Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Silly Awards

Don't shoot the messenger. That would be me.

I am proud to announce that Shadow Tarber, Martin Yeats, and yours truly (don't roll your eyes) have teamed up to present something off kilter...the Silly Awards.  

One style of show dance is Burlesque. There are 2 definitions. One we are all too familiar with. That being:

"a variety show, typically including striptease."

But one seems to have gone on deaf ears.
"an absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or dramatic work; a parody."
It is this definition, the 2nd definition, which lends itself more to the spirit of what we have in mind. A show that presents acts that would be absurd, comical parodies, of 'ourselves performing'...sort of a tension reliever. A chance to NOT take ourselves so seriously.  I see it following in the footsteps of another non-competitive event, the DotL Dance Challenge.

It's a combination 'dance and awards show combined'  to be held sometime in September on a Saturday of our choosing, Euro time. (midday SLT).

It is a show meant to poke fun at ourselves as performers, be it technical difficulties, noted and infamous performance guffaws, or non sequiturs. Its meant to be fun and hilarious to the point of irreverence. It is open to all. It will consist of 5 categories with 4 contestants in each category. It will be limited to two categories per entrant. 

There is also room for a limited number of intermissive (i made that word up) acts that will occur in between the regular acts. These will be shorter and could be about a minute long (a little shorter or longer) and must be performed in FRONT of the curtain so as to allow the next act to set up.

Voting will be limited to those in attendance and to one contestant per category per voter. There will be a HUD device created by Martin Yeats that each audience member will wear that will control and simplify voting and will only work at the venue.

And yes we have a trophy for the winners and we have a venue. And in the style of TV awards shows, we will have a gift basket. If nothing else, just come for the cheese.

So if you win at being awful, is that really a win? Don't you really want to lose?Hmmm...its so confusing....and meant to be that way. 

And now here is where you get to contribute ideas for categories. Send a notecard labelled SillyAwards - (yourname) as the notecard name and list your ideas for categories. Try to avoid the word "Best" in your category description.

Try to imagine contrasting the routine for your idea with some normalcy so as to provide a point of reference for the comedic poke.

Here is, to my way of thinking, a way of poking fun at, say "Most Confident Use of Animation Synchronization" (hope its not blocked in your country)

Ballet Primer 101

Here are some more examples:

Most Confusing Use of a Crustacean in a Dance Routine
(Shrimp, lobster, crab all qualify, no cephalopods allowed)

Most Unrealistic Routine
(Absolutely unable to be done physically in RL)"


Please contact either Shadow Tarber or myself for an application and further information..

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

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