Sunday, April 22, 2018

FlyGearz at Fantasy Faire

April 23rd @ 7pm SLT
April 28th @ 4pm SLT
FlyGearz will be performing two shows at this year's Fantasy Faire.  This is an interactive dance show that includes the audience as the stars of the show!  Our theme is the Fae meets Steampunk and is a mix of fantasy and the long forgotten age of the machine.  What makes us different is it's two choreographers (Jenna Dirval and Kiran Sporg), two dance huds and shared movers - you won't know who's dancing you 'till we tell you! Fantasy and/or Steampunk attire is encouraged but not required! 

Your Ride to the Show!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Inanna Burlesque

Inanna Burlesque
APRIL 29 , 2018
12:00 Noon SLT

The event is hosted in voice and takes place at the Inanna Burlesque Club in Somerton featuring the Inanna Angels Dance Troupe, seven ladies and three very happy guys! The event also features a number of solo dancers/choreographers from across the grid all performing in the spirit of Burlesque.

Smart casual and Human avatars only

Come see the show!

Phoenix Dance Team @ Lighting the Way - 4/21/18

It is said, that 1 out of 68 children born are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To be more specific, it is estimated that 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the US. More than 3.5 million Americans live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Most children on the spectrum can only be educated and assisted until the age of 21 years old where they will "Max" out of benefits. After that, it's up to the parents on where and what to do to help their child. It's every parent's biggest fear on what happens when their child turns 21 and where they can go to get the best quality of life possible.

Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined.

With that being said, The Phoenix Dance Team would like to invite you to their performance on Saturday, April 21st at 5pm. The entire team will come together as one to Light The Way for anyone who is currently on the Autism Spectrum and for those who care daily for anyone on the spectrum. Together, through dance an music, they will shine their beacon to those in need.

Your ride!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dance Xcetera This Weekend!

April 21 & 22@ 7 pm Dance Xcetera !!! 

 Since this month is known for it's "April Showers," we decided to bring to the stage performances inspired by nothing but good old H20!  It's not just raining at our theater this weekend, it's an all out Wet Fest!  Join us in your best beach wear and make us your date destination this weekend!  Hosted by Ms Aryanna Draken.  Program information and SLurl to our theater is below, we  hope to see you there!

Nothing says wet like April Showers and we're all about honoring water!

Here's your taxi to the show!


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Atlantis Grand Theater - Shows for May

"The Atlantis Variety Hour" May 3rd @ 5pm

Variety is the spice of life and variety shows are one of the oldest forms of showbiz razzle dazzle.
Atlantis Grand Theatre is pleased to present  their monthly entertainment, offering something for everyone. Each month we feature a revolving door of creators and dancers showcasing their favorites.

Hope to see you there !


"The Atlantis Variety Hour" May Encore ~ May 17th @ 5pm.

So nice, we're doing it twice!

We are pleased to present an encore of May's "Atlantis Variety Hour"!
 Variety is the spice of life and variety shows are one of the oldest forms of showbiz razzle dazzle.
Atlantis Grand Theatre is pleased to present  their monthly entertainment, offering something for everyone. Each month we feature a revolving door of creators and dancers showcasing their favorites.

Hope to see you there !

Atlantis Grand Theater - Dancing For Autism Encore

Thursday, April 26th @ 4pm
Atlantis Grand Theater ~ Dancing For Autism Encore.
The Atlantis Grand Theater  will be doing an encore of their  Dancing For Autism Performance to held at their own theater. We were new to this years event and were honored to be a part of it!. To be able to help reach so many on the spectrum by either Dancing or Raising Awareness, that is what its 
all about.


Burlesque Dolls at the Jefferson Opera House!

Burlesque Dolls at the Jefferson Opera House

April 21th 3PM SLT

Join us at the Jefferson Opera House for a day of teasing and tantalizing by some of the most talented dancers on the grid. Burlesque at it's best. Now under the direction of Melina Aurotharius (semi-formal or formal dress please)

Come see the show!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Harleyquin Workshop – Performance Director 3

TWO DATES Available:
Saturday, Apr 21st - 3 pm slt
Sunday, Apr 29th - 9 am slt

Harleyquin Workshop – Performance Director 3

Instructor:  Eva Harley
Workshop length:  1.5 hours


You’ve used your Performance Director on stage, know what groups are, and feel comfortable creating routines.  You want to do MORE with it, but what can you do?  That’s what we’re exploring during this workshop!

We’re taking it to the next level, more complicated routines, incorporating special effects, triggers, private IMs, multiple routines, layering, autoloading, debugging, and more!  A mix of demonstration and open forum sharing.

Workshop will be presented in VOICE.  Please have voice enabled before arriving.
REQUIREMENTS:   Please bring a fully loaded and prepared Performance Director with a routine you can “play” with.  You will also need a “clean” Spot On mover to stand on.  Mover notecards will be provided.

Be prepared to really work, play, and learn!  This will be a very in-depth workshop.

* No registration required, but PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY to prepare.  The sim will be closed 5 minutes before the workshop start time and re-open after the workshop ends.

There are no costs to attend Harleyquin Workshops.  Contributions always appreciated.

Two Exciting Debauche Shows This Weekend!

Debauche and Oasis
Saturday 21st April, 12pm SLT

Not one but TWO great dance troupes join forces to create a truly magical experience.  Always great to share the stage with such brilliant performers and always a fantastic show for the audience to be a part of.

You do NOT want to miss this great show. Oasis and Debauche light up the stage together.

But wait... there's more!

Sunday 22nd April, 1pm SLT

Debauche return once more to the House Of Jana. New location, new theater, same wonderful dance show.
It is always such a pleasure to perform here, always such a great crowd and a great atmosphere. Why don't you come join us and see for yourself?

Debauche. A little naughty, a lot sexy and......ALWAYS CLASSY!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fantasy Faire 2018

The Fantasy Faire 2018 opens its doors on April the 19th, in just a few days and this year the Faire turns 10 years!

To celebrate, we have the biggest performance program the faire has seen so far and we hope you will come and let us entertain you. 10 days of dance, theater, particle and music performances, on 2 different stages.

A total of 17 groups perform this year so there is sure to be something for every taste. Have a look at our blog for more info on our RFL mission this year, the full program and information about all the performers and much more:

All the performances will be on one of our two stages, either in The Story Well or Astrid’s Nemeton.

Thursday April 19th
12 PM SLT: The Night Theater at Astrid’s Nemeton

Friday April 20th
9 AM SLT: SLCS at The Story Well
12 PM SLT: Nouvelle Folies at Astrid’s Nemeton
2 PM SLT: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Astrid’s Nemeton
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well

Saturday April 21st
9 AM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well
12 PM-Noon SLT: The Night Theater at Astrid’s Nemeton
2 PM SLT: Much Ado About Nothing at The Story Well
5 PM SLT: The Avilion Mer Ballet at The Story Well

Sunday April 22nd
10 AM SLT: The Luxe Girls at The Story Well
1 PM SLT: Red Hot Chilli Pipers at Astrid’s Nemeton
1 PM SLT: Sky Fire at The Story Well
3 PM SLT: DRUM at The Story Well

Monday April 23rd
1 PM SLT: Sky Alchemists at The Story Well
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well
7 PM SLT: FlyGearz at Astrid’s Nemeton

Tuesday April 24th
1 PM SLT: Roxy Temple at The Story Well
4 PM SLT: Q&Q Fearless Theater at The Story Well
7 PM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story Well

Wednesday April 25th
1 PM SLT: Sky Alchemists at The Story Well
3 PM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story Well
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well

Thursday April 26th
1 PM SLT: Changhigh Sisters Fireshow at The Story Well
4 PM SLT: Q & Q Fearless Theater at The Story Well
7 PM SLT: Sky Fire at The Story Well

Friday April 27th
11 AM SLT: Changhigh Sisters Fireshow at The Story Well
12 PM-Noon SLT: Nouvelle Folies at Astrid’s Nemeton
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well
9 PM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story Well

Saturday April 28th
7 AM SLT: MaHal at The Story Well
9 AM SLT: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Astrid’s Nemeton
10 AM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story WEll
12 PM-Noon SLT: SLCS at The Story Well
1 PM SLT: Red Hot Chilli Pipers at Astrid’s Nemeton
3 PM SLT: The Avilion Mer Ballet at The Story Well
4 PM SLT: FlyGearz at Astrid’s Nemeton

Sunday April 29th
12 AM SLT: The Night Theater at Astrid’s Nemeton
9 AM SLT: Much Ado About Nothing at The Story Well

Cossette comes to the stage on Monday!

Show & Lounge cossette'
2018.4.23 (Mon) 7:00 PDT (23:00 Japan time)

Here we are cossette' is all about excellent harmony of music, stage and dance.
Please come down to the show and enjoy our expressive performance on stage!

1. Kazusa Yoshikawa
2. Clau Dagger
3. Kazusa Yoshikawa
4. Clau Dagger

Come see the show!!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's MONARCHS!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO!
It's dates and times for The Monarchs' upcoming sim-wide production of SUPERHEROES.

Friday, April 20th 9pm
Saturday, April 21st 3pm
Friday, April 27th 9pm
Saturday, April 28th 3pm

Monarchs Landing Point!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Highlight Reel

(Trying something different this week. Might make a habit out of it.)

There were a lot of shows this past week. Here's some highlights from some of them.

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Debauche - April 15 2018

Debauche - April 15 2018

Moonstone - April 15 2018

Club Image - April 15 2018

Club Image - April 15 2018

Debauche - April 14 2018

Debauche - April 14 2018

Nouveau Ensemble - April 14 2018

Nouveau Ensemble - April 14 2018

Nouveau Ensemble - April 14 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

That's it for this week. Now get out there and make even more awesome acts... (but it's okay to rerun some awesome acts if you're tired).

Club Image - April 15 2018

I'll bring my camera.

Who else out there's been shooting photos of dance performance this week? Share your links in the comments.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Club Image this Sunday

IMAGE open this Sunday 
April 15

...... ♥ * Line up for this Sunday*♥.......
1. Diawa Belli "Switch Back" with Yougao
2. Xia xete "Forest Concert"
3. Setsuna Hirano "Bohemian dream"
4. HANKU Babii "Xbir"
5. Sakura "Ride On ver2" ★Remake★
☆Team Dance☆ Diawa Bellic "Crazy Cowboy"

DJ: HANKU Babii☆.。.:*・゜

Come enjoy the magic!

Friday, April 13, 2018

I hate you, Google Chrome. I really, really hate you.

More tips that aren't exactly related to dance, but still might make your day go easier so you can concentrate on dance stuff...

Some people use Firefox.
Some people use Safari.
And some people like Internet Explorer. (I have no idea why. Snap out of it, people!)

Me, I use Google Chrome. Do you?
Well, this post might be helpful to you.

Every now and then, Google likes to slip experimental features into its Chrome browser.

Most of those experimental features are helpful. Some of them aren't, but Google has the sense not to introduce them in a manner that disrupts my normal habits.

The new Emoji & Smileys feature, well, to me it's useless and it sucks, and it disrupts my normal habits.

Normally, when I want to launch a new tab from a link, I right-click the link and select Open Link in New Tab. It's the first option in the list.

(Sure, I could Control-Click it for a new tab or Shit-Click it for a new window, but I wrecked my left elbow five years ago, and even after I had it rebuilt and went through physical therapy, I got into the habit of doing everything one-handed with the mouse or trackpad.)

However, now when I right-click...

The first option is that stupid Emoji & Symbols, and I find myself looking at a pad full of idiotic smileys instead of opening a Marketplace link or SLURL in a new tab.


After popping this damn thing up a few times, I got pissed off and Googled "hide emoji and symbols option chrome" and found the gHacks site.

I navigated to the appropriate flag...

And I disabled that stupid setting and reset Chrome.

Emoji & Symbols begone! And, for the first time in a long time, I smiled.

(A real smile, not some goddamned emoji smile.)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

George may not be a very good pirate, but he's great at taking notes...

Okay, another handy tip...

I get told a lot of things that I need to remember, but I don't always have pen and paper handy or I can't quite get to that right now.

Of course, I could yell "SIRI, MAKE A NOTE OF BLAH BLAH BLAH" and there's no way in Hell that she'll get any of it right. Because Siri is a freaking idiot. ("Playing Walk The Moon..." "NOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN IT!")

I could put things in a Notecard, but you can't content-search Notecards in Second Life. Sure, you can give it a meaningful title. It'll stand out from all those New Notecards I have in a pile in my IMPORTANT SHIT! subfolder.

Searching through log files is a chore. I'm going to have to sort through five years of your jibber-jabber to find that one thing I need to know? Seriously?

Add it to the Notes section of that person's Profile? I never look at that crap. And it doesn't help when you're trying to remember who does something that you're needing right now... are you going to open up everybody's Notes sections? And, let's face it, if they're not on your friends list, or they defriended you, now you have to dig through Search or your Contact Sets list and find them and... oh, why bother?

So, I came up with an easier way.

Anything that's relevant and I need to remember, I tack on a few helpful hashtags to the text (#dance #storytelling #fiveislands #idiot #georgethepirate, etc.) and send it in an IM to my alt. I have quick access to my alt through the Partner field... bring up my profile, click my alt's name, and click IM. And my alt is pre-configured to forward everything to an email that auto-forwards to a secondary inbox in my primary email account. (Google "subaddessing")

The email arrives in Gmail, and I can add emails or phone numbers to my Contacts, URLs to my Chrome Bookmarks, important events to my Google Calendar, and so on. Then, I can drop the email in a sub-folder based on whatever the bit of information was about... storytelling, dance, etc. Or I move it to my primary Inbox so it's right there, screaming at me to get done NOW NOW NOW NOW. (Yes, I've used this for grocery lists. Go ahead. Judge me, but I put fewer post-it notes through the wash as of late.)

Unlike Notecards in SL, search in Gmail is content-searchable. And you can mark things with labels and such. Or shove the information into a folder in Google Drive. (Yes, it's called IMPORTANT SHIT! there too.)

What tips and tricks to you use with Second Life that you find helpful?

Two Debauche shows this weekend!

Saturday 14th April 1pm SLT

Debauche return once again to the beautiful Tryst Ballroom. Such a grand, wonderful theater in which to dance. We sincerely hope you join us and enjoy both the show and the surroundings. Truly breathtaking - both.
Debauche - A little naughty, a lot sexy and ALWAYS CLASSY!!!

Come find out for yourself

Sunday 15th April 1pm SLT

Debauche travel to a brand new venue this weekend. Its always so exciting to step into the unknown but the people there are so lovely.
The theater is beautiful, the setting lovely. Cannot wait to be there. Won't you join us?
Debauche at Shadow Lands

Join us in the Shadow Lands!

Breezes Dancers

Breezes Dancers will be performing their show We Can Dance at Breezes Theatre on Saturday 14 April at 1pm slt.

This is a show of 6 Acts and lasts about 1 hour.
There will be a party for approximately 1 hour after the show for everyone to enjoy some dancing fun.

Title: Breezes Dancers show We Can Dance
Where: Breezes Theatre on Riviera Island
Date: Saturday 14 April 2018
Time: 1pm slt
DressCode: Formal/semi formal

Your limo awaits!



Friday the 13th at 10 PM!

It may be Friday the 13th but it’s still Friday and a reason to dance!!
We are so excited to be back on the Pit stage Friday night performing at 10 pm! We hope you will be there to welcome us! We have a couple of things tucked into our corsets to keep you amused and entertained because we missed you! Special shout out to Chrissy Rhiano who will be directing this week!

An amazing line up of fun, creative, and original acts all performed by your favorite Guerilla dancers! Mark the date, make your plans and meet us at the theater doors for the 10 pm Guerilla Burlesque dancing in the PITS!

Doors open at 9 pm for those who like to arrive early and interact with their favorite dancers!

See YOU in the Pits!
Here's Your Ride!

Photo by Chryblnd Scribe
Dancer is Brandee Snoodle

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dyslexia Font for Firestorm users

I know a lot of people out there have Dyslexia.

WikiPedia's article on Dyslexia says the following:
Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder, is characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence. Different people are affected to varying degrees. Problems may include difficulties in spelling words, reading quickly, writing words, "sounding out" words in the head, pronouncing words when reading aloud and understanding what one reads.
WikiPedia's article suggests a potential remedy for some forms of Dyslexia:
There is some evidence that the use of specially-tailored fonts may help with dyslexia. These fonts, which include Dyslexie, OpenDyslexic, and Lexia Readable, were created based on the idea that many of the letters of the Latin alphabet are visually similar and may, therefore, confuse people with dyslexia. Dyslexie and OpenDyslexic both put emphasis on making each letter more distinctive in order to be more easily identified. The benefits, however, might simply be due to the added spacing between words.
Firestorm viewer has a built-in font for this. You can either read their excellent documentation or follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Preferences menu (Control-P or Avatar - Preferences).
  2. Click the User Interface tab.
  3. Click the Font sub-tab.
  4. Select Dyslexia from the Font Scheme drop down menu.
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. Restart Firestorm.

You may need to increase the size of your fonts to get the full benefits. That you can do with the Font Size option, for which Firestorm also has excellent documentation.

(I added font size controls to my Quick Preferences menu, which I demonstrated a while back on the blog.)

And if you'd like to use the free Dyslexie font for all of Windows:

  1. Go to the Dyslexie Font home page
  2. Click Order.
  3. Click Home.
  4. Select your country and select the Home 1-user options.
  5. Click Next Step.
  6. Enter the requested information to create an account. (I hate it when forms make you say that you're not a robot. Very discriminatory against robots.)
  7. Click Checkout.
  8. Check your email, click the Go To link.
  9. Enter your email and password.
  10. Under Download Dyslexie font, click Download.
  11. Click Download Dyslexie Font (Regular).
  12. Go to your Downloads folder in Windows.
  13. Right click the font and select Install.
That should install the font to Windows, and you can hit F1 and search for the appropriate menus in which you can change display fonts. Or, you can ask Cortana, and she'll prove how much more useless than the already-useless Siri is at actually doing useful and helpful things.

What other helpful tools and tips and workarounds do y'all out there use?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ballet Pixelle - "Avatara"

Ballet Pixelle - "Avatara"

Opening Sunday April 15th at 5 pm SLT and every Wednesday and Sunday at 5 through June 13
Ballet Pixelle® will open its production of "Avatara" on Sunday, April 15 at 5:00 pm SLT, Join us for this original composition of virtual dance! What if a real world dancer could dance in a virtual world? What movements would be the same or different? What kinds of different beings could she be? What would be the same? And how would that dancer be changed after her experience? 

Performances are Wednesdays at 5:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm SLT throughout April in the Ballet Pixelle Theatre. Audience dancing at the after-show party every performance! Join us for an evening of delights. 

Chat with the performers and crew after the performance for autographs, photos, and a question & answer session.
Formal dress expected.
Your Limo to the Event!

Monday, April 9, 2018



After lots of planning, preparing, and a move, Harleyquin Workshops are back!  Fresh and new!

Next 3 workshops are below.  NO pre-registration is required and EVERYONE is welcome!  All classes are drop-in, but don't be late!  The sim will be closed five minutes after the posted start time.

What's coming next!

- Sat Apr 21st –  * 3 pm slt *
Performance Director Class 3:  Advanced, Making it Sing

You have the basics down - in this workshop we play with additional features and possible ways to use them!  Load another routine notecard, derez your set, other ways to use groups, starting animations....and anything else we can think of!  We're even going to touch on layering!
** Requires experience in creating a full PD routine

- Tues Apr 24th – 5 pm slt
An Introduction to Dance & Choreography in SL

Have the passion and desire to create your own dance, want to unveil the magic of how a choreographer creates, but not sure where to begin?  Together we cover those first steps, considerations, and building a strong foundation.

- Sat Apr 28th – * 3 pm slt *
Particles for Performance

What types are there?  How can you control them?  When and how they can add impact to your dance.  Includes demonstrations and bonus extras.

Want to see what's on the schedule?  Go here!

Additional info and Landmark will be coming soon!

Please note:  You MUST attend the workshop to receive any workshop handouts.

Yours in dancing,
~ Eva

Chicago the Musical by Muse Dance Company

Chicago Musical
Sunday April 22nd and Sunday May 6th at 10 am SLT

Join the Muse Dance Company for this dance musical Chicago. A satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice and the concept of the "celebrity criminal". You don't wanna miss this one!
Choreographed by Anu Papp and Cordelia Cerise

Join the smooth criminals for the performance!

Oasis Dancers in April

The Oasis Dancers have the following shows coming up in April, so mark your calendars with popcorn and fun!

Oasis Dancers
Saturday, April, 14th
12 pm SLT (21:00 MEZ)

Oasis Dancers and Debauche
Saturday, April, 21st
12 pm SLT (21:00 MEZ)

Debauche and Oasis Dancers
Sunday, April, 29th
12 pm SLT (21:00 MEZ)
Slide on down to Debauche The Stage

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Kiki's Burlesque Upcoming Shows

Here is the schedule for the upcoming shows for Kiki's Burlesque so you can mark your calendar in pink and sparkles.

APRIL 2018
SUNDAY APRIL 8, 2018  12:00PM NOON 
SUNDAY APRIL 15, 2018   5:30PM SLT
SUNDAY APRIL 29, 2018   6:00PM SLT

MAY 2018
MONDAY MAY 14, 2018  6:PM SLT
SUNDAY MAY 20, 2018   12:00PM NOON
SUNDAY MAY 27, 2018   7:00PM SLT

Ohh LaLA Show Girls
Live Burlesque Show
Casual to Formal  Attire