Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blue Velvet ... Walk of Fame

Yay... another star is born!!

Watch the pictures on Facebook!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blue Velvet Walk of Fame "Alexandria"

Sunday May 31st
3pm SLT
Alexandria by Blue Velvet
at Dance Queens Info Center


Klark sent us following;


As you may all have been aware, the Linden Endowment for the Arts had awarded a SIM to exhibit an Automobile Extravaganza, through the ages of Second Life. This is now coming to a close, although, due to its viewing success,  it has now been extended a few more weeks.

                             To celebrate locomotion past present and future ....

                              Journey Dance will be  performing a "Showtaste"!

                                This is a trio of dances called "Girls Night Out"
                     Three dances so the actual show will last no longer than 30 mins

                                             Please arrive by 11.30am SLT

Your ride;

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Elysium Matinée This Saturday

Saturday, May 30th at 1pm SLT

Would you like a fun and uplifting way to spend an hour of your day?  Elysium Cabaret is thrilled to present a matinée show for your entertainment pleasure!  If you have never seen a dance show in Second Life before, you must come and see the human imagination at play.  We build elaborate sets, organize costumes, and choreograph astonishing dance routines to an eclectic mix of timeless songs.  Please bring your friends, sit back and let us dazzle and amaze you for an hour of our very best performances!  We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!  Join us on stage at the end of the show and become part of the act as we dance YOU to some fabulous songs.  It will be our joy to share love of music and dance with you!

Ballet Pixelle "Chimera" Extended Dates!

"Chimera" is Ballet Pixelle's newest original ballet, a modern ballet of change and transformation, celebrating the elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth in music and dance.  

Date:  continuing in June starting on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Start Time:  5:00 PM SL Time

Length:   45 Minutes

Repeat Performances:  Sundays and Wednesdays until the final performance June 14, 2015


Breezes Dancers

Breezes Dancers will be performing their new show 'We Can Dance' on Sunday

When: Sunday 31st May 2015
Time: 1pm slt
Where: Breezes Theatre, Riviera Island

This is a show of 6 Acts and lasts approximately one hour.

After the show there will be a party on the stage.

Please come and join us and bring your friends. We look forward to seeing you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

La Oro at the PBC - The Mask and More!

La Oro Unleashed Ladies and Gents bring you their unique eye-popping style on stage at the Premier Business Center!  The mesmerizing set design, dynamic color schemes, and precision choreography of Dragon McMasters and the La Oro Team waits for you, all set to driving beats of an eclectic music mix.  Featuring the mind-blowing performance of The Mask!

Wednesday, May 27th at 5pm SLT

Mark your calendars!


Blue Velvet "Art for Life" and More!

The Blue Velvet dance troupe is having new dates on their tour, different in each stage, the troupe offers PG dance shows, for all audiences, scripted dance choreography over cultural themed routines, entrance is always free, some come join us :) "

Friday 29- 4 Pm slt - Aqua Lea

Sunday 31 -May -3pm slt - Dance queens walk of fame
At the Dance Queens Info Center

Sunday June 21  2 PM SLT - SL12B event

Monday, May 25, 2015


On May 29th at 8:00 pm slt, The Paramount Players will be doing our monthly "after hours" show.

We will bring you the same quality performance that we do at our Saturday shows with maybe a little more skin and a little less costume!!!

What's the difference? You already know what we present at the Paramount. The Night Players will have some acts that are similar, but it will also feature acts that are more... Avant Garde.

These acts will stretch our creative wings and push our boundaries.!!!

See you on the 29th at

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dance Xcetera Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary!!!

Dance Xcetera celebrates their one year anniversary and they have a huge gift for you! TWO... that's right, TWO different shows in one weekend extravaganza! You surely don't want to miss out on these amazing and eclectic shows.

They even have the wonderfully talented Elysium Dancers and the La Oro Dancers as a special guests each night along with the amazing Klark Harvy on Sunday!

Both shows promise to entertain beyond your wildest dreams! Be sure not to miss either one! Saturday May 23 at 7pm and Sunday May 24 at 3pm!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Performance Art

There seems to be a collective mind-shift away from traditional dance-as- entertainment towards dance-as-art in the SL dance-show world. I think it is because here exists the perception that dance-as-art will allow more freedom for creative personal expression. We may have overdosed on dance-as-entertainment due to the number of venues, number of acts per show, and frequency of shows. But what dance-as-entertainment does do is feed the rush of performing live and the in-the-moment appreciation from the audience and peers, as in APPLAUSE and 'job well done'. 

Dance-as-art will define itself in 2nd Life as to what it wants to be. I think that dance in 2nd Life should be abstracted out as the movement of pixels and as such can have a wider definition than mere avatar-movement. Indeed it has as we have seen non-human avatars as well as object-movement, particle movement, animated textures, robotic movements, set-movements, vehicle movements, etc., to name a few non-avatar-pixel-movement.

People have chosen and are choosing to use the term 'performance art'. We need an arena of common understanding within which to form a basis for debate and discussion.

What is Performance Art? 

Before I begin, keep this in mind: "Performance art is an essentially contested concept:  any single definition of it implies the recognition of rival uses. As concepts like "democracy" or "art", it implies productive disagreement with itself""

Ok now I will begin:

Many definitions come to mind. The one that speaks loudest to me is non-traditional. 

A broader definition is: "...any situation that involves four basic elements:  time, space, the performer's body, or presence in a medium, and a relationship between performer and audience. "

Usually when experiencing an art-performance you will see/hear/experience a happening that makes you scratch your head and ask yourself, :"What is it I am seeing and what does it mean"? And how does it make me feel? There seems to always be an intent to stimulate your translation of what you as the audience are experiencing with usually a different take or pov from a norm.

A person or persons have to 'present' themselves. A painting is not performance art, nor is a book nor sculpture or piece of music. And the presentation must be witness-able by the public.

"Performance art can happen anywhere, in any venue or setting and for any length of time. The actions of an individual or a group at a particular place and in a particular time constitute the work."

Performance art, not unlike all forms of art, created its own rules, initially. Then people became influenced by the 'unwritten-rules' and imitated as well as self-expressed to help the form evolve into the widest disparity of art one might experience among the various art forms.

 "performance art is a performance presented to an audience, traditionally interdisciplinary"

"Interdisciplinarity involves the combining of two or more academic disciplines into one activity"

I think this is where 2nd Life offers a rich abundance of disciplines that can be combined. We have animations, poses, AOs, avatar-movement, object movement, avatar-object interactions, particle-emission, vehicle motion, animated textures, text, music, sound, voice, grouping, set changing, outfit-changing, prop-adorning, formations. Choreography would encompass the selection and ordering of a sequence of animations and non-animations in solo or group form.

You want to apply these disciplines as colors from a palette to express something that emanates from inside of your soul that expresses 'something' (an attitude or  point-of-view perhaps) you want to communicate to 'others'. You will present in a space and over time to a public an interdisciplinary performance. I think the 'discipline' part requires that one spend time practicing and perfecting one ore more disciplines, whether it be creating animated textures to creating original music, to singing, to assembling animations smoothly and in tempo, to playing an instrument live, to creating group formations. to transforming sets in whole or in part. There needs to be some area or areas where 'time-invested' and "craft-mastering" adds to the value of the performance. And each of these disciplines must contribute and not detract from the core of your art-statement.


An important consideration is to whether or not to include motion. Motion and change is a integral part of standard audience experience when we think of 'show'. However much of mainstream perf-art appears to be motion-less. It is an 3D idea expressed in real time with one or more live humans but often without any 'activity'. More often than not, it is an 'endurance' so as to offer the experience to as many stragglers as possible. Sometimes it is 'endurance' for endurance sake as 'enduring' is a key component of the expression. 

So maybe you do present a motion-less piece? Or maybe one with a series of motion-snapshots not unlike a cartoon strip. Maybe it is presented with music and/or sound alternating with movement accompanies by silence? Maybe the idea is to time-shift visual and associated aural? 

Maybe SL-?-art may present itself as many successive short (15 second?) displays of motion-less representations of personal experession. A new show-form. Or a mix of motion and still. Or a transformation of still to motion and vice-versa. Who knows?

SL Perf-Art should maximize that which the environment is characterized for. So environment integrity implies that one be aware of what makes a 'virtual world' virtual and unique in its offering as opposed to the real world. Offer virtual-ness to the audience in all its various manifestations as a delivery platform for your interpetation of SL-perf-art or SL-dance-art.

The more successful and commercial performances have multiple payoffs as in say Blue Man Group. Blue Man Group Performance and as such are popular. Monetizing performance art helps cover the cost of the tools and assets as well as the subsistence of the performer(s).  As long as the performance stays true to the core of honest self-expression then I think it qualifies as performance art. There must be integrity.

"Performance may be either scripted or unscripted, random or carefully orchestrated; 
spontaneous or otherwise carefully planned with or without audience participation."

"...experience for performer and audience in an event that could not be repeated, captured or purchased"  

While today we do have captured, and purchasable performances due to the nature of modern day social mediums, it does not change the fact that at the time of initial performance, the act qualified as performance art. From thence on it is  open to debate as to whether it still qualifies in the strictness confines of definitionSaying what it is or isn't doesn't change the nature of what it is.

"...Performance art is a term usually reserved to refer to a conceptual art which conveys 
a content-based meaning in a more drama-related sense, rather than being simple performance for its own sake for entertainment purposes"

"Performance artists often challenge the audience to think in new and unconventional ways,  break conventions of traditional arts, and break down conventional ideas about "what art is"

"Performance Art is a non traditional form with diverse and unique themes"

"... performance art can include satirical elements (compare Blue Man Group); 
utilize robots and machines as performers, as in pieces of the Survival Research Laboratories;  involve ritualized elements (e.g. Shaun Caton); or borrow elements of any performing arts such as dance, music, and circus."

An important element of SL Performance Art (as opposed to SL Dance Art), I believe, is that it not necessarily have music at its core; at its stimulus; as its driving force. Music/sound should be no more or less of a key component than any other discipline. Music/sound should adorn but not drive the performance otherwise it resorts back to "entertainment dance to music". You have to start with your concept...then look at all the assets available to you in SL that you can use to implement it. Let your mind wander. Hold a brainstorming session with yourself. Don't overlook some obvious delivery mechanisms that are readily available like text, RL photos, recorded voice, and live voice (avoid the theatrical narrative), even video snippets in the form of animated textures (from gifs). Look at some existing RL performance art to get you in the mindset and free up your thinking. 

But I repeat..."SL-dance-as-art will define itself in 2nd Life as to what it wants to be. What it needs to be to feed the creative appetite"...but also shall "SL-performance-art". We are likely to see 2 diverging development cycles. Those who cling on to dance-animation as the core and those who can let go.

And worthy of thought is 'how best to have the audience participate' will be a new area of artistic concern as artists migrate from the traditional passive audience posture to an active-audience posture...that being one where the audience actively processes and translates what they are seeing and hearing.

Also consider how you use time? Consider staggered performance schedules like maybe the 1st 5 minutes of every hour for 4 consecutive hours, might be your show as opposed to the traditional 1-hr weekly presentation. 

Consider holding your performance at obscure locales where the locale plays a  key part in your what you are trying to convey. Art galleries are fair game.

Consider teaming up and collaborating with musicians, writers, artists, or other talent and present in tandem as a team.

Consider if your idea has or could use a sexual tweak or pov. Consider partial or full nudity as long as its not for nudity sake and not catering to prurient interests alone.

Value. If you crave audience approval and peer-reverence then I suspect Performance Art in its purest sense will come up very short against the usual stock of entertainment-shows.  That would be the norm. Of course there are exceptions, with Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil as prominent examples that come to mind of audience-endorsed perf-art. My first encounter with a  performance-artist  was Laurie Anderson. Shows you how far back I go.

In show-dance audience appreciation matters as in audible expressions of approval (clapping, remarks in local chat of 'liking it'). In performance-art, audience being present is the goal. They come out and see and go away (hopefully) moved. There usually is no proper moment for audience applause as people come and go, enter and leave a scene and its considered irreverent to applaud as one might to for a normal dance-show, short of the big commercial offerings.

There is no generally-accepted yardstick for measuring the value and merit of a 'performance-art'. Its subjective to the audiences experience but also as important is the value to the artists themselves. A chance to express for the purpose of expressing and living the 'experience of expressing'.

Also let us not confuse Performance Artists with Performing Artists as the latter implies the wide spectrum of traditional artists like musicians, painters, sculptors, actors/actresses, dancers, writers, singers, etc.

In closing, it is important to abandon the fear of failure. Maintain integrity to your true inner self as to what you are presenting. Enjoy the ride. Take baby steps; it will be an ongoing process that may even evolve over time. Enjoy small successes. Feel free to explore outside normal realms of creation. 
    Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

Monday, May 18, 2015

Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company One Year Anniversary

The Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company celebrates it's One Year Anniversary, with it's Opening Show at it's new venue -  Ziggy's Place - by performing and partying VEGAS STYLE !!!

So please join us and remember to dress Vegas style, because we will want you in the film we make of each performance ! NB This is not a seated performance.

Please arrive around 1.15 pm slt, to be ready for the show, which starts at 1.30 pm slt (9.30pm GMT)
Friday, June 5th 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Starlite Dancers Present "Cabaret Spectacular"

Monday May 18th 7PM SLT


See Blog Calendar for More Show Dates!

Starlite Theater proudly present you with an evening of entertainment sure to be a crowd pleaser! Featuring a rotating cast of Amazing artists performing everything from creative solo dances to large high energy routines. You don't want to miss it! Doors open at 6:30 PM SLT

Video Channel

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Musical Hairspary

The Waterfront Dancers would like to invite you to The Musical Hairspary

The narrative of this stage show is taken from the movie Hairspray and using audacity to adjust it to a Second Life production, produced and choreographed by Diddy Hyun and  performed by The Waterfront Dancers

We will be asking before the show starts to turn off your name tags in Preference/General and check name tags as off, the reason for this is some of us are running as 2 or more characters so this will avoid confusion of the story line and a lot easier visually 

We would love you to come along and join in on our fun 


Monday, May 11, 2015

La Oro in a Special Show at the PBC on Wednesday!

La Oro Unleashed Ladies and Gents bring you their unique eye-popping style on stage at the Premier Business Center!  The mesmerizing set design, dynamic color schemes, and precision choreography of Dragon McMasters waits for you, all set to driving beats of an eclectic music mix.

Wednesday, May 13th at 5pm SLT
Mark your calendars!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Time-Out for Torley

Watch the video ==> Torley's life with Asperger syndrome, hyperacusis, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. I came across this video by accident while YouTubing on music-education videos. Torley is a musician and has a video out where he discusses music as it relates to a sound-library. He has over 200 compositions. (This is Torley Linden, btw, in case you were unaware).

The video was shot in 2011 but is timeless and has value in many ways. You don't know someone until you know someone. This is an amazing insightful journey behind the 'happy fellow' who has brought us all those un-mistakenly identifiable, adorable, Second Life tutorials. We have all watched them. They have merit because they are germane to understanding a set of basic skills and advanced skills that serve as a basis for performing dance in SL.

He shares with us very personal information on the 'real Torley'. It is seldom we get to hear such intimate personal, sometimes painful, accounts of a person presented so candidly. If you are like me, you feel a kinship to him because of his open and friendly presentation style, I think you will find his video special.  And he makes a great statement about mental-health.

And I am reminded of the many 'dancers and artists' who are creating, while battling RL illnesses and pain that go unmentioned. I know of a few cancer survivors as well as a few who have fibromyalgia (living with some form of pain 24/7 due to an overactive nervous system).

When it comes to the awareness of peoples personal health struggles,  many espouse 'not wanting anyone's pity'. Yes I get that. Or not being 'treated differently'. I get that too. Just know that there is high percentage of people performing with unmentioned encumbrances.

Since I am able-bodied and in relatively good mental health, although many might disagree, I am blessed with an absence of suffering as I traverse 2nd life. So I must give thanks to good fortune in the matters of health as well as to those near-and-dear to me, although they have crosses they are bearing as well. So a shout-out to those who bare crosses of one type or another.

Oh, and Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers!

and P.S.

If anyone reading this is battling health issues be they physical or mental, or are a primary-care-giver for someone in suffering,  feel free to comment and identify you and your situation. This isn't meant to be a 'pity-party'...its meant more to provide 'context' to our artists  arenas of creativeness.

Not sure if its a cool thing to ask people to do but it might go along ways towards people bonding and healing at a time when 'SL dance drama' is at an all-time high.

   Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount dancers dance for you May 9th, 16th and 23rd at 7pm slt, in our new show, Fantazmagoric.  

This month, the Players have extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source. Be it putting a spell on you or taking you to a new dimension, you'll never return the same. Be sure to catch the magic and skin at Paramount!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Blue Velvet Ballet

Greetings everyone

Next Sunday 10 th at 2pm slt

Blue velvet is performing Alexandria show in their theatre at

There is no cost to watch this PG show for all audiences, so bring friends and family
to watch this amazing show.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

La Femme A-May-Zing May Show!

La Femme strives to being the classic, bawdy bump and grind of burlesque to Second Life with a modern twist. Expect silk stockings, sequins, seduction, saucy humor and more from the La Femme performers. Prepare for a tease of all your senses as you drink in the voyeuristic pleasures the La Femme ladies have to offer! We're classy, we're sassy, and we're ready to take the Sable Stage again for an A-May-Zing May show! 

Exhibitionista Nirvana and Eostri Resident are...La Femme! 

Wed May 13th - 7pm SLT

The Sable Club :

Reverse Choreography

What to blog about? 

Well I guess its whatever goes thru a bloggers mind. Not much difference in my musings and those of others except I've been tasked with writing and sharing mine. They asked for contributors. I volunteered to blog figuring I would fill in until REAL bloggers came along and sort of just wing it. Well I guess I am now a blogger because I do, not because I can.

 I am crazy enough and allow myself to be vulnerable enough to expose my intimate thoughts, povs, and attitudes at the risk of attack, scowl, ridicule, challenge, being shunned, and other appropriate synonyms, etc.

 I often wondered in life if I am doing (or did) what i am (was)  supposed to be doing? How does one know what one is meant to be? I guess the answer is, whatever you end up being and doing...that is what you were meant to be and do. We seldom do for long, things we are not good at or that don't serve the needs of the greater good. 

Things we want to do but are not good at, we will unlikely be compensated for or hold down a job with for long. Often we end up doing something we are naturally good at, talented with, but maybe not totally vested in as far as 'longing to do'. The number of 'want-to-be-artists, comedians, singers, dancers, writers, actors/actresses, musicians' who can't make a living due to lack of talent and/or stiff competition I suspect is in the tens of millions. I think many of us would ideally like to make a living at something creative that expresses the individuality of our soul. Some luck out. Most I suspect wish and daydream of the day when...But there is only room for so many. 

High-school counselors, back in the day, way back, would give you aptitude tests that gave you strong inklings as to what you would be best at doing in life. What I ended up doing hadn't even been invented yet.

So in the interest of blogging...whether ordained to or latest quirky thought that would usually remain private, I offer up so as to help fill the under-fed void of non-blogging. (I know I don't blog enough. I over-analyze what I might discuss and most of it never reaches the blog. The fear of what people will think. Will they take it the wrong way? Will I offend people with my views? Will some take it personal? And so it goes. And so goes by the wayside many a topic.)

Reverse Choreography

What was the initial core creative driving force? Imagine choosing animations of all types, including poses, AOs, irrespective of in no music to begin with (Yes i know most dance routines start with a song)? Choose an assembly of raw moves, expressive in their progression of how you feel...and inner tune that is kinetic. It would be a whole new way of creating, thinking, getting in touch with self. But you would be unrestricted in your choice(s) because you would not be encumbered by the length and tempo of a song.

I dread falling into a lull of being forced to extend a routine beyond what i want to say using just enough animations...just to fill out the length of song. 

Seems the success and integrity of art is in making 'each part count'. 

From the pov of a fan and not a trained dancer, choreographer, nor student of dance, I find I admire Michael Jackson as a dancer because of the brevity, delineation, and  succinctness of his moves. They are like words strung together to make a poem. Just long enough but never lingering, generally not repeating except for those that act as tonal centers, with properly placed dance-cadences and redefining and reaffirming signature moves. And always unambiguously demarcated.

 Downton Abbey's success to me came from the unheralded number of sub-plots. Maybe you say that has long been the style and format of day-time soap operas. Could be. Maybe its that we are/were not used to seeing it in prime-time. Of course there is the characters and honest-casting and constant tensions. Good writing. But no mini-scene seemed to linger beyond the length needed to move the story along to a point where you could infer what happens between that segment and the next associated segment.

 Dennis Prager (now a conservative talk-show host but used to be liberal or middle-of-the-road) back in the day, stressed the 'economy of words'. (I know i should practice that more. I am getting better.) He had an interesting book "Think a Second Time". I marveled at how succinctly he was able to convey his viewpoints. I am almost always at odds with his common-day viewpoints but his style of exposition I found invigorating and thought-worthy. Sort of against-the-grain to the common wordiness of most opinionated-books. I think 'economy-of' can apply to economy of musical-phrasing, eductaion, dance-movements as well...even cartoon strips. Alas, enter the age of the "tweet", max of 140 characters.

Anyways, animations could be our words. Poses and/or AOs could be our punctuation or paragraph markers. Akin to the notes and rests in music.

Then...we would use a sound/music editing program (Audacity is a FREE editing software program and popular with SL dancers) to assemble a combination of musical phrases, sound-fx, sampled dialog-snippets, or other sounds be they melodic or not etc., to accompany our choreography. So we would need to time our dance at key points where we might want to accentuate something with sound. More easily done by recording our dance (FRAPS is a FREE screen capture program...I have not used it) and placing markers at key points...but we could just as well use a stopwatch...well maybe NOT 'just as well'.

Ideally, we could create our own original musical assembly to match the varying tempos of our animations. We could mix rhythmic and non-rhythmic, melodic and non-melodic, tonal and a tonal, conservative and way out, classical and contemporary. 

Just a way-out thought I've had that I will pursue and see where it lands. Could be all rubbish as the Brits might say. 

So I say. Sometimes I'm just all talk. Ok, a lot of the times. 

And..this is about as economical with words as I can be which is good for me.

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft


5th JUNE 2015

The next Variety Show is on 5th June, if you are looking for a space to come play, can you be in touch with Bubble Roffo as soon as possible please.  

We are looking to start the show at 4pm SLT, so slots every 15 minutes are available.

Any questions please IM Bubble Roffo

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We Can Dance

Breezes Dancers will be performing their new show 'We Can Dance' for the first time on Saturday.

When: Saturday 9 May 2015
Time: 1pm slt
Where: Breezes Theatre, Riviera Island

This is a show of 6 Acts and lasts approximately one hour. 

After the show there will be a party on the stage.

Please come and join us and bring your friends. We look forward to seeing you.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fusion Dance Crew presents: URBAN FUSION

Fusion Dance Crew presents: URBAN FUSION  at the lovely Fusion Performing Arts Center on Saturday, MAY 9 @ 2PM SLT.  

URBAN FUSION is the 23rd show by Fusion Dance Crew with a hip-hop/breakdance theme. Our Urban Fusion Show includes a wide range of hip-hop/breakdance styles made popular by dance crews in the United States through TV shows like Soul Train and recent movies like Step Up. Through Fusion Dance Crew’s enormous creativity, we present 6 dance routines in our unexpected but fun and exciting performance style all performed to awesome music.  We know you will enjoy the show especially the music!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A&M MOCAP Maniacs Seeking Choreographers

A&M MOCAP Maniacs is the dance troupe that supports A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop, the creators of some of the finest dance animations on the grid.  We are seeking experienced, reliable choreographers to perform in our monthly Home Shows.  Rehearsals are the first Saturday of each month at 9pm SLT.  Home Shows are the second Saturday of each month at 9pm SLT.  If you would like to join our troupe as a choreographer, please contact SexyS Quintessa with an expression of interest.  Or, copy/paste the below to a NC, fill it out, and drop it to SexyS Quintessa.  Thank you!

A&M MOCAP Maniacs is a dance troupe that performs throughout the grid promoting A&M MOCAP dances.   Currently, we perform once a month at Home.  The show is every second Saturday of the month at 9pm.  All show rehearsals are the week before same day and same time.   We will have other opportunities to perform in dance shows as they come up.  We also go to clubs using A&M dances, we are required to do that at least 1 hour a week.   Dancers must have a dance hud (for example....HUDDLES, BARRE, or Spot On) and to be able to do sequenced dances and be willing to let it be published.  You must also be AGE verified.   It is important that the troupe work as a team, so YOU MUST be a team player.  

To Apply
   1.  Add your name to the top of this notecard
   2.  Fill out the portion below
   3.  Send Notecard to SexyS Quintessa
1.    What is your SL User name?  (no display names please)

2.    Do you own any A&M Dance Animations? (yes or no answer please)

3.    Are you a team player?
4.    Are you Age verified?

5.    Do you have a dance hud?  Which one do you have if you do?

6.    Do you have a movement system, such as Spot-on, Szi formation hud, DB Dance System?

7.    Do you have experience in performance dance shows in SL?    If so please list details.  List previous employers in this section as well.

8.    Do you have a problem giving out your dance sequences?

9.   Can you build?

10.   Do you like to go to clubs and dance?

11.   Can you commit to 1 hour a week to go dance in clubs using A&M dances?

12.   What makes you a great candidate for the A&M MOCAP Maniacs?

13.   Please list....Days and SL times you are available

14.   Are you available on the following days of the month.??  please answer yes or no
       2nd week of the month on Saturdays 9pm/rehersals 1st week of month on Sat 9pm
15.   Anything you'd like add??  heres the spot to put that info.

Friday, May 1, 2015


We have come to the end of our season and Friday night is another great show from the dedicated team at Guerilla Burlesque!
 We will feature breathtaking acts performed to smoking hot songs and you will feel yourself drawn into every act! It will be exciting, fun and the atmosphere will make you feel like family!! This is the last show then we will take a much needed month off so that we can bring you all fresh, brand new acts! 

Join us at the Acuo Theater on Idle Rogue for one great hour of awesomeness!
This popular show fills up fast, so get there early and bring your friends for the fun! 

Doors open at 11 pm for the midnight show! We have your seat waiting for you!…/Idle%20Rogue/107/189/36