Saturday, December 31, 2011

8 Dancer Positioner

8 Dancer Positioner 111230

Hironics MPC is a system for controlling dancer positions and animations. It does not allow for sequenced dancing and the movements between positions are instant, but it does allow for copying and transfering the contollers that you make. Recently, I made a position controller for up to eight dancers called the DANCE QUEENS - 8 Dancer Positioner as an example of how you can use this tool. The 8 Dance Positioner only places dancers at predefined positions. You need to use your dance HUD to make the dancers dance. It is available at Dance Central in the Free Stuff Box.

Here is how it works.

1. Rezz the 8 Dancer Positioner.
2. Sit on the Positioner to get a menu. Each person is added in order from position 1 to 8. You can change your position to an available position using the menu. Each dancer is animated using the default "standing" animation, which is a low priority anim.
3. There are 16 predefined arrangements for the eight dancers. To access the arrangements click on the menu. All the dancers move to the chosen arrangement.
4. Use your dance HUD to make the dancers dance.

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