Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Meet Yummy, the Crash-Test Dummy

Yup even me too.


Now. I didn't give 2 hoots when it was happening to everyone else. Now I have lots of hoots to give. I will give some here now.


I thought it was just me. 

Then I thought, well its just some of US. US unlucky ones. US not doing something right.

Not the latest OS.

Not enough hardware horsepower. Too poor to play SL, crash free.
My graphics settings are too high.
Avoid crowded places.
Don't cam around.
Someone is out to get me. Someone got me. They keep getting just me.

Yup I played victim. Why me? Poor me. 

Different levels of 'crashing' is what I was experiencing

Level 1 - SL crashes, have to relog into SL. Sometimes you will get a message "Display Driver Has Stopped Responding But Has Recovered" message.

Level 2 - SL crashes, I get a flickering single-colored screen, pink, blue, or black. I have to reboot my computer. *sad face*. This is a HARD POWER-OFF reboot and not a RESTART.

Level 3 - SL crashes and causes my computer to REBOOT on its own.


It appears to me, personally that the problem, has been exacerbated by mesh and the cost to rez with the onset of mesh and more mesh...not just clothes and feet and bodies but now heads and more mesh objects (non-avi related mesh). It appears as if SL is sending too much graphical information in 2 seconds. This causes the system to freeze up and or reboot.

Mesh objects are a culprit it appears and not just mesh avis. Also multiple large (1024x1024) textures on multiple faces on big multi-linked items like jewelry are a contributing factor. Also poorly or over vertexed mesh designs cause more work to be done....prolly more than needs to be. Thus the introduction of Avatar Complexity to try and shame creators down to more reasonable resource-laden creations. Just my 2 cents. Maybe only 1 1/2 cents.


Sooo...finally after waking up my super-lazy self and poking around and sleuthing and googling....

It appears the problem lies between nVidia driver and Windows OS updates. I will stop short of pointing a finger. Suffice it to say that they don't seem to play well with each other. nVidia asked me for a screen-shot of my Windows Updates so that lends credence to Windows. 

Also I read someone in blog posts said they were ok until a certain Win update. 

Then , i went back to an nVidia driver 2 years ago...seemed to fix it but SL ran slow as molasses. I got too used to a faster SL experience where I am not typing in slow-motion...and can pivot around my camera so....

I tried lowering my SL graphics and lowering monitor display resolution. Nothing worked.

I went to an nVidia driver that was one year old. (I had been running with one 2 years old...refusing to update out of fear that this very thing would happen). The latest nVidia drivers did not fix the problem. That's the thing everyone says to do. But with the latest all i got was was blank screens and forced reboots.

By going to a driver (1-year-old), in between what I had been using (and the most current, i was able to at least now get an error message. TADA!!!!!!!!!!  

"A TDR has been detected. Application must close."

It pointed me to a working solution having to do with TDR. Timeout Detection and Recovery. The changes took me 30 seconds to make, if that long. You have to ADD the entries. They don't exist. Took me awhile to figure that out.

I don't suggest you make them on your own if you never have made changes to your Windows Registry before, just to be safe. Get a skilled friend or tech to help you or walk you thru it or take it into a computer shop and have them make it or let a tech have online access so they can make the changes for you.

Make a backup before making the changes if its your 1st time. And you have to reboot your computer after making the changes.

Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR)

This is what Microsoft has to say about it.


And another helpful thread for Win10 users (I am on Win7 64-bit - nVidea 560ti)


Long story short, I made changes to my Windows Registry and have been crash-free for a couple days (knock-on-wood). I was normally crashing 2 to 4 times a day, almost always upon my 1st login attempt. 

"You can use the following TDR-related registry keys for testing or debugging purposes only. That is, they should not be manipulated by any applications outside targeted testing or debugging."

So I don't know what if any downside there may be to making these changes permanent.  Technically I manually made the changes and it wasn't an application that made them. Maybe they don't trust applications to make them safely. An app could screw up and you might never know what happened if you got a blank screen upon reboot as an example. eeek.

But for now I am crash-free.  Also my friend seems to be crash-free so far and reports a much smoother experience so far. WOOHOO! Knocking on more wood. Knock Knock.

Do your own research. Everyone's situation is unique. There are no guarantees. There is another solution that I found that cleans up corrupt Windows files that has seemed to fix peoples crashing issues when the TDR didn't work for them.


 Here are the settings I chose....don't ask me why I chose these particular values. Its likely you get way with a TdrDelay that is smaller than 16 seconds. I have heard 8 and 10 as other workable values.

 Good Luck!


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  2. Thanks for posting this Yummy. The "display driver has stopped responding..." error is something I get often. *crosses fingers* Going to try this now. :)

    1. Glad it may help. I wondered how many others have been suffering in silence, lost without a clue. Keep us informed. I did crash again with the fix but it is without a doubt an improvement (once a day vs several times a day)

    2. Finally crash-free after a few days. So another 2 recommendations is: 1) Install FS 4.7.9 as a clean install and 2) Reinstall your native (vendor) graphics driver after a Windows Update.

  3. I heard from Usher Piers that he waits about 12 to 15 minutes after rebooting before starting SL. He has monitored activity and I gather that by waiting, it keeps SL from competing for computer resources from other laborious start-up tasks, be they graphical or otherwise, thus lessening the chance of a Timeout Detection Recovery. I will add this to my list of things to try.

    Also here is a link for the extremely adventurous that addresses most of the other reasons and suggested fixes for this type of error.


    One that I found popular (and the one i referred to in my original post as something to try if the TDR fix does not work) is running:

    Run System File Checker:


    Go to Start and type in "cmd.exe" (without the quotes)

    At the top of the search box, right click on the cmd.exe and select "Run as adminstrator"

    In the black window that opens, type "SFC.EXE /SCANNOW" (without the quotes) and press Enter.

    Let the program run and post back what it says when it's done.

    - Overheating of the CPU or GPU and or other components can cause 0x116 bugchecks. Monitor your temperatures and ensure the system is cooled adequately.

    - GPU failure. Whether it's heat, power issue (PSU issue), failing VRAM, etc.

  4. you left out a few other crash types.. :Straight to desktop, and "quit now or save chat", i have had some crashing with the 32 bit Viewer and 2 or 3 on the 64bit.. the 64 bit crashes i am pretty sure it was internet related, the 32 bit from what i read is prone to crashing .. the Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) issue is one i suffered from intill i upgraded to a 970 nvidea card from a 960..i dont know what the deal is there ..960 is a good card but.. .ATI card users have it 5 times worse also you want to have a power supply to run the behemoth video card..that will cause things to stop if you dont have good power.i think due to what you mentioned about the massive influx of mesh heads its just really taxing.."going to need a bigger boat" (JAWS)SO FAR aS hardware goes..sell one of your kids or tap into there collage fund and upgrade the old dodge dart.things are like mesh and other taxing technology is only going to increase. also there are some debug settings you can play with if.. you have the system that can handle it..ill go into that one over on my site soon..bottom line..you need more power "1.21gigawats" (back to the future)

    1. Thank you Di for your input. I had a feeling you had some experience. It its tricky or icky, Di has been there. Yes i need to upgrade to an nVidea 9xx something or the new 1070. Glad to hear I should avoid the 960 maybe. Good to know about adding a new powersupply as well. There goes the kids xmas money. Also I hope Usher wraps up his very insightful investigation into Ankle Locks. You won't believe what he unveiled. It will scare you. Also I think that visiting malicious sites seem to intentionally or unintentionally trash your system and cause more crashes. They may be trying to punish people for various reasons. My paranoia kicking in but i did notice i crashed in SL after visiting free-movie viewing site i prolly should not have gone to. Lesson learned. Do the right thing! Its also possible that when doing 2 or 3 new things at once...that it can be any one or a combination of new things done that may fix or break things. Beware.

    2. this is fact ..good point .. should run https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/ once a month and https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download every other day.. if you or anyone decides to dl these ..always pay attention when installing things .. now days especially..installers sometimes sneak in junk like search toolbars and default browsers..so always opt for the advance option of a installer.. that will expose any such things and you can simply uncheck them

    3. I am slowly learning...trial by fire.

      It now seems that the days of running several other programs, or even as few as one more program, esp. video intensive while running SL are gone. I seem to crash more often when I do. So now I am reconditioning myself to not run other programs when I play SL.

      If I forget and do and crash then I reinstall the vendor (nVidia) driver and that seems to do magic. Only takes about a minute.

  5. If you are a Win10 user and have been crashing....it appears there is a known Windows related bug related to a windows update. Here is an informative link from Inara Pey's blog. https://modemworld.me/2016/09/06/windows-10-opengl-issue-affecting-some-second-life-users/

    Long story short, running other video-resource-intensive applications like YouTube while running SL can cause intermittent crashes as I had just referred to in my previous blog up above.

    Also I read that in the nVidea Control Panel, Set Physx configuration, setting the Physx drop-down to CPU has helped mitigate the problem for many.