Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burlesque Bootcamp

Burlesque Bootcamp 120229

Vivienne Dufaux sent us this invitation ...


The Naughty Box  Burlesque Theatre with the Dufaux School of Burlesquery (and other party tricks) presents  BURLESQUE BOOTCAMP, March 7 & 14, 6-9pm, and March 12 & 14, 12-3pm

Due to RL circumstances, this may be the last class till later in the year!  Don't miss out!
Burlesque Bootcamp is a two-day workshop for the blossoming bombshell, the aspiring starlet or the downright diva, taught by real life burlesquer Vivienne Dufaux.   I hope burlesque will inspire you, give you a confidence regardless of your age, body shape and size, add some spark to your love life and help you find your inner diva!  You will:

-- Learn burlesque's unique history in a multimedia presentation (everything SL has taught you is probably untrue!)

--  See firsthand that burlesque is for EVERY woman regardless of size and shape

-- Develop a character

-- Create your act with costumes, props and music

--  Graduate with a performance on the Naughty Box stage

Door prizes from  amazing burlesque outfitters to be announced!!
Gifts for  everyone who graduates!

***Class size is very limited! 
***Class cost is $300 for both days ($200 for one day)
***Access to SL voice and/or Skype required to hear the class, your voice participation is optional, but encouraged.  Your questions and participation are very welcome!
***Ability to view video media helpful
***RSVP required, as access to the public will be blocked.

Please request invite by notecard, payment required by  Tuesday, March 6 at midnight.

Soul Awakening - "Waking Up" Part 1

Soul Awakening - "Waking Up" Part 1 120229

Natalina Devinna sent us this video ...


"Soul awakening", a dance company in SL , represent the dance film " Waking Up" .. idea was to move the show from virtual stage to the virtual environment of the Second life.
Idea and Concept of the film by Artistic Director - Natalina DeVinna
Native American dance : song "Medicine for Mather Earth"
Choreography & Tutor of Dance -Natalina Devinna
Solo-dance performed and choreography by Ric Lyle.
Dancers : Aminata Potez, Felicia Ibanez, Halfpint Raymaker, Natalina Devinna, Ric Lyle, Soul Awakening

Street dance: music Roisin Murphy - Ramalama
Choreography & Tutor of Dance - Halfpint Raymaker
Dancers : Aminata Potez, Felicia Ibanez, Halfpint Raymaker, Natalina Devinna
Machinima by Soul Awakening

I hope you all enjoy this peace I found it to be very interesting and heard the same from other Native Americans as well. Also we use :
Chief Speaks On 2012 Lie
Real Maya Prediction of 2012 !
Native American Prophecy Chief Red Cloud about Earths Destruction

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MYST Dancers Announce Show

MYST Dancers Announce Show 120228

SkydiverPeni Fall sent us this announcement ...

Publicity: "Waking Up" by Soul Awakening

Publicity: "Waking Up" by Soul Awakening 120228

Natalina  DeVinna sent us this video and write up of the latest Soul Awakening production "Waking Up."


"Soul awakening" represent the dance film " Waking Up" .. idea was to move the show from virtual stage to the virtual reality environment of the Second life..

Idea and Concept by Artistic director - Natalina DeVinna

"Mad World" solo-dance and choreography by Ric Lyle.
thank you volunteers for creating a real crowd on the street ;oD :
Bolt Bashy, Timm Quintessa, Aria Viper, Halfpint Raymaker, aminata Potez, Ric Lyle
Felicia Ibanez, Satine Heart, Joel Zon, Bella Garnet, Granttagamemnon Resident, ctss3xxy arun, Jon Harlow, Pema Bosatu, Mariposa Rayna, Ruby Kuiper, Nicolina Cale , Katlene Niven
Monique Voir, Zap Zhong

"Waking up " solo-dance and choreography by MikhailBaryshnikov Resident
Soul Awakening Resident voice by Snordelhans who've redacted adaptation of Zen Gardner's Piece; "You Are The Battlefield!" to be found at
Thank you Snordelhans and Zen, for who you are.

Native American's dance ""Yeha-Noha -Whishes of Happiness and Prosperity"
choreography by Natalina Devinna
Dancers are : Felicia Ibanez, Halfpint Raymaker,Natalina Devinna, Ric Lyle, Soul Awakening

Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Make Sequences from the Database

How to Make Sequences from the Database 120227

Many of us who have been dancing for a while have gone through the challenge of learning to make dance sequences. The process is described in the Sequenced Choreography post. We are still going through the analysis of Category 4 Dance HUDs, so for now I will use the Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe as the example of how to make a quick sequence from the DANCE QUEENS database.

As you know, sequenced choreography is either for a specific song or for a specific speed of songs. The method described below is for making sequences for a speed only.


How to Make Sequences from the Database

  1. Open the database by clicking on 'Dance Database' in the upper right of any page on the DANCE QUEENS blog. This opens the Dance Database page.
  2. Click on the red "Spreadsheet" link, which takes you to the database as a spreadsheet.
  3. Now, select a dance that you like. The easiest to do is a dance that is part of a series. As an example, I want to make a macarena dance sequence, and I started with My-MACARENA-01, which is a dance from MyAnimation.
  4. Find the dance you like in the database. The dances and animations are in alphabetical order so scroll down to My-MACARENA-01|23.38|. Any dance in the database that has the loop time time already determined is entered as the dance name plus the time separated by the "|" symbol.
  5. Enter the dance name from the database on a notecard line like this:


    The [NAME] command is only to put a name for your sequence in your HUD. The name I chose was Macarena.
  6. Now choose another similar dance. If you know similar dances in terms of speed or style add them the same way. In the example I just chose the next two macarena dances from MyAnimation (My-MACARENA-02|23.81| and My-MACARENA-03|23.56|) to give:

  7. When you are done, add the REPEAT command if you want the sequence to repeat:

  8. Enter the sequence in your notecard and you have made a quick sequence in five minutes or less. If you want to adjust the times, do so.
Now, you can make sequences in a hurry.


Henmations Offers New TABLE DANCE

Henmations Offers New TABLE DANCE 120227

Hendrik Schroeder announced to day in the Henmations group the following...


We are proud to show you this new Product thats brings the change to any kind of Tabledance on Secondlife. Tabledance becomes a real Showdance now, Tabledance is Burlesque...  Watch the teaser video of our brand new Tabledance Series now on youtube:   See you on Saturday

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Video of Choreography Show

Video of Choreography Show 120226

Darx Taurus posted this video from the choreography show yesterday ...

Dangerous Spam on the DQ Group IM

Dangerous Spam on the DQ Group IM 120226

Today we had an event on the DANCE QUEENS group IM that you need to be aware of. I have copied the group IM then the followup ...



[09:41] Lillian Nansen: go see my clothes that I did :)
[09:41] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): is this one of those phishing scams?
[09:42] ℬellydancing Flower (aquilegia.gossipgirl): lol probably
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: i just tried to contact lillian and she is now off line
[09:42] ℬellydancing Flower (aquilegia.gossipgirl): it could be Reported though... LL can ban this IP
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: i will do what i always do when we get spam like this
[09:42] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): oh crap
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: 1 i remove the spammer from the DQ list
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: 2 i go to the vendor and complain
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: 3 if it continues i file and abuse report
[09:43] Nottoo Wise: sorry u ahd to get it
[09:44] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): filed an AR
[09:44] ℬellydancing Flower (aquilegia.gossipgirl): this is phishing attempt ... this avatar account must be Reported. LL can track IP and ban it
[09:46] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): the person probably hijacked that account....that is probably not the real person doing the phishing
[09:55] Lillian Nansen: go see my clothes that I did :)
[09:55] Nottoo Wise: sorry this is continuing
[09:55] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): phish!
[09:55] Nottoo Wise: the address is not marketplace
[09:55] Deb Heron: don't go to that address ..
[09:55] Nottoo Wise: if u click on it it takes u to a secondlife appearring site
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: i did it and entered my username and password
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: thinking it was marketplace
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: it is not
[09:56] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): I changed my password, did it too
[09:56] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): better change your password quick
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: as a result i fgave this spammer my password
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: i just changed it
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: if u went there change ur password immediately
[09:57] Nottoo Wise: i am incontact with concierge servie now
[09:57] Nottoo Wise: to get SL on it immediately
[09:59] Deb Heron: changed my password
[09:59] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): Great Nottoo


Concierge Services

Chat Started: 02-26-2012 13:08:30
Chat Log:
LizaC: Hi my name is Liza! Welcome to Linden Lab chat support. I might be handling several chats at the same time so please state your issue and I will be right with you :)
You: hi liza
You: i run a group called dance queens
You: we just had a spammer put this on the grup IM
You: [09:41] Lillian Nansen: go see my clothes that I did :)
You: i usually find out who is behind it
You: and ask them to stop
You: if they dont i file an abuse report
You: but
You: this is something different
You: i went to the url
You: and it looks like SL marketplace
You: i entered my username and passowerd
You: thinking i would get to the person behind it
You: then i realized it is not SL
You: i immediately changed my password
You: and alerted the dance queens grouip to do the same
You: i think this is a means of stealoing usernames and passwords
You: i checked on altrervist using IP lookup
You: it is in italy
You: i hope u can catch these thieves and do something about this
LizaC: Hello Nottoo! I am sorry to hear about this issue! we advise residents to not click on links from people they do not know, and even if you do know them you need to make sure the link is valid and secure by comparing it to our official marketplace website or whatever website they are linking you to. I'd encourage you to advise the people in your group to not click on the link and of course file an abuse report so our governance team can investigate further on this issue
You: i have
You: but i was hoping a quick response would help u
LizaC: We dont investigate these type of issues through live chat but i do appreciate you reporting it to us as well so we can be alert of this issue. Rest assure that the Gteam will be able to take the necessary steps to prevent this from affecting residents
LizaC: In the mean time can i do anything else for you?
You: no ty


I have filed an abuse report.


More on the Dancemaster Pro

More on the Dancemaster Pro 120226

Following the posting of the note on 'Working with the DanceMaster' Bryndyn Burton, the creator of  the DM, and I had a useful conversation. He has agreed to let me share it with you minus a couple of items ... I did correct my terrible typos


[08:22] Bryndyn Burton: Hello Nottoo. Disappointed to see your review :-( I do not know what your sync problems were, but I've had people give performances with perfect sync, even under laggy conditions. You could also improve your situation by inserting sync commands immediately after a coordinated (multi-position/multi-animation) animation change, which should help that issue. As far as the dancing not matching up with the music over time... There is no system that can guarantee consistent time performance over long periods of time under laggy conditions. That said, losing 25 seconds of time over the course of a 4 minute song is not reasonable, and I suspect some other issue is at work here.
[08:23] Bryndyn Burton: But in any event, my apologies that it did not work to your satisfaction.
[08:24] Nottoo Wise: hi bryndyn xxx
[08:24] Nottoo Wise: there were nine performances
[08:24] Nottoo Wise: by different groups
[08:24] Nottoo Wise: using different systems
[08:25] Nottoo Wise: what i remember is
[08:25] Nottoo Wise: 1 group used only a huddles HUD
[08:25] Nottoo Wise: another used two synchronized huddles huds and the DB system
[08:25] Nottoo Wise: another used the TIS Pro system
[08:25] Nottoo Wise: another the barre hud
[08:25] Nottoo Wise: another the mldu5
[08:26] Nottoo Wise: the only other group that showed probs was the tis pro
[08:26] Nottoo Wise: and that may have been due to not putting the dances in the cache
[08:26] Nottoo Wise: if there is a solution to the syncing i would liove it
[08:26] Nottoo Wise: i had put a sync command in the script
[08:26] Nottoo Wise: but in practice it caused the avatars to stop briefly
[08:27] Nottoo Wise: and i felt that was not acceptable
[08:28] Nottoo Wise: the cause of the loss of time is not clear to me
[08:28] Nottoo Wise: riddle and i ran thru the performance about an hour before the show
[08:28] Nottoo Wise: with one person there in addition to us
[08:28] Nottoo Wise: and it worked perfectly
[08:28] Nottoo Wise: but in the show
[08:28] Nottoo Wise: wow
[08:28] Nottoo Wise: it was awful
[08:29] Nottoo Wise: if u want to add ur comments to my note plz do so
[08:29] Nottoo Wise: i am interested only in a products that aid dancing and i hope there is a solution
[08:31] Bryndyn Burton: My only comment is that you can't judge this from a single laggy performance. Others have worked with this system under laggy conditions (check with ___ ___ at the ___, for example) and had no problems at all. [NOTE - name removed]
[08:31] Nottoo Wise: i would like to see it work properly in lag
[08:32] Nottoo Wise: if there is a solution i will try it
[08:32] Bryndyn Burton: Even in laggy situations, the situation can fluctuate dramatically over short periods of time as people TP in and out.
[08:32] Nottoo Wise: and let people know
[08:32] Bryndyn Burton: Did you verify the problem that you saw was actually seen by others?
[08:32] Nottoo Wise: the alternatives used during the show did not show lag or almost none
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: and previous shows i have done with as many or more people i did without lag
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: so if there is something i am not doing right
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: i want to learn it
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: and correct it
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: then let people know
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: yes
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: riddle saw it too
[08:33] Nottoo Wise: and others commented on it
[08:34] Bryndyn Burton: OK, so that verifies that it was a sim-side issue, not related to your local client/network.
[08:34] Nottoo Wise: i will contact ___ and see his next performance using it if i can
[08:34] Nottoo Wise: correct
[08:35] Nottoo Wise: i also have a pretty good internet connection and a fast processor and graphics card
[08:36] Bryndyn Burton: Well.... the only way to *verify* there is actually a problem is either to do a controlled experiment in a known laggy situation, or to collect statistics of problems over time. Yours is the only report I have of problems dealing with lag.
[08:37] Nottoo Wise: i agree that a controlled experiment is the answer
[08:37] Nottoo Wise: but its not so easy to do
[08:37] Nottoo Wise: i have thought about making the same dance with several different systems
[08:37] Bryndyn Burton: No, it requires many people to do it properly.
[08:37] Nottoo Wise: and seeing how they vary with the same number of audience members
[08:38] Nottoo Wise: i will contact __ and see if he can show me what he has done
[08:39] Nottoo Wise: may i add this conversation to the blog?
[08:39] Bryndyn Burton: It's not just the number of audience members, but what degree of scripted attachments they are wearing.
[08:39] Nottoo Wise: of course
[08:40] Nottoo Wise: one of the performers had complained about the script demand on the server earlier in the show
[08:40] Nottoo Wise: when i used the region owner tools i could not see it
[08:40] Bryndyn Burton: Yes. Many performances request (some even require) attendees to remove heavily scripted stuff.
[08:41] Nottoo Wise: yes i know but these r dances who live and breathe with their dance equipment on
[08:41] Nottoo Wise: removing it is like being naked
[08:42] Nottoo Wise: may i add this conversation to the blog?
[08:42] Nottoo Wise: i would like people to hear ur comments as well as mine
[08:43] Bryndyn Burton: hmmm.... yes, although I would remove references to ___ and the ___, he didn't volunteer to get dragged into this discussion.
[08:43] Nottoo Wise: ok i will remove his name and put ___

[08:43] Bryndyn Burton: My *official* response is two-fold:
[08:45] Bryndyn Burton: 1) I'm very sorry (mortified is probably close to the truth) that you experienced problems with the system during performance. Yours are the first reported lag-related issues I have received.
[08:47] Bryndyn Burton: 2) I will be happy to work with you to address those problems that are repeatedly observable, and to fix them. That said, there is no system that can guarantee split-second timing/synchronziation of music with multiple concurrent animations under all lag conditions in SL.
[08:47] Nottoo Wise: ty bryndyn
[08:47] Nottoo Wise: i know its not fun to have criticism of ur hard work in a public forum
[08:48] Nottoo Wise: i do that becasue i feel i should tell people what i experience and at the same time try to be always fair
[08:48] Nottoo Wise: i want systems that work and will tell what i know and listen to what others say
[08:48] Nottoo Wise: but i must verify
[08:49] Nottoo Wise: so
[08:49] Nottoo Wise: may i put the conversation on the blog removing the name u requested?
[08:49] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, and remove the ___ as well.
[08:49] Nottoo Wise: of course
[08:50] Nottoo Wise: i will be happy to try to set up a perfomance of the dance riddle and i did
[08:50] Nottoo Wise: with some type of controlled experiement
[08:50] Nottoo Wise: i can invite DQ members to participate
[08:50] Nottoo Wise: there r many who want workable systems and would volunteer and hour or two to help solve the issues
[08:51] Nottoo Wise: i will be away from SL a lot over the next month
[08:51] Nottoo Wise: or two
[08:51] Nottoo Wise: but when i return i would be happy to set up something
[08:52] Bryndyn Burton: Thanks. Unfortunately, your negative review is posted on DQ very prominently in the meantime...
[08:52] Nottoo Wise: thats why i want to put this conversation on the blog
[08:52] Nottoo Wise: so people know u do not agree
[08:52] Nottoo Wise: and we r trying to figure it out
[08:53] Nottoo Wise: i cannot recommend it based on what i know now
[08:53] Nottoo Wise: but if it is an error i made i will correct it
[08:53] Nottoo Wise: if the DM needs improvement
[08:53] Nottoo Wise: u can work on it
[08:53] Bryndyn Burton: I can't even fairly say I "don't agree" Nottoo -- I simply don't have data besides your experience to indicate there is a problem.
[08:53] Nottoo Wise: eventually we both have something that works or doesnt
[08:54] Nottoo Wise: i understand
[08:54] Nottoo Wise: thats one reason for us to do an experiment
[08:54] Nottoo Wise: to see what happens
[08:54] Nottoo Wise: i suggest that we set up the show
[08:54] Bryndyn Burton: And I have seen way too many funky things happen under laggy conditions to draw a conclusion from a single experience.
[08:55] Nottoo Wise: and add audeince members
[08:55] Nottoo Wise: maybe 5 at a time
[08:55] Nottoo Wise: or start with like 40
[08:55] Nottoo Wise: and remove them
[08:55] Nottoo Wise: monitoring script times
[08:56] Bryndyn Burton: Difficult, though, to replicate... for example, everyone would have to clear cache and relog in between tests.
[08:56] Nottoo Wise: yes
[08:58] Nottoo Wise: ok i will contact ___ and learn from him
[08:58] Bryndyn Burton: Well, it would be an interesting experiment, certainly...
[08:58] Nottoo Wise: ty bryndyn xxx
[08:58] Nottoo Wise: think about it
[08:58] Nottoo Wise: and in late april we can give it a try
[08:59] Bryndyn Burton: Nottoo, if you are truly not satisfied with this system... I am more than happy to offer you a full refund.
[08:59] Nottoo Wise: hahahaah
[08:59] Nottoo Wise: no
[08:59] Nottoo Wise: the money is not improtant to me
[09:00] Nottoo Wise: finding what works and doesnt is important
[09:00] Nottoo Wise: i know im tough on u but if the system is really good
[09:00] Nottoo Wise: this will be ur best evidence
[09:00] Nottoo Wise: and u will have a lot of supporters
[09:00] Nottoo Wise: if it isnt
[09:00] Nottoo Wise: u have something to work on
[09:03] Nottoo Wise: bryndyn i have to say i felt really terrible after the show
[09:03] Nottoo Wise: i work hard on dancing and wanted to show something new and really spectacular
[09:04] Nottoo Wise: the DM in practice did it
[09:04] Nottoo Wise: although i can see much more beyond what i tried to do
[09:04] Nottoo Wise: that i could do now that i am more proficient
[09:04] Nottoo Wise: so the show results really made me upset
[09:04] Nottoo Wise: i want it to work
[09:05] Nottoo Wise: i also feel a respobnsibilty to the DQ members to say what i think
[09:05] Nottoo Wise: and why
[09:05] Nottoo Wise: so i slept on it
[09:05] Nottoo Wise: and then wrote what i did
[09:05] Bryndyn Burton: I'm not surprised you're upset, you invested a lot of work and the results came out crappy :-(
[09:06] Nottoo Wise: ok
[09:06] Bryndyn Burton: I would feel exactly the same way if I were in your situation. I'm *also* upset, but for different reasons. But being upset isn't going to solve whatever problems there are.
[09:06] Nottoo Wise: i think we have a plan to go forward
[09:07] Nottoo Wise: think about how to test the lag issue
[09:07] Nottoo Wise: i will make another sequence to do it if u want
[09:07] Nottoo Wise: i will make it using other systems too if that helps
[09:07] Nottoo Wise: i think we can get DQ members to help
[09:07] Nottoo Wise: so when i am back in april
[09:07] Nottoo Wise: we can give it a try
[09:08] Bryndyn Burton: Well, given that you have a sequence which was observed to have problems, it doesn't make sense to create another one yet and test it for lag issues. Let's start with the sequence we know already had at least one problem.
[09:08] Nottoo Wise: ok
[09:09] Nottoo Wise: i will add all this to the blog now
[09:09] Nottoo Wise: think about it
[09:09] Nottoo Wise: if u have ideas for how to test it
[09:09] Bryndyn Burton: That said, I will solicit from amongst my interest group and see if anyone has any lag-related issues they haven't reported to me.
[09:09] Nottoo Wise: i will be here until thursday
[09:09] Nottoo Wise: good idea
[09:09] Nottoo Wise: dance audiences r the toughest
[09:10] Nottoo Wise: toughest in terms of both script demands and expectations of quality performances
[09:10] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, no doubt of that...
[09:11] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[09:11] Nottoo Wise: c u later :-)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Henmations Raffle

Henmations Raffle 120225

Hendrik Schroeder announced the following in the Henmations Group today ...


Enjoy another round of our group exclusive Raffle, this weeks price is our famous "Burlesque Chair Deluxe"... Participate for FREE...

MyAnimations February Gift and Packs

MyAnimations February Gift and Packs 120225

Ramona Criss sent the following message to the MyAnimation Group today ...


 ✭✭✭ ✭✭✭ ✭✭✭ ✭✭✭ ✭✭✭ ✭✭✭


Is waiting for you and your friends in our shop.
We Released PACKS with our Latest Dances.
Huggs :)

Working with the DanceMaster

Working with the DanceMaster 120226

For the DANCE QUEENS Couples Choreography Show on 25 February 2012 I used the DanceMaster Pro to control Riddle and me. This is the first time I have used the DanceMaster and I want to give you my impressions.


Overall, I see the DanceMaster (DM) as offering the broadest control of a dance performance of all the choices available (with a few buts). The DM allows control of avatar position, dance sequencing and avatar movement with a note card script. You can buy controllers for up to 24 dancers. I do not know of any other single system that allows such control of these most important functions for putting on a dance show.

In other words you can actually make a play or a musical with dancers moving precisely and dancing the right dances without jumps. WOW ... nirvana.


The DM offers additional features such as rezzing, adding visual effects (poofers), speaking in green colored chat and connecting to other devices. Yummy (Lat Lovenkraft) is working on connecting the DM to RestrainedLove, which will allow the DM to control things like outfit changes.

Other positives are the seller (and DQ member), Bryndyn Burton, is very helpful and available for questions. There is an impressive amount of detailed help information.


You place your animations in the DM like you would in a HUD. Control is done with three note cards:
  1. Formations - This defines the position of the dancers relative to a central point
  2. Dances - This defines the dances that are used
  3. Script - This defines the sequence of events including dances for each dancer, position of each dancer, movement of each dancer from one position to another and the time for each action.
Once you have it set up, one click does it all.


I have learned a lot of dance equipment in my five+ years of dancing and feel I can figure out almost anything. The DM is the most challenging system I have learned by far. I spent 125 hours making the the single dance sequence for the choreography show and it has lots of things I don't like such as bad transitions. If I had used a system I knew, such as two Huddles or the XPOSE, I would have spent maybe 25 hours on the sequence and done almost as well. Now that I have learned the basics, I think I could do my next show in maybe twice the time of other systems, but it would also be a much better show with the DM.

A second but is one of concern to some dance groups. The DM is owned by one person. This means that all of the dances must be purchased by one person and the management is by one person. Groups that like to share choreography will find this a problem.

Another but is that the DM is not copyable. Although you can put multiple shows in one DM, I do not want to do that. I want something I can rezz for a specific show and not have to figure out which note card goes where. For me this means I have to buy a new DM for each show.

The last but is that in a few areas there may be capacity issues. I think that I can work around them all, but for a big show this is another thing to worry about


The next show I am planning to choreograph is for the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V coming up this summer (I hope). This will be a 45-minute play called 'Riddle in Cyberspace.' I will use the DM. The benefits far outweigh the negatives, especially since I have gotten over much of the learning curve.

If you are really serious about putting on shows that have movements of multiple avatars on a precise time sequence, learn the DM. If you are doing group dancing and don't mind avatar jumps or some mismatches, save yourself a boatload of frustration and do not learn it.



The above note was written before the show. My conclusions changed dramatically after using the DM in the show. Here are my observations and what my thinking is now.


Well you certainly learn by doing. Since this was my first experience with the DanceMaster Pro, I did not know what effect sim lag would have on it. Unfortunately, it is highly impacted by lag. The result was that the timing of the dances was completely wrong and the show did not have even close to the result I was looking for. At the time there were 39 avatars on the sim, which is far less than during the Dance Festival we had last year. The timing showed itself in two ways. First, I had worked hard to have Riddle and me synced to the tenths of a second. Unfortunately, at no time during the actual show were we in sync at all even though I had gotten the dances into every one's cache by running through the dances during the prelude.

Second, I had designed the avatar movement to coincide with the music, so that the movement reflected specific points in the song. Over the course of a four-minute song the script lost about 25 seconds. The result was that no movements coincided with the music and we were still on stage dancing when we should have been off-stage. The result was a disaster.

So, after actually learning the DM and using it in a relatively laggy performance, I cannot recommend it. Until the lag issues can be addressed, I recommend the DanceMaster only for times when the crowd is small or you are making a video. I hope the lag issues can be fixed because the DM is the first system I have seen that offers complete control for a performance.

Q & A - Huddles Error Message

Q & A - Huddles Error Message 120225

The following question was asked on a post recently:

"i keep getting this error... what do i do??? EZ Animator: Could not recognize token on line 0: [*LMFAO]S4D_Funky_117. This may mean that this notecard is in the wrong format. Please refer here for more help: on"


When you use brackets [xxx] in a Huddles line, the HUD looks for a specific command such as the [NAME] or [REPEAT] command. The way you have written this line is to identify what I think is the name of your sequence. Try doing it this way:

[NAME]*LMFAO|S4D_Funky_117|23| ...

This identifies a sequence named *LMFAO that starts with dance S4D_Funky_117 that runs for 23 seconds.

If you had written it differently:


you would start with the dance *LMFAO and immediately go to dance S4D_Funky_117.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Q & A - Finding Dances

Q & A - Finding Dances 120223

The following question was asked on a post recently:

"hi ty for the info, but i would like to know where i can find these 2 anims please. "waiting dance" and "sultry down body" "


For any specific animation the first place to look for information about it is the Dance Database, which you can find in the upper right corner of any DANCE QUEEN blog page. Open the Dance database page and click on the link to get an alphabetical listing of all the animations added so far. Included in the list is the maker. You can find SLURLS to the makers on the Dance Maker page also in the upper right.

The database is never complete and you can add data by contacting me (Nottoo Wise).

There were two specific dances that were asked about in the question, waiting dance and sultry down body.

I must have been confusing in the description of waiting dance. It is not a specific dance with that name, rather it is the use of a dance. This is a dance I use between songs so I look sexy while waiting. I personally like rythm6 as a waiting dance. Other choices for waiting dances are AKEYO_groove2-BE_02, AKEYO_groove3-BE_01, dance 14, wiggle dancing 1 - Abranimations, wiggle dancing 2 - Abranimations, listening 1 - Abranimations, listening 2 - Abranimations, listening 3 - Abranimations. I also send out waiting sequences occasionally to Dance Queen members in the Daily Notice.

Sultry Down Body is a NON-LOOPED dance of 2.0 seconds in length. I use this dance to transiton from one dance to another dance, if the two dances do not transiton well. As a DANCE QUEEN you avoid jumpy or jerky motions. This transition dance helps you do that. Unfortunately, I have found it only inside the Sexy Dance HUD from Abranimations. So if you want this one, you have to get that HUD and take the dance from inside it. I have made a free substitute for Sultry Down Body called DQ001 (in the Free Stuff box at Dance Central), which is also 2.0 seconds.

Hot Pepper Steppers Do James Bond

Hot Pepper Steppers Do James Bond 120223

Iliandra Allen sent us this invitation ...


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Choreography Show II Invitation

Choreography Show II Invitation 120220

The second DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show is set for this coming Saturday, 25 February at 2:00 pm. All DANCE QUEENS members are invited. In fact, everyone is invited.

This show is for demonstrating Couples Dancing. Eight different couples will dance for you and let you peek behind the scene to see how they do it. Here is the schedule:

2:00 Jeni Luik and Thom Caramel - STAGE AREA 1
2:10 Diddy Hyun and Rayzza Rubble -  STAGE AREA 2
2:20 Bubble Roffo and Jam Xurina -  STAGE AREA 3
2:30 Felicia Ibanez and Ric Lyle -  STAGE AREA 4
2:40 Diawa Bellic and her Di4 Dancer -  STAGE AREA 1
2:50 Riddlebox Ribble and Nottoo Wise - STAGE AREA 2
3:00 Open
3:10 Maxmum Panache and Kiriam MacIntyre -  STAGE AREA 4
3:20 Psyche Lunasea and Yoichi Illios -  STAGE AREA 1

The show will be at When you arrive look for the dispenser with the details of the dances and/or sequences plus the comments by each couple.

Riddle will be the Master of Ceremonies and run the stream and each couple will present whatever they want during their ten minutes. We hope to video each performance and put the details on the blog sometime after the show.

Saturday, February 18, 2012



Xanthia Lisle sent us this invitation ...


DATE: Saturday, 2/18/12
WHERE: Moulin Rouge Main Street

Come one!  Come all!  The Moulin Rouge Circus is in Town this weekend!  Please join us at the original Moulin Rouge in Second Life as we celebrate our 7th year Anniversary in Second Life with a Street Festival.  We will have a night of dancing, partying, acrobats, jugglers, clowns, parades, live acts and great music.  We will have booths set up and stages at both ends of the street. 

Here is the Line up of the Event.
5PM - "Défilé du Cirque" by Moulin Rouge Revue Dancers & DJ Sunset
5:30PM - DJ Sunset at the Street Festival
6PM - DJ Sunset at the Street Festival
6:30PM - Joaquin Gustav
7PM - Bloody Pirate Band
7:30pm - Bloody Pirate Band
8PM - Potlatch Foggarty
8:30pm - Potlatch Foggarty

Henmations Completes Arabian Dance Series

Henmations Completes Arabian Dance Series 120218

Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations sent this notice to his group today ...


Lots of new Dance Releases!
Sat, Feb 18 2012 1:45:51 AM PST

We just released the final Part of our famous Arabian Dance Series with another 30 Dance Animations. Enjoy all Sub-Genres of Bellydancing now including Voi Dance, Sabre Dance, Isis Dance, new Floor Bellydances, Dance Packs, the new Bellydance HUD and the Arabic Queen HUD for professional Dancers.


Dear Customers,

we are proud to announce the Release of the FINAL Part of our popular Arabic Dance Series with another 30 Animations!
Enjoy the most authentic Arabic Dances, that now cover all Sub-Genres of Bellydancing.
This includes:
Voi Dances - that look awesome together with nice silk fences or fire particles.
Sabre Dances - seriously a "must have" for any arabic Dance Show (with free Sabre attachment).
Isis Dances - this pack is finally completed.. works wonderful with flexi Isis Wing Attachments.

Bellydance Pack II - another set of 15 outstanding Bellydances, with several floor dances.
DC Bellydance HUD - Dance Control HUD loaded and configured with 30 outstanding Bellydances

DC Arabic Queen HUD - Dance Control HUD loaded with 45 Bellydances, 5 Sabre Dances, 5 Isis Dances, 5 Voi Dances and 5 Saidi Dances.

Because of HENMATIONS 5 years anniversary, theres still one unreleased Bellydance available for FREE... !

Enjoy your Weekend and have a nice Dance :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dance Resources: Samba

Dance Resources: Samba 120217

Samba is a Brazilian dance and originating in Bahia and with its roots in Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) and Africa via the West African slave trade and African religious traditions. It is recognized around the world as a symbol of Brazil and the Brazilian Carnaval. Carnaval is called Mardi Gras in some places.

Dance Category and Style:  Latin Category, Samba Style



RL Samba Videos: These videos give you an idea of what Samba looks like
Professionsal -
Carnaval Samba Competition -
Samba Parade -

RL Samba Clothing: Half the fun of Samba is what you wear

Samba Websites:
Wiki -
Wiki -
World Samba -
About -



Samba Dances in SL: List of 55 Samba dances in SL

Samba Outfits in SL: SL Marketplace List

Samba Ideas: Open Search and enter Samba as the search term. Wow!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Henmations Releases Belly Dance HUD

Hendrik Schroeder announced the following in the Henmations Group today ...


We just released the DC Bellydance HUD.... loaded with 30 outstanding Bellydance Animations and powered by Dance Control V3...  full customizable, dance sequences etc...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When the Music Stops ... Stop Dancing

When the Music Stops ... Stop Dancing 120215

If you have read the article on Freestyle Choreography, you already have the concept of using a Transition Dance and a Waiting Dance (or Sequence). A Waiting Dance is simply a dance or animated pose that shows you are still moving but not dancing. It's used between songs in a club or any time you want.

If you want to stand out in a club, switching to a waiting dance or sequence between songs will make you stand out. It mirrors RL where, when the music stops, you stop dancing.

Most advanced dancers have a means of using a Transition Dance (like Sultry Down Body) at the end of the song, followed by the Waiting Dance (like rythm6). Putting these two types of dances in your HUD gives you easy access to them by clicking on the Transition Dance followed by the Waiting Dance.

Here is a picture from one of the pages on my current main HUD. On every page I have my Transition Dance (Sultry Down Body) at the top of the page. I arrange this using note cards and this is my main note card. Sultry Down Body is a 2.0 second non-looped dance that I have found is good for going from one dance to another when the dances don't match so well. I also use it at the end of songs.

At the bottom of almost every page of my main note card I also have the Waiting Dance (rythm6).

You do not have to put the Waiting Dance in your HUD. If you want to use it outside your HUD, you can. This is where animation priorities become important. My Transition Dance and Waiting Dance are both priority 4. I determined this by opening the Developer Menu (ctrl+alt+Q) and selecting Avatar, then Animation Information. This places above my head (and all the avatars near you), the animations that are active with the priority. When you start a new animation, you can see it added to the list with its priority.

So, knowing that almost all of my regular dances are priority 4 or lower, I can at any time use my Transition Dance and my Waiting Dance outside my HUD.

I can open the Waiting Dance from inventory to give the small window named Animation:rythm6 (or Animation: name of your dance). Then, when I click on Play Inworld, my Waiting Dance, rythm6, plays. You are actually still dancing the dance from your HUD, but the waiting dance has taken priority since it was the last dance activated and is equal to or higher than your HUD dance. If you are dancing a sequence from your HUD, when the next dance in the sequence begins, you will stop the Waiting Dance, and return to your sequence.

This idea of how to use animation priorities also applies to couples dancing whether you use the TIS Hybrid or INTAN. Most couples dances are one animation for the male and one for the female that just loops. You can override the couples animation with your Waiting Dance. One idea is to put you and your partner on your HUD, then when the music stops, you can click on your Waiting Dance. A few couples dances are multiple animations for the female and male. In this case, just like with sequences, when the next animation in the sequence starts you will again dance.

You can even use the external Waiting Dance when you are on someone else's HUD.

So, there you have it. When the music stops ... Stop Dancing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who Introduced MOCAP to SL?

Who Introduced MOCAP to SL? 120214

I know after reading DarkMoon Lilliehook's note, this burning question had to be answered. I sent a note to Dave Bellman of Animazoo and here is his response ...

"Hi Nottoo, 

For the record, no, I wasn't the first to use mocap in SL - there were a couple of people selling very low grade ones when I started (probably just randomly downloaded from the Internet, really aweful quality). I believe Sine Wave and I started around the same time, although he may have been just ahead of me..."


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Conversation with Darkmoon Lilliehook

I had an interesting conversation with Darkmoon Lilliehook over several hours today that answered my questions about his store DMC. Here it is ...


[00:08] DarkMoon Lilliehook: Hi there.. just watching at your website and see some things that arent correct..  sine wave wasnt the first one that released mocap dances.. they bought their mocap system from animazoo who was the first that introduced mocap to SL -- next thing: even the newer couple dances from Bits and Bobs arent made using mocap.. all these are made by hand using poser, only the new copy/trans licensed builder animations are made using mocap -- last thing i saw: u wrote that i (DMC) sometimes sell lower than the creators, which isnt correct.. we sell at the same prices, intan ready ones are a bit more expensive except the creator offers them for the same price. Would be also nice if u could write that we offer all common couple dances here.. we now also do solos and pole dances


[04:55] Nottoo Wise: hi dark :-)
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: sorry i was sleeping when u wrote
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: ty for ur note
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: and information
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: i will ask dave bellman and confirm the correction of the first MOCAP maker
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: one thing i have never understood is how u make money at ur store
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: selling at the same price as the maker
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: unless u have an arrangement with weach one
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: each
[04:57] Nottoo Wise: anyway i will correct the entry
[04:57] Nottoo Wise: :-)


[07:34:22] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes i get a small commission, also the intan ready ones are a little bit more expensive as we need to work on them. But the dances are more to attract the customers so they come to my store, i also sell my own things like solo dance balls, dance poles, pre-loaded intans
[07:35:21] Nottoo Wise: hi DM :-)
[07:35:33] Nottoo Wise: ty i had always wondered how u made money
[07:35:33] DarkMoon Lilliehook: hi there..
[07:35:39] Nottoo Wise: if u will let me
[07:35:50] Nottoo Wise: i would like to put ur comments on the DANCE QUEENS blog
[07:35:54] DarkMoon Lilliehook: mainly with my own pre-loaded intans etc.. dances is only to get the masses here
[07:36:02] DarkMoon Lilliehook: sure
[07:36:07] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[07:36:12] DarkMoon Lilliehook: nice site btw.. i bet it was a lot work
[07:36:20] Nottoo Wise: hahaha
[07:36:25] Nottoo Wise: yes but i love dancing
[07:36:33] Nottoo Wise: and ive found a lot of otherse who do too
[07:37:10] DarkMoon Lilliehook: btw.. i forwarded the stolen dance list or how u call it to sine waves manager via email.. in the short past they have acted on the ones i named them
[07:37:24] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes i do, but i prefer couple dancing lol
[07:37:24] Nottoo Wise: i hope u have success
[07:37:26] Nottoo Wise: i havent
[07:37:35] DarkMoon Lilliehook: hm?
[07:37:41] DarkMoon Lilliehook: ah
[07:37:45] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes partially
[07:37:50] Nottoo Wise: but i havent sent an email
[07:38:01] Nottoo Wise: only IMs and notecards
[07:38:03] Nottoo Wise: five times
[07:38:13] DarkMoon Lilliehook: they dont reach the right persons
[07:38:29] Nottoo Wise: ive concluded that or they dont care
[07:39:08] DarkMoon Lilliehook: the 'boss' isnt there since a long time.. he has employees doing that.. and u can imagine how those work
[07:39:16] Nottoo Wise: hahahaah
[07:39:20] Nottoo Wise: yes not too well
[07:39:26] DarkMoon Lilliehook: exactly
[07:39:46] Nottoo Wise: anyway ty for the info
[07:39:54] DarkMoon Lilliehook: np yw
[07:39:54] Nottoo Wise: ill put it on the blog later today
[07:40:23] DarkMoon Lilliehook: did u buy all solo dances listed on the website?
[07:40:31] Nottoo Wise: not all
[07:40:36] Nottoo Wise: but i have over 5000 anims
[07:40:40] Nottoo Wise: in my HUD
[07:40:46] Nottoo Wise: and maybe another 2000 not in it
[07:40:49] DarkMoon Lilliehook: phew.. a lot rl money
[07:40:52] Nottoo Wise: hahahaha
[07:40:58] Nottoo Wise: yers but its for fun
[07:41:06] DarkMoon Lilliehook: never loose it :D
[07:41:10] Nottoo Wise: i know
[07:41:17] DarkMoon Lilliehook: btw.. 1 more thing to know for u.. sec..
[07:41:27] Second Life: NOTE ... This is when he sent me the information about the method to back up your HUD

[07:42:07] Nottoo Wise: so this works with no copy items?
[07:42:11] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes
[07:42:14] Nottoo Wise: WOW
[07:42:22] Nottoo Wise: that is great info
[07:42:27] DarkMoon Lilliehook: with a ticket LL can restore any item from there to the main grid
[07:42:29] Nottoo Wise: people will love to know that
[07:42:33] DarkMoon Lilliehook: i know
[07:42:37] Nottoo Wise: i will share that and credit u
[07:42:40] Nottoo Wise: :-)))
[07:42:42] DarkMoon Lilliehook: thx
[07:43:07] Nottoo Wise: ok c u later xx
[07:44:53] DarkMoon Lilliehook: c u


[07:52:36] DarkMoon Lilliehook: oh and did u know that HUMANOID is AKEYO with a new brand?
[07:52:47] Nottoo Wise: ty for the friendship
[07:52:51] DarkMoon Lilliehook: np
[07:52:53] Nottoo Wise: yes i knew that
[07:52:57] DarkMoon Lilliehook: k
[07:53:00] Nottoo Wise: and also animocca
[07:55:50] DarkMoon Lilliehook: didnt knew that


After this conversation I corrected the DMC entry in the Dance Makers list. Once I talk to Dave Bellman about who first introduced MOCAP to SL, I will correct that also. I think I will leave the Bits and Bobs dances in the MOCAP listing since they generally are so well made and popular.

SEmotion Announces "Savage" Pack for Girls

SEmotion Announces "Savage" Pack for Girls 120212

Marie Sims of SEmotion sent this to her group today ...


SEmotion Savage Animation Pack
Sun, Feb 12 2012 4:33:03 PM PST

Hello everybody!

New release:
SEmotion Savage Animation Pack is 10 savage animations for girls.

More info:

Thank you,

How to Backup Your HUD

How to Backup Your HUD 120212

DarkMoon Lilliehook sent us this helpful information ...


Friendly greetings..

I want to share a little secret with you to help make things easier. Not many know this, so i decided to let u all know..


How it works:
When you first log into the test grid (or after a password change) a fresh copy of your inventory will be transferred to the test grid.

If you ever loose inventory, LL can restore items from the test grid to the main grid.

- On the login screen press CTRL + SHIFT + G and u will see a grid selection.

- Choose 'Aditi' (test grid) and log on there.
    If you log in first time (or after you changed your password) a fresh copy of your inventory will be fetched from the main grid (you will see it in the progress bar when you log on). Do this regulary (once a month or so?) to always have a backup of your items.

- Log out
- On the login screen select 'Agni' (main grid) and log into the regular SL.
- If you loose inventory open a ticket and request that the object will be restored from the test grid. Let them know the *exact* name and the folder structure it is in.

Hope this helps you..
Have a nice day..

DarkMoon Lilliehook
DMC - DarkMoon Creations


I have not tried this yet. I IM'd with DM and asked if "no copy" items were also backed up and he said yes. I think this is a very significant note since it can prevent the loss of a HUD. If you have hundreds or thousands of dances in your HUD, this is something you should do often


Grand Opening of the New Blue Lagoon Sim

Grand Opening of the New Blue Lagoon Sim 120212

Zhaza Zerbino sent us this announcement ...



 12th Feb 2pm-5pm

As we have now moved to another SIM, we would like to invite you to a Grand Opening Party where we will have live singers and the Pink lady Dancers to perform in our Dance Barn.

We will start with 50/60's music and the pink lady Dancers on stage.

Lillie Woodells will sing for us at 3.00 pm

nitestattik will sing for us at 4.00 pm

Dont miss it!!

Knuzzer ZZ & The Pink lady Dancers!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Henmations Announces Belly Dances

Henmations Announces Belly Dances 120211

Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations anounced the following today ...


Dear Customers,

we are proud to announce the Release of the second part of our Arabic Dance Series..
This package includes extreme realistic "Isis Dance" & "Saidi Dances"....
including free Silks and attachments to Dance...   these are pure fun and fit perfect to any kind of dance show!

Even we released lots more sexy Bellydances and 2 new Dance Packs.

This week we start celebrating our 5 years anniversary, we added one unreleased Bellydance for FREE... limited time only..

100s are done and much more Dances and new animated Products are coming up these days!

Enjoy your Weekend and have a nice Dance :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dancing Bots

Dancing Bots 120210

I have been spending way too much time scouring SL Marketplace. I have found three items there that you possibly could find useful ... maybe ... if you are lonely, own an empty club or need a special prop in a show. These are dancing bots of various forms.

The first are called "Dancing Ghosts" and are part of a series of dancing creatures made by Alisa Ultsch.

You can also dance with the male ghost, although it's a very stiff dance.

Next, is a robot belly dancer with lousy dance moves and no discipline. She moves around and is a bit jumpy. Also, she looks to have a terminal case of cellulite. But, if you need a few extra belly dancers, this may help.

Last is Dancing Jelly Beans. You get six of them in the pack. You look cute when you hop on, for example, here are Riddle and I in Jelly Beans. Unfortunately, although the dance in it is synced, it is not too good.

Since the Dancing Jelly Beans are modify and copy, you can remove a jelly bean and turn it into a cute costume and dance with your HUD.

If you find more dancing bots, let me know.



HUMANOID Offers Sexy Dances

HUMANOID Offers Sexy Dances 120210

Marcus Adkins announced the following in the HUMANOID Group today ...


New Dance Release - Sexy Dances 2012 !
Friday February 10, at 12am SL time we release a new Dance animation Package !

see the appetizer on Youtube:

see you there!  :D


Later, Marcus sent another note ...


We just have released a new Dance Collection at HUMANOID!
see the appetizer on Youtube:
a true girls release!! Very hot, sweet and sexy.

Leony La Roc is a Burlesque Actress and did a great mix of sexy teasing and sensual moves.

Angie performed her professional Clubdance and crazy hot Booty shake dances.
Both girls did a amazing job for the motioncapture session,
and we are super happy with the animation results in second life.
We hope you enjoy our work!

with kind regards!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dance HUD Analysis Update

Dance HUD Analysis Update 120209

We are continuing on the process I described earlier to analyze the Category 4 dance HUDs:

1. Start with the Category 4 Dance HUDs. When we finish with the Category 4, we will move to the Category 3 Dance HUDs, if there is a need.

2. Ask each of the Category 4 Dance HUD makers to comment on how their HUD compares against the criteria we have established for comparing HUDs.

3. Ask volunteer DANCE QUEENS members to confirm and complete how each Dance HUD compares with the criteria. The names of the volunteers will be kept confidential.

4. Publish the preliminary results without making a recommendation and ask DANCE QUEENS members to comment.

5. Modify the results based on the comments.

6. Make final recommendations.

I reported on Step 2 last month. Since then six DANCE QUEENS members have volunteered to analyze (Step3) the Category 4 HUDs. We are about half way through the analysis. Here is the note that got the volunteer group started



The first thing to say is how important this work is. There are a lot of Dance HUDs in SL ( As you know, dancing in SL is a lot of fun, but also is quite technical as you get better and better. HUDs cost a lot of money and selecting the right HUD is an important decision for dancers. When we identify the best HUDs, we are going to affect the decisions of many dancers.

Making a Dance HUD requires a lot of programming and skill. The most advanced require probably hundreds of hours of programming work. When we select HUDs we are making some HUD makers winners and some losers in terms of work and income. Although our work will improve the HUDs, we have to be prepared for some unhappy HUD makers.

When you volunteered, I said your identity would be kept confidential. I do not want you to feel pressure from any HUD maker or DANCE QUEENS member. This way you can be freer to make the tough decisions we will make. I thought about keeping your identities separate from each other, but concluded that we will have to discuss the HUDs at some point and need to know each other. SO, PLEASE KEEP THE NAMES OF THIS GROUP CONFIDENTIAL. I know you all and trust that this will happen.



I think all of you are familiar with the Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe. This gives us a HUD which we all understand and it can serve as the standard for comparing other HUDs. If you are unfamiliar with the Huddles, let me know.

My idea for proceeding with the analysis is to assign each person HUDs to analyze. There are a total of nine HUDs in Category 4. Excluding the Huddles that is eight. I feel for the first pass that two people should analyze each HUD. I want two opinions on the first pass so that we get a broader view and people can work together if they choose. That means each of us will analyze two or three HUDs.

Each of you has identied the HUDs you have. I have assigned the HUDs to analyze to fit what you have. Some HUDs no one has and I have also assigned these. I WILL PAY FOR THE PURCHASE OF THE HUDs YOU DO NOT HAVE. Just tell me how much.
Here are the assignments:

Animazoo Dance HUD Quadro (Full Version)
Volunteer 1
Volunteer 2

Barre Dance HUD
Volunteer 3

Volunteer 4

DanceMaster Mobi
Volunteer 2

Volunteer 5

Fleursoft DanceHUD v1.0
Volunteer 6

Volunteer 3

Henmations Dance Control HUD V3
Volunteer 4

Volunteer 7

Volunteer 2

Volunteer 6

TIS Fusion Pro
Volunteer  7

Volunteer 5

Volunteer 1

Volunteer  6



We have already identified criteria for analyzing the HUDs. I don't want us to get lost in the detail of the analysis, rather I want us to keep a focus on each HUD relative to the Huddles Standard. There are eleven broad criteria that have been identified:


Each criteria has sub-criteria to help you make a decision about a HUD relative to the Huddles. What I have in mind creating is an analysis that looks like this SAMPLE at

In the sample I have listed the eleven criteria and placed a number from 2 to -2 under each HUD for each criteria. The Huddles is always a 0. If a HUD is better than the Huddles in a criteria put a 1. If it is exceptionally better, put a 2. If it is worse, put a -1. If it is really terrible or not useful because of a major deficiency, put a -2. The SAMPLE is not real data. It is only to show you the comparative result we will create.

If you use a number other than 0 for any criteria, we need a SHORT explanation why.
Before we get started I want to give you a chance to comment on the approach. If there are no major changes suggested, we can start on Friday of this week. I will send to you all the questions I receive and the ideas for improving our analytical approach. I think it will take a couple of weeks for us to do this first pass.

Once we have the first set of data, we probably will want the whole group to look at the best candidates to make a final decision of what we recommend.


A few days later a follow-up note was sent to the Volunteer Group:


This is the Second note for the group who has volunteered to analyze the SL Dance HUDs that are in Category 4.

This note describes the questions and answers that you have sent relative to analyzing the Dance HUDs. I have made a slight adjustment to the criteria (below) based on your input.
This note also describes how you should send me your analyses. You can begin your analyses at any time.



Most of the questions that you asked were administrative questions or financial. There were two questions that were a little more significant.

The first involved how to deal with HUDs that performed couples dancing in addition to the capabilities of a Category 4 HUD. For this analysis consider that managing couples dances is an added feature under options, so we will add section XI. C. MANAGES COUPLES DANCING. Perhaps at a later time we will define a Category 5 for HUDs that manage couples dances.

The second question concerned documentation of HUDs that would be considered difficult. The difficulties are sufficient to cause possible misunderstanding and may be due to being incomplete or poorly written. We will add a section X. E. INSTRUCTIONS EASY TO UNDERSTAND



When you send me your input, please place it on a note card. Identify the title of the note card with the HUD name and your name. The contents of the note card should list the eleven categories with a number assigned to each category. If you assign a 0 to a category, you do not need to add any text. If you assign any number other than 0, you need to say why. Remember the scoring is relative to the Huddles. In some case you will not be able to score. Use an NA (Not Applicable) for these cases.

The HUD allows the user to jump to the center of the notecard making it easier to access the notecard contents

The HUD is resizeable to fit several sizes when fully displayed

The HUD can handle only 20 sequences

IX. LAG: 0
X. HELP: -2
Instructions are in swahili only and are totally incomprehensible

Of course you can write as much as you want. You don't have to be as concise as I have been in the example.


Once we have the initial analysis done, the entire volunteer group will discuss the best two or three HUDs so we get the opinion of all. Following that discussion I will send each HUD maker the analysis for his/her HUD only to allow for comments. When we receive the comments, the volunteers will review the comments. If more analysis is required, we will do it. If not, we will publish the results to get comments from DANCE QUEENS members (Step 4).

I am hoping to complete the analysis by March.