sensual
[07:11:47] Psyche Lunasea: swirls
[07:11:51] Nottoo Wise: it helps me a lot
[07:11:58] Nottoo Wise: my HUD is set up that way
[07:12:00] Psyche Lunasea: manly
[07:12:04] Psyche Lunasea: or muscular
[07:12:09] Nottoo Wise: manly is hard
[07:12:16] Psyche Lunasea: erotic
[07:12:24] Nottoo Wise: yes
[07:12:42] Nottoo Wise: its an arbitrary classification but very helpful
[07:12:53] Psyche Lunasea: the column i put comments is "description"
[07:12:59] Nottoo Wise: and i find i like the soft dances the best
[07:13:09] Psyche Lunasea: i see
[07:13:24] Nottoo Wise: yes it can be in the description
[07:13:41] Nottoo Wise: what i would love is a common understanding of the feel of a dance
[07:13:44] Psyche Lunasea: so some descriptions are "stiff" or not smooth
[07:13:49] Nottoo Wise: then that would help in classifying them
[07:14:08] Psyche Lunasea: sometimes they are kinda evaluation
[07:14:26] Nottoo Wise: what do u mean evaluation
[07:14:37] Psyche Lunasea: or sometimes "with quick steps"
[07:14:38] Psyche Lunasea: i mean if a dance is not good for including my dance i will note it
[07:15:38] Nottoo Wise: one of the things i have found
[07:15:49] Nottoo Wise: is that my sequences tend to be a certain style
[07:16:00] Psyche Lunasea: yes i see
[07:16:02] Nottoo Wise: i tend to make dance sequences that are artistic
[07:16:07] Psyche Lunasea: most dancers are.
[07:16:18] Nottoo Wise: if i try to make one that is for example hiphop i am not good at all or house music i am terrible
[07:16:34] Psyche Lunasea: most dancers have certain styles
[07:16:54] Nottoo Wise: yes when i look at diawas dances in the last choreography show for example she is super at the hiphop dances
[07:17:15] Nottoo Wise: i could not do what she does
[07:17:17] Psyche Lunasea: yeah
[07:17:32] Psyche Lunasea: i also was impressed by Illianda in the former show
[07:17:44] Nottoo Wise: this has been a good conversation about classifying dances
[07:17:59] Nottoo Wise: yes illi has her own style
[07:18:23] Nottoo Wise: would u agree for me to put an edited version of the discussion about dance classification on the blog?
[07:18:34] Psyche Lunasea: of course
[07:18:39] Nottoo Wise: :-))
[07:18:50] Psyche Lunasea: i don't anything that i have to make secret lol
[07:18:54] Nottoo Wise: i would love to get other people to comment on how they classify the feel of a dance


So, you advanced dancers out there ... how do you describe your dances by how they make you feel? Let me know and maybe we can come up with a common understanding of a way to do this so that we can capture this in our database.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show III

DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show III (120407)

We have had two successful DANCE QUEENS Choreography Shows. Choreography Show I featured individual dancing and Choreography Show II demonstrated couples dancing. I am planning on our annual DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival in July, so I think there is time for another Choreography Show before the big festival takes all of our time.

In the DANCE QUEENS March survey the comment was made for more member involvement and more "hands-on" help with dancing. This has given me an idea for the next Choreography Show III to be for dancers who have not danced in a show managing their own choreography and HUD ... a novice show. A novice may have danced in a show before but only on someone else's HUD with someone else's choreography. To make it successful I want to pair each Choreography Show III participant with an experienced dancer, i.e. a mentor who will provide advice and help to the new performer.

I am planning the show for Saturday, 28 April, at 2:00 pm. Each performer will have 10 minutes to perform. We will use a stage arrangement like we did for the Choreography Show II with a central audience area and four stages surrounding it. Streaming will be done by Riddle.

If you are interested in performing, please send a note card to me with your name, your desired time between 2 pm and 3:30 pm, whether you want to perform using freestyle or sequenced choreography and whether you will dance alone or with a partner (no groups please). We will video the show and afterwards ask the performers to give a short statement of what they learned and wished they had learned, which I will put in the blog.

If you are interested in being a mentor, send a note card to me with your name and type of dancing (freestyle, sequenced, couples) you are willing to help with. Mentors will provide 1 to 3 hours of help, but cannot participate in the actual performance. I will be a mentor for either freestyle or sequenced choreography.

Once I have the list of performers and mentors, I will match them and provide additional information to both. If there are not enough mentors for those who want to perform, I will ask people I know who are talented performers and use my powers of persuasion to get volunteers.

This is an opportunity for beginners to get more involved in dancing and overcome the fear and effort needed to perform in front of others. The audience will be other dancers, which is the toughest dance audience in SL, but it will be a supportive group. This is your chance to learn.



MyAnimation Releases New Dances

MyAnimation Releases New Dances 120407

Ramona Criss announced the following in the MyAnimation Group today ...


➊  We are proud to announce our  NEW   DANCE   RELEASES ( 6 April 2012) :
    ▀▄   HIP HOP LYRICAL Dances
    ▀▄   Michael JACKSON  Dances

      •●  All Dance Packs have Discount  - 10 - 25 % OFF. ●•

Friday, April 6, 2012

Choreography Show II Summary

Choreography Show II Summary 120406

The DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show II featured couples dancing. As part of the show each audience member received details of the dances that were performed so that they could see how the choreographer did it. An overall video of excerpts of the show was provided by Darq Taurus. The show was also videoed by Riddlebox Ribble and below I have combined the videos that Riddle made with the information provided by each dance couple. The videos are best seen full screen.


Jeni Luik and Thom Caramel


TITLE: A New Way to Couples Dance


1. All the Man I Need by Whitney Houston
2. Heard It on the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye  
3. For the Longest Time by Billy Joel.

TIS Fusion Pro from There In Spirit (TIS)

Start animation:  the waiting animation that comes with the TIS
Song 1: Frozen from A&M Mocap Animations
Waiting animation:  Loving Hands from Ministry of Motion
Song 2: Ragdoll from A&M Mocap Animations
Waiting animation:  Loving Hands from Ministry of Motion
Song 3: RocknRoll from A&M Mocap Animations
Ending animation:  Air Kiss from Bio VV

The TIS Fusion Pro makes it possible to use your own couples dances at your favorite clubs.  An inconspicuous TIS pose ball server must be rezzed at clubs that do not have a TIS dancing system. 
A&M Mocap Animations recently introduced couples animations that are top notch and perfect for using in the TIS Fusion Pro.
Between dances, it is nice to have a couples waiting animation.  We searched high and low for one.  The best we found was at Ministry of Motion.
The ending animation is a fun couples animation from Bio VV.
Poofers add some pizzaz to couples dances.


Diddy Hyun and Rayzza Rubble

TITLE: Rythm of the Dancer


Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe for the dances; one HUD for each dancer
DB Dance System for movement

MUSIC: Rythm of the Dancer

female dance
[NAME]RYTHM|f_254_Isis_04_28.800|22|D0308-Hover.U|8|D0491-Hover.D|7|dz305-Jump.N|.5|D1307-Crouch (Adult)|10|dz306-Jump.N|1|D1144-Land.N (Adult)|1|*Antonio/Antonia|28|f_180_sensual2_29.898|29|m161_chip14_26.400|12|[GO]2
[NAME]RYTHN|Angie_Dance16|12|07_Girl_Couple_KATE_15_01_duration_23.08|28|04_Girl_Couple_KATE_04_01_duration_26.01|26.01|07_finalstep_f_24.06|24.6|m161_chip14_26.400|12|D0837-Crouch (Adult)

male dance
[NAME]RYTHM|f_254_Isis_04_28.800|22|D0308-Hover.U|8|D0491-Hover.D|7|dz305-Jump.N|.5|D1307-Crouch (Adult)|10|dz306-Jump.N|1|D1144-Land.N (Adult)|1|*Antonio/Antonia|28|f_180_sensual2_29.898|29|m161_chip14_26.400|12|[GO]2
[NAME]RYTHN|Angie_Dance16|11|07_Boy_Couple_KATE_15_01_duration_23.08|28|04_Boy_Couple_KATE_04_01_duration_26.01|26.01|07_finalstep_m_24.06|24.6|m161_chip14_26.400|12|D0837-Crouch (Adult)





D1307-Crouch (Adult)
D1144-Land.N (Adult)

The song I have chosen for ray and myself to dance is Rythm of the dancer. It took me a while to find the right song I wanted I find thats the hardest part

I have used 2 huds to dance us, one for Ray and one for myself. The timing to each dance are exactly the same. I activated the f keys to start us both at the same time. This is a must to get us dancing the couple dances together.
I have used ZZ's move system to move us in the right positions


Bubble Roffo and Jam Xurina



Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe


dz732-Stand.N (Adult)
My-SENSUAL-78|23|Tang_Dance_20_HUMANOID|25|My-SENSUAL-73|24.5|18_Girl_Couple_KATE_27_01_duration_23.09|25.5|Leony_Dance04|26|VISTA-UrbanSexyDance03-17.6|16|Leony_Dance01_tease|20|D0842-Jump.N|2|d&s_06|29|FPole_15;28.9|27|D0194-Crouch (Adult)

D0194-Crouch (Adult)
D0329-Stand.N (Adult)








Felicia Ibanez and Ric Lyle - Fusion Dance Crew 

(sorry I could not place the video on this web page. Click the link.)

TITLE: Dance Session No. 2

CHOREOGRAPHERS: Ric Lyle and Felicia Ibanez

1. Party Train by The Gap Band
2. Moves Like Jagger by The True Star
3. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars


Freestyle choreography using the following dance animations listed in the order used:
THATS4D_02     - Humanoid
THATS4D_04     - Humanoid
THATS4D_05     - Humanoid
THATS4D_07    - Humanoid
S4D_221F     - Sudio4D
m145_groove5_29.500     - Henmations
m147_groove3_29.898     - Henmations
*DonkeyRiding     -MyAnimations
My-DISCO Dance-22     -MyAnimations
My-HOUSE Dance-26     -MyAnimations
m116_Club_4_29.500     - Henmations
*Dance with Me     - A&M Mocap
*Earthquake     - A&M Mocap
*Atlas Shrugged     - A&M Mocap
*Grease     - A&M Mocap
*Frozen Fire     - A&M Mocap
*Twist-n-Flow     - A&M Mocap
*Open Book     - A&M Mocap
:m: BlowKissWave01 mt



My-DISCO Dance-22
My-HOUSE Dance-26    

*DonkeyRiding -MyAnimations
*Dance with Me - A&M Mocap
*Earthquake - A&M Mocap
*Atlas Shrugged - A&M Mocap
*Grease - A&M Mocap
*Frozen Fire - A&M Mocap
*Twist-n-Flow - A&M Mocap
*Open Book



Diawa Bellic and Jariah Yuhara

TITLE: Sign O Times


1. Prelude: Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
2. Main: Sign O Times - Prince

A&M Mocap Dance Chair - 02
DB Dance system
Barre Dance HUD v3.0
and a simple touch Invisible script






Nottoo Wise and Riddlebox Ribble

(Note: This video was made following the show since Riddle could not emcee, video and be in a show at the same time)

TITLE: Razon De Vivir


MUSIC: 1. Prelude: Pequena Cancion Para Matilde by Astor Piazzolla and Amelita Baltar
 2. Main: Razon De Vivir by Victor Heredia
 3. Postlude: Mi Buenos Aires Querido by Milan Sur

DanceMaster Pro 6

These are in the Free Stuff box in Dance Central
*DM dances
*DM formations

Kaboom Karlfeldt



Nottoo Wise
razon heart 3





Sine Wave
I believe

Victor Heredia's beautiful but sad song about a man who has lost his love to death forms the basis of this dance. He dreams of their past life together as he deals with his present life alone.

The sequence has several pass-thoughs that I decided to leave in to show the ethereal nature of the feelings he has. I paid special attention to the hands and arms in this dance and tried to express how I felt at each point. In creating this dance I have now heard the song about 225 times ... and I still love it. It still makes me cry.


Xanthi Oridium and Aminata Potez

TITLE: Black and Gold


2 x Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe

1. Prelude: Joel McNeely - Bicycle Ride
2. Main: Sam Sparro - Black and Gold

[NAME]black|*Industrial Light|20|*Sound Impulse|28|*Run The World|29|*Industrial Light|14|*Vogue|28|*Run The World|29|*Industrial Light|14|*Run The World|13|*Paragon Rag|32|[stop]

[NAME]gold|*Mix it Up|20|*My Turn|28|*Dance Queen|29|*Mix it Up|14|*My Sassy Girl|28|*Dance Queen|29|*Mix it Up|14|*Dance Queen|13|*Free Spirit|32|[stop]

all dance animations are from A&M:
*Dance Queen
*Free Spirit
*Mix it Up
*My Sassy Girl
*My Turn
*Industrial Light
*Paragon Rag
*Run The World
*Sound Impulse

standing pose from Kuso:

The colors black and gold represent two characters, who both are alone, but still somehow together in their loneliness. Their sequences have same timing, but use different style. "Black" dances more into the beat, while "Gold" follows more the melody.

So even both will move different, together they create strange synergy with each other, showing one will never be really alone.
But what story they are telling? Thats up to you to decide... :)


Maxmum Panache and Kiriam MacIntyre

TITLE: Smooth Criminal Act

CHOREOGRAPHERS: Maxmum Panache and Kiriam MacIntyre

MUSIC: Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Max - Barre

Kiri's Sequence:
[NAME]Smooth Criminal|Smooth Criminal Beginning|12|liquid_f_1|29.5|liquid_f_2|29.5|liquid_f_3|29.5|liquid_f_4|29.5|liquid_f_5|29.5|liquid_f_6|29.5|liquid_f_7|29.5|liquid_f_8|26.5|Die in Arms|4|Die in Arms Disappear

Max's Sequence:
[NAME]Smooth Criminal|max_stand|12|liquid_m_1|29.5|liquid_m_2|29.5|liquid_m_3|29.5|liquid_m_4|29.5|liquid_m_5|29.5|liquid_m_6|29.5|liquid_m_7|29.5|liquid_m_8|26|Die in Arms m|4.5|Die in Arms m end

Sine Wave
Liquid Felon
Custom Animations by Kiri

Thank you for your interest in our show!
Max and I have been dancing in SL almost since we first arrived.  We started in the usual way, dancing on balls or Intans at clubs and then with others on their dance huds.  But we quickly realized we wanted more from dance. We wanted to be able to control our own dancing in a way that reflected what WE felt when listening to the music.  We then invested in our own dance huds and began collecting dances.
With the help of our friends, and DQ, we soon learned about sequencing and started dancing professionally with a dance troupe.  We now dance for two troupes in SL and are challenged daily to push the envelope of expression and creativity.
We chose to show you our Smooth Criminal Act today because it is a good place to start if you are new to couple dancing.  􀀂
has the entire couple sequence neatly tucked into a pose ball set and is offering it for FREE! under the name "Liquid Felon"

You could simply rezz the set, jump on the pose balls and start dancing.  However,  that isn't very professional looking, nor is it 'smooth'.  Pose balls tend to get out of sync, and although many will resync themselves, its not something you want happening in the middle of your act.
The solution is relatively simple, you tear the pose balls down and put the animations in your own dance hud.  You may chose to put both male and female parts in one hud and have one of you dance you both, or each of you take your respective animations and dance yourself, coordinating with your partner (as we did).
Either way it can be tricky getting yourselves positioned just right and in sync.  Here is how we did it.
After we loaded the animations into our huds, we determined how long each piece of the sequence ran and made a sequenced notecard running each dance for the correct amount of time.
We then determined exactly where the first dance positioned us and placed a dance pad at that position.  One for each of us. The pads we use can have any pose dropped into them, and for this step it was just a generic stand.
Once we established that our pads were placed correctly (that we weren't passing through one another, or missing each other when we were supposed to be together), we created and added custom stands to the pads, and to the sequence notecards in our huds.
These custom animations must also be timed exactly so that both dancers start the actual dance at the same time.  You can see from the sequences below how we did that.
When using several different couple dances that you want to sequence, you basically follow the same steps as you would in sequencing single dance animations.  Determine the length of time you want each dance to run (coordinating with your partner of course) and then build your sequence so that you have a smooth flowing routine that has you dancing together.  The only difference is that you have to determine your starting position so that as each of you moves through the sequence you stay together.  With a little practice you will soon get the hang of it.
I hope this helps you expand your dance experience into the world of couple dancing.  Whether you do it for fun, or professionally, it is exciting to be in control of how YOU move on the dance floor.


Psyche Lunasea and Yoichi Illios



MUSIC: 1. "Who's That Knocking at My Door?" - Janet Kline
2. "The Phantom of the Opera" by Sarah Brightman


CHOREOGRAPHY: Psyche Lunasea

These are in the Free Stuff box in Dance Central
Psyche Animations 1
Psyche Animations 2


Juxtaposition 09

My-Rock'n Roll-16
My-Rock'n Roll-17
My-Rock'n Roll-18
My-Rock'n Roll-19
My-Rock'n Roll-20
My-Rock'n Roll-22


Semotion Studio
Mc-model18 1
Fc-model18 1

oOo Studio
oOo provoke_m4
oOo provoke_f2

Vista Animation

Sine Wave
Desire Male
Desire Female
Suede Male
Suede Female
worship m
worship f

*Crushed Velvet


Hello, Dance Queens and everyone.

We are MaHal, from Japan.
I have choreographed almost 200 couple dances, but this is the first time I dance at Dance Queens.
It's a kind of showcase, so I chose two dances very different from each other.
One is Janet Kline's rock n roll, "Who's That Knocking at My Door?" and the other is "The Phantom of the Opera" by Sarah Brightman.

We usually dance to Latin and oriental music. I want to show some of them some time!
Our HUD is "MLDU 5+". It's a unique dance HUD and I want to show you what you can do with it.
We dance on balls, so please don't focus on dancers by "ALT+left-clicking". Otherwise your eyes will move and might feel dizzy.
Thanks Nottoo and everyone that have organized this show.
Psyche Lunasea



Xanthia Lisle sent us this invitation ...



From Olivia Newton-John, to Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and yes even some Male Divas, the Moulin Rouge Dancers brighten the stage with their presence on this night of nights!  So take a walk down the runway of the Music Awards with us as the Moulin Rouge Presents this NEW show - Modern Divas Dance Show -- only at Moulin Rouge

MyAnimation Announces April Gift

MyAnimation Announces April Gift 120406

Ramona Criss announced the following in the MyAnimation Group today ...


>>>   APRIL   GIFT  <<<< come and get it
Fri, Apr 06 2012 6:59:41 AM PDT

APRIL  -  GIFT - EXCLUSIVE Dance Animation.
Take YOUR FRIENDS with YOU !! :)

We Released PACKS with our Latest Dances

Blog Changes

Blog Changes 120406

Yesterday in the DANCE QUEENS chat there was a discussion of dance schools. This gave me the idea that it might be useful to list dance schools in SL and include information about them. I also wanted to begin to make changes to the blog based on the March Member Survey. One of the ideas expressed was to include where to find dance costumes and other dance equipment.

So, today I made some changes in the pages on the blog. These are the links found in the upper right hand side of the blog. Here are the changes:

  • A new page called 'Dance Costumes and Show Support' is added. The show support was transferred from the Dance Groups page and put into a spreadsheet. If you offer show support services and want your name added, let me know. So far there is nothing listed under costumes. Send me your favorite dance costume stores and what is there. for example, ballet shoes, cheerleader outfits, belly dancing silks, etc. Also, include links. I will add what you send me.
  • 'Dance Groups' now contains a link to the Dance Groups in SL and the venues that host shows. Take a look at the dance groups you are part of and send me any additions and corrections. Included in the listing is a column that identifies dance schools. Also, if you host dance shows, send me that information too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Illegal Dances

Illegal Dances 120405

This is an update on illegal dances that are being sold in SL.



In DANCE QUEENS chat today two additional sellers of illegal dances were identified:

1. Urban Motion selling MyAnim and Sine Wave copied dances,
2. Elfy Clip selling Harem Dances on Marketplace.

I am not mentioning the names of the DANCE QUEENS members who reported the stolen dances, so they don't get attacked by the thieves. I have reported the stolen dances. As always, do not buy from these vendors.



A quick update on illegal dances ... Artoo Magneto sent me this note about Aliana Animations:

[03:07:19] artoo Magneto: (Saved Mon Mar 12 03:52:29 2012)hi nottoo
[03:07:19] artoo Magneto: (Saved Mon Mar 12 03:52:38 2012)thanks for the info about that Alana animations
[03:07:19] artoo Magneto: (Saved Mon Mar 12 03:52:55 2012)i let the reseller know about it and surely report alana

YAY Artoo!!!



A DANCE QUEEN member sent me a possible SL Marketplace vendor selling pirated Sine Wave dances. Here is the note with the DQ member's name omitted:

"Hi Nottoo,

In searching SL Marketplace for info on the Vista HUD I encountered a collection of 85 dances that I suspect might be pirated.  Several years ago, as a newbie, I purchased a set of 85 dances, cheap, that I later decided were probably pirated from Sine Wave.  This may be the same set.  Mine came from a store with a name similar to "Radio Shack" (a RL chain store in the US), that soon disappeared.

I know you are busy now, but sometime you might want to take a look at this:

Here is the ad copy:
85 Great Dances
Great Dances From Creators All Over SL Perfect To Ad To Your Dance hud/Vista AO Or Chimera Or Use As Singles.
 Try them out For this Price Even If You Only Liked One You Would Be Getting Your Moneys Worth!!

 Great Goods
Visit The Store
Sold by: jazie1

L$299         $1.58 USD"

I went online and looked at them. There was no indication of where they came from, so I IMd the seller. Here are the notes (I know I am violating the SL TOS service by printing this, but I will gladly take a penalty to get Linden Lab to do something about pirating):

[10:51] Nottoo Wise: hello jaxie1
[10:51] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[10:51] Nottoo Wise: jazie, i saw the 85 dances that u r selling on marketplace
[10:51] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[10:52] Nottoo Wise: someone IMd me that the dances might be the same as those sold by Sine wave
[10:52] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[10:52] Nottoo Wise: can u confirm that they r not sine wave dances before i purchase them
[10:52] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[10:52] Nottoo Wise: ty
[10:52] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[13:00] jazie1: hello the dances are from several creators not realy shure who they have been compiled from all over sl from several full perm stores and friends
[13:00] Nottoo Wise: ok ty
[13:00] jazie1: your most welcome=)


So I bought the dances. Unfortunately, I was busy and it was only several days later that I opened them to discover 85 Sine wave dances with Easy Babcock as the creator ... WOW PIRATED DANCES

So today I sent this note ...


[06:31:53] Nottoo Wise: Hello Jazie
[06:31:54] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:32:18] Nottoo Wise: last week I imd u abut the 85 dance that u have for sale on SL Marketplace
[06:32:18] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:32:35] Nottoo Wise: i asked u if the dances were copies of sine wave dances
[06:32:35] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:32:45] Nottoo Wise: u said they were full perm from all over
[06:32:46] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:33:21] Nottoo Wise: i bought them and found them to be copies of sine wave dances
[06:33:21] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:33:30] Nottoo Wise: with easy babcock still as the creator
[06:33:30] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:35:04] Nottoo Wise: i ask u to remove the dances from sale on SL Marketplace and return my purchase price
[06:35:04] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[06:35:05] Nottoo Wise: ty
[06:35:06] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.


So, as always, don't buy these dances. I will let you know what I learn.

This got me excited again about illegal dances, so I decided to revisit all the previously active illegal dance stores. Here is what I found:

* Belle's Breath of Lust - Still selling pirated Sine Wave dances.

Aliana Animations - This store is still selling pirated dance poles and chairs. The surprising thing is that they are located right next to an AKEYO outlet. I have IMd Artoo Magneto the owner of AKEYO to ask him what his relationship is with Aliana:

[14:03:49] Nottoo Wise: hi Artoo xxx
[14:03:49] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[14:04:24] Nottoo Wise: I have found a store called Aliana Animations that appears to be selling pirated dance poles anims and chair anims from Sine Wave
[14:04:24] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[14:04:48] Nottoo Wise: i was surprised to find the store connected to one of your outlets
[14:04:49] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[14:05:03] Nottoo Wise: is this store yours or do you have any connection with this store
[14:05:04] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[14:05:16] Nottoo Wise: here is the slurl Dark Desires (33,158,2282)
[14:05:17] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[14:05:20] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[14:05:20] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

I will let you know what Artoo responds.

AnimAlive - This store appears to have stopped selling pirated Sexy Jesse's dances. I will stop reporting on them ... YAY!

BBCS #5 - This store has changed its location ... here is the new LM. This store seems to have stopped selling pirated Sine Wave dances ... another YAY.

Dance Animations - This store appears to be out of business ... WOW maybe we are having success.

Fly Nation Animation - This store is out of business ... HAHAHAHA ... DOUBLE YAY!!

MiChiGaNs ShAcK MAIN SUPERSTORE! - HAHAHAHA ... I have been banned from this store. WOW, at least they are reading this blog. I asked a friend to take a look ... yep, they are still selling pirated Sine Wave dance poles. It's too bad because this store has a lot of stuff for sale. I wonder how much other stuff is stolen.

Rolik's Workshop - Awww, they still sell pirated Sexy Jesse anims.

Wooden furniture - Another awww ... still selling pirated Sine Wave pole dances.


Well, we are having some success. I guess it's time for another abuse report to Linden Lab that they can trash ... but maybe one day LL will realize that their Intellectual Property rules need adjustment.



The illegal list is growing. Here is another * Belle's Breath of Lust selling pirated Sine Wave dances and a few originals. As always, I recommend that you not shop at stores with illegal dances.

Here is the current list of illegal dance sellers:
* Belle's Breath of Lust
Alana Animations
Dance Animations
Fly Nation Animation
Rolik's Workshop
Wooden furniture



Another dance seller is offering pirated Sine Wave poles, chairs and stools ... Alana Animations.

A well-established furniture maker is also now selling Sine Wave dance pole anims ... Wooden furniture.

Do not shop here.



One new dance seller has been identified selling pirated dances:

1. Fly Nation Animation is selling pirated Sine Wave dances. For the first time I have seen the Sine Wave dance chair being pirated.

As always I recommend that you not purchase anything from this store.

Here is an update on the other illegal dances reported previously:

1. MiChiGaNs ShAcK MAIN SUPERSTORE! is still selling pirated Sine Wave pole dances.

Dance Animations is still selling pirated Sine Wave dances.
3. Rolik's Workshop is still selling a dance pirated from Sexy Jesse's.
4. AnimAlive is also still selling dances pirated from Sexy Jesse's.

5. BBCS #5 is selling pirated Sine Wave dances. The seller has not even changed the name of the creator.

It appears that neither Sine Wave nor Linden seems to care about the intellectual property represented by these dances. I have sent notes to Easy Babcock and other Sine Wave representatives five times. I have filed abuse reports four times with Linden Lab. I believe the only way that copyrights are enforced is when the owner files a report with Linden. This protects the owner of the intellectual property, but does not protect the customers of the stores where illegal dances are sold. When Sine Wave finally decides to complain to Linden, the customers get replacement dances and no money back. Plus, it messes up your dance HUD if you have replacement dances in it. This is an unfortunate situation for us, the customers, so I continue to recommend that you avoid these stores.



One new dance sellers have been identified selling pirated dances:

1. BBCS #5 is selling pirated Sine Wave dances. The seller has not even changed the name of the creator.

As always I recommend that you not purchase anything from this store.

Here is an update on the other illegal dances reported previously:

1. MiChiGaNs ShAcK MAIN SUPERSTORE! is still selling pirated Sine Wave pole dances.

Dance Animations is still selling pirated Sine Wave dances.

3. Rolik's Workshop is still selling a dance pirated from Sexy Jesse's.

4. AnimAlive is also still selling dances pirated from Sexy Jesse's.



Two new dance sellers have been identified selling pirated dances:

1. Rolik's Workshop is selling a dance pirated from Sexy Jesse's.

2. AnimAlive is also selling dances pirated from Sexy Jesse's.

As always I recommend that you not purchase anything from these stores.

Here is an update on the other illegal dances reported previously:

1. MiChiGaNs ShAcK MAIN SUPERSTORE! is still selling pirated Sine Wave pole dances.

Dance Animations is still selling pirated Sine Wave dances.

I have again filed an abuse report on all of these dance sellers. I have reported this to Sexy Jesse's. Sine Wave appears not to be interested in protecting its intellectual property, but I think Linden labs has a responsibility to act even without Sine Wave. Linden Lab is knowingly allowing people to purchase illegal dances and risk losing their investment.



Here is an update on previously discussed locations selling illegal dances:

1. MiChiGaNs ShAcK MAIN SUPERSTORE! is still selling pirated Sine Wave pole dances.

2. Dance Animations is still selling pirated Sine Wave dances.

3. GCD Club Equipment is no longer selling pirated Sine Wave and Henmations dances. I recommend that you not shop at this store.

4. C&G Animations is no longer in business.



I have sent this report to the major MOCAP dance makers and have again filed an abuse report. DANCE QUEENS members who buy dances at these locations eventually will lose their dances and their money. I do not believe that LL should permit this.

1. Another vendor, MiChiGaNs ShAcK MAIN SUPERSTORE! is selling pirated Sine Wave pole dances. For example, take a look at the pole dance Catapiller and compare it to Sine Wave's pole 26;22.9. As usual, I recommend that you buy nothing from this store.

2.  This location called Dance Animations is still selling pirated Sine Wave dances and has added more. For example, compare Dance0009 in the 298L vendor and Sine Wave's crimson breeze. I recommend that you not shop here.

3. This store, GCD Club Equipment, is still selling pirated Sine Wave and Henmations dances. For example, compare Dance 19 with Henmations f_dance_20. Avoid it.

4. C&G Animations - Although most of the illegal dances have been removed, there are still some here. This guy is very creative. Take a look at STREET 11 then compare it to Ministry of Motion's Catepillar Limbo. It seems he has taken parts of Catepillar Limbo and included parts of another dance. As before, avoid this place.



1. Dance Animations  -  This location is selling pirated Sine Wave dances for 198L or less. As you know LL will remove these dances from your inventory and HUD even if you have paid for them once they determine that the dances are illegal. I recommend that you not shop here. Thanks to Diawa Bellic for finding it.

2. GCD Club Equipment  - This is a section of a store that sells musical instruments. In the back is a set of dance machines and dance balls. Last week I looked at the dances. They seem to match Sine Wave dances and some may also match Henmations dances. There is a lot of stuff in the GCD stores, but I recommend that you buy nothing here.

3. C&G Animations - Most, but not all, of the stolen dances here have been removed. I have heard that the owner, Brow Abrahams, has been suspended from SL for seven days. I recommend that you buy nothing here.



Yesterday, I learned about what appears what appears to be a copyright infringement by C&G Animations, which is owned by Brow Abrahams (􀂓). I went to see and found a brand new MOCAP dance site. Since I own all of the MyAnimations Sensual dance series, I looked at the Sensual series made by C&G. Sensual 01 by C&G is identical to My-SENSUAL-46. Since My-SENSUAL-46 has a creation date much earlier than that of SENSUAL 01, I agree that SENSUAL 01 is a copy of My-SENSUAL-46. I then checked SENSUAL 02 and found it is a copy of My-SENSUAL-35.

Although I had heard that dances from Akeyo, Henmations and Studio4D had also been copied. I did not confirm this. There are a lot of dances at C&G. I recommend that DANCE QUEENS members NOT purchase dances at C&G. Eventually, Linden Lab will remove illegal dances even if you have paid for them.

I am copying this note to Ramona Criss (MyAnimations), artoo Magneto (AKEYO), Hendrik Schroeder (Henmations), Live Gears (Studio4D) and to Brow Abrahams (C&G). If I learn in the next day that the dances are legal, I will alert you. If it continues to appear that the dances are illegal copies, I will file an abuse report. Although I leave it to the dance creators to protect their intellectual property, I do not want DANCE QUEENS members paying for dances that they will lose.



Some of you may have received an email from Linden Lab recently about illegal dances (Intellectual Property Notice about Second Life Content). It stated that if you had certain dances, they were illegal copies and had been replaced by a simple animation. My note identified six dances:

When I checked my inventory and my HUD, all the dances were there and were correct. In a group IM exchange I learned that others had the same experience. All of us had legal dances purchased from the creators and they had not been replaced.

I am aware of two sets of illegal dances. One is a copy of several Akeyo dances (but not the one mentioned) and one is a copy of about 20 Sine Wave dances. The illegal Akeyo dances were exchanged some time ago. I had both sets and had contacted the creators about them.

First, if your dances have not been affected, I recommend no action.

Second, if you have illegal dances, I recommend that you delete them. Illegal dances reduce the income for the dance makers. If they stop making dances, we have no fun. I would not only delete them but report to Linden Lab anyone who gives you illegal dances.
This Wiki page has info on how to recognize fake things.